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Bad Physics in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

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1 Bad Physics in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
By: Evan Butterworth & Brad Rocco

2 Physics Concepts Projectile Motion Velocity Acceleration Mass Distance

3 The Scene In this scene, a battle royal breaks out between San Diego’s news teams. During this bilingual blood-fest, Champ Kind, the sports anchor on Channel 4 News, picks up an adversary and tosses him a great distance through a car windshield.

4 Weatherman Edition (1:35)
The Scene Weatherman Edition (1:35) Anchorman Edition (2:45)


6 Estimations Distance traveled Mass of thrown man
In the video, a man was thrown from near the corner of a building over a distance of three windows the length of loading dock doors, separated by small dividers Found size of standard doors, measured wall in relationship to the doors Added all together to get a distance of approximately meters Mass of thrown man verage mass of an American male (86.09kg) Initial velocity of thrown man Measured three strides of Brad at a run Took 1.48 seconds and went 12.1 feet Converts to 2.49 m/s

7 Reality Calculations
Because the throwing motion in the clip is similar to that of an Olympic shot put toss, the force needed to throw the world record toss was calculated Distance= m Mass= 7.26 kg Δt in air= 1.95 s – Δt during acceleration = 0.18s V= d/t = 23.12m/1.95s = m/s A= Δv/Δt = ( )/0.18 s = m/s2 F = ma = (7.26 kg)(65.89 m/s2) = N

8 Anchorman Calculations
We used the same formulas for the movie calculations Distance = 9.88 m Mass = kg Δt in air = 2.3 s Δt during acceleration = 0.2 s V = d/t = 9.88 m/2.3 s = 4.30 m/s A = Δv/Δt = ( )/0.2 = 9.05 m/s2 F = ma = (86.09 kg)(9.05 m/s2) = N

9 Conclusion The calculations show the amount of force created during the world record shot put throw is less than the force needed to throw the newsman in the movie. Since the world record holder for shot put could not achieve the force needed to make that throw, it is safe to say that Champ, an average guy, could not achieve that force with the same throwing method. In fact, Randy Barnes only generated about half the force needed to throw the man that distance in his record breaking throw.

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