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Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) 2013-2014. WX vs. Vendor? The Vendor List The Vendor Map Step 3 of CIP CIP Vendors and Weatherization Agencies CIP 103.

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1 Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) 2013-2014

2 WX vs. Vendor? The Vendor List The Vendor Map Step 3 of CIP CIP Vendors and Weatherization Agencies CIP 103

3 CIP or Weatherization? What CIP Doesnt Cover Broken Windows Weatherization issues, i.e. cracks in doors or ceilings, Insulation Secondary sources of heat, EX: Wood if the caller has a furnace Routine Heating System Maintenance and service, Including filter changes, cleaning and lubricating CIP is only designed to repair or replace the main heating source. They do not cover any other heating related issues listed below. Those are things that Weatherization will help with, but CIP will not. Weatherization however, also helps with the repair or replacement of heating systems. In fact, several of the CIP vendors are also WX agencies. How does that benefit CIP? Weatherization receives funds for furnace repair and replacement as well as CIP. Often, they are able to share the cost or make a higher cost repair because both agencies are able to kick in some funds, and vice versa. EX: If Weatherization is in a home and they are adding insulation or sealing doors and they also realize that there are problems with the heating system, they are able to utilize the CIP program to help what that portion of the actual total weatherization cost.

4 The applicant will still need to meet all of the criteria to qualify for CIP. And the criteria for Weatherization is different, so although they qualified for Weatherization, we still need to pre-screen to ensure they also qualify for CIP assistance. i.e. they are LEAP approved. Weatherization is not able to check LEAP status. They will often make a referral and call to ensure that the caller is LEAP qualified so that they can fund a repair through the CIP program. If a WX agency refers a CIP case to us, they will send it to our ticketing system* and ask that the applicant be contacted (if they meet the LEAP qualification) and that an application be completed and sent to them. On the majority of these referrals, there will not be a need to schedule an appointment. Well simply call the applicant, gather the information needed and send the application to the WX agency. They will then schedule with the applicant. Some WX agencies will only complete CIP repairs for WX clients. Meaning they do not want calls for any CIP applicants except for the ones referred by them, to us. Always double check the notes before calling a WX agency to ensure that they will take calls for other applicants as well. The good news is, when a WX agency sends us a referral, we already know that the heating system needs repair or replacement and that it is a legitimate CIP issue. What to expect from Weatherization Agencies

5 The Weatherization agencies that are currently contracted with us are: Arapahoe County Weatherization Energy Resource Center - CO Springs Energy Resource Center - San Luis Valley Housing Resources Western CO Housing Solutions for the Southwest Longs Peak Energy Conservation Veterans Green Jobs-Denver A few things to remember: If a referral is made by a weatherization agency, they should always be the contractor assigned, unless they specify differently If a caller states that a weatherization agency referred them, we should make every attempt to contact that agency first and assign the job to them. Always check notes before calling to make sure the Weatherization agency will take calls other than referrals

6 Vendors (or Contractors) outside of the Weatherization network The terms Vendor and Contractor are the same. They are anyone contracted to do CIP work with the program. Aside form Weatherization agencies, there are several private companies that are contracted with EOC to do work for the CIP program. What are their requirements? CIP vendors are required to carry several types of insurance. All vendors and their employees or sub-contractors are required to complete background checks. All are required to carry licenses in the areas that they service. This means state, HVAC, city and county permits. All also carry a contract with EOC with several provisions on quality of work, timeliness and guidelines on how to receive payment. All must carry a 1 year warranty on any repair or replacement. This means that any caller can be assured that when one of the CIP contractors are in their home, they are insured, their work is insured, they are fully licensed, have completed a background check and that their work will be inspected post visit.

7 Locating Vendors and choosing criteria The CIP script has a zip code lookup exactly like the one that we use for Heat Help. Once a zip code is entered, the first contractor on the list will always be James Bradshaw. He is not a contractor but runs the CIP program. Well cover more later about why he is on that list, however he should never be called for a CIP job All other available vendors will be located under James on the list. Notes are extremely important in the vendor lookup. There are some vendors that should always be called first for their zip codes. As a general rule, they should always be second on the list, but still check notes in case. EOC maintains the list and it should rotate per their criteria, but checking the notes are still important. Additionally, some only work on certain heating systems or will only service certain types of dwellings. All of that information is in the notes section of the Zip lookup page. Below is an example: ** Does not service Park County even if zip code is listed. If zip overlaps, please make sure to call only if applicant is not in Park County.**Prefers Email for CIP work orders: carlos@vgj-, CC, /8am to 4:30 pm/No after hours, weekend or holiday service available / Does not service RV's, 5th Wheels or trailers / Also does not service Electric Furnaces, Solar Systems, Pellet or wood burning stoves, or Radiators You do not need to worry about the work orders portion of the notes. But as you can see, this vendor does not service RVs, 5th wheels or trailers. Also they do not service Electric Furnaces, Solar Systems, Pellet or wood burning stoves, or Radiators. By the time you are ready to call a vendor, you will already have all of this information from the caller so you can determine if it is proper to call that vendor or not. For instance, if Jane lives in an apartment and has a gas furnace, we can call them. But if she lives in a trailer park or has a wood burning stove that is not working, we wouldnt contact them.

8 The Vendor List and Vendor Map If you need to locate a vendor and they do not pull up on your zip code list, there is also a master list located here: Later well cover times when that may be necessary, although it wont be often. There may also be times when you have a choice of 2 vendors and one states that they will take the job if there isnt anyone closer due to distance, time constraints or cost of travel. For you reference, there is a map here: That map shows where each vendor is located. In the top right hand corner, there is a search that allows you to put in a zip code or city or vendor name and you can zoom in or out to get an idea of which is closer.

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