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General Meeting 3/27/14 Dana Caputos research project on MCDE!

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2 General Meeting 3/27/14 Dana Caputos research project on MCDE!

3 Next meeting date: April 10 th Unity week: Red Fox Den Event this Saturday 9-10:30 cabaret Broadway Dance Center is coming to Marist! May 10 th and 11 th Michelle Barber and Kadee Jacobsen! More info and sign ups after showtime Will count as an event toward priority points

4 Sunday 3/30: MCCAN ARENA START TIME: 9:15PM 2 minutes to stage, 1 run through of dance Theme: Color Wars Seniors red, Juniors purple, Sophomores blue, freshmen black Monday 3/31: MCCANN ARENA START TIME: 9:15PM Option to run twice OR run once and stage once Theme: Halloween 2.0! Community Service Committee Meeting 9pm Tuesday 4/1: MCCANN ARENA START TIME: 9:15PM Run the show through TWICE (1-28, repeat) DANCERS ARE IN COSTUME Show Committee Meeting 9pm

5 Thursday 4/3: MCCANN ARENA -Early lighting rehearsal 6:30pm- 8:40pm -Regular lighting rehearsal 9:15pm -Please be in full costumes! Friday 4/4: DRESS/LIGHTING/SOUND REHEARSAL START TIME: 5:30PM -2 full run throughs of show -Please be in full costumes/makeup!!! -Dinner break in between – seniors make sure you stick around to practice senior intermission

6 6:30 - Meg Krysh 6:40 – Deanna Clark 7:00 – Courtney and Kerry 7:10 – Sam Soprano 7:20 – Murano 7:30 – Amir Cardoza 7:40 – Trina Cardamone 8:00 – Liv Celmaster 8:10 – Kelsie Sprague 8:20 – Jaclyn Navarro 8:30 – Alisha La Hogue


8 1 st point: comes from attending 75% of meetings and classes Choreographers this means we need your attendance sheets 2 nd point: 3 committees/events/community service projects Past events include: FOJ basketball game, THON letter writing, Polar Plunge, SGA Forum More events to come

9 Fall 2013 show DVDs are out! Check mailboxes …theyre awesome Spring show will be filmed by same person, can order them at 3 rd general meeting

10 Senior boards and senior slideshow for intermission 2 dance photos 1 headshot Short bio, written in the third person Please send everything to by 3/30!! Seniors practice intermission during dress rehearsal break on Friday

11 Friday dress rehearsal we order pizza between run throughs $2/slice Give money to Kelsie during rehearsals If you have quick changes, make sure to check in with Trina in the beginning of the week so she can add your name to the booklet

12 One last chance to buy presale tickets!! Wednesday 4/2 8-10pm Champ breezeway Make sure you buy presale tickets!!!! This show will sell out Cash, check, or Marist Money

13 If you pre-ordered apparel, pick it up Sunday of rehearsal week Will be sold at the show

14 Help out before the show/intermission Beginning of show: Cant be in the first 3 dances Intermission: Cant be in last 3 of Act I or first 3 of Act II Sign up with Jaclyn at end of meeting

15 Same deal as Show Committee Beginning of show: Cant be in the first 3 dances Intermission: Cant be in last 3 of Act I or first 3 of Act II Please only sign up for one or the other! We need help with flowers!

16 Toys for the Childrens Home of Poughkeepsie Can bring in during rehearsal week Parents can bring in for discount tickets (presale prices at the door)

17 Relay for Life 4/4 12pm-12am Find a board member at Relay between 12- 4:30pm Autism Run May 3 rd We have teams for both!

18 Check out/share articles on the page Theyll continue to be posted leading up the show

19 1. Deborah Akinwunmi 2. Caitlyn Flynn 3. Steph Levine and Alyssa Oulette 4. Meg Krysh 5. Trina Cardamone 6. Katie Wilhelm 7. Courtney Dionne and Kerry Young 8. Emily Nugent 9. Kelsie Sprague 10. Amber Beaumont 11. Soribel Nunez and Jason Acosta 12. Jenn Ford 13. Kim Fusco and Alyssa Acquaviva 14. Katelyn Ollhoff

20 1. Alisha LaHogue 2. Steph Ottomanelli 3. Lauren Hoffman 4. Sam Soprano 5. Liv Celmaster 6. Shannen OBrien 7. Lauren Rubis 50/50 Raffle 8. Dana Murano 9. Becky Marra 10. Samantha and Chelsea Gabriele 11. Amir Cardoza 12. Deanna Clark 13. Alyssa Dibello 14. Jaclyn Navarro Choreographer Bow

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