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School Council Cyngor yr Ysgol Spring - Term 3. 2013 – 2014 Meeting 3 Tuesday 11 th February.

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1 School Council Cyngor yr Ysgol Spring - Term 3

2 2013 – 2014 Meeting 3 Tuesday 11 th February

3 Liam Kelly Head Boy Shaunagh Coldrick Head Girl Jack Vaughan Deputy Head Boy Megan Grist Deputy Head Girl Darian Clark Senior Captain (Pastoral) Megan Couch Senior Captain (Curriculum)

4 Jack Johnson Year 9 Corey Woodward Year 10 Kyra Quarterly Sophie Ham Year 11 Connor Lewis

5 A Level options American football, MMA and boxing after school Opening of the doors

6 A group of Taliesin year 11s asked that and A level Physics and PE class was provided so they could get the A levels they want. Mrs Keane said that there needs to be a demand of at least 15 students for the lesson to be taught at our school due to funding. However, there are offers for those subjects in the collaborating schools.

7 Taliesin would like for there to be mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing club. Mrs Keane has asked the community if they could assist in running the after-school clubs, they said they would as long as registration forms are completed and there is a register every lesson. The community can provide a MMA, cookery and gardening club. Mrs Keane asked that students give their thoughts on these clubs and suggest what days they would prefer the clubs to be on. After the clubs are set up there may be an opportunity for parents to attend with their children.

8 Taliesin reps said it is sometimes cold in the food court if the doors are left open. Mrs Keane explained that it is only cold because of the door and it is your responsibility to close it after leaving the food court.

9 Feedback on the Uniform Key Stage 3 would like a new polo shirt but Key Stage 4 would like a shirt and tie. Mrs Keane would like a subgroup of the School Council to meet and talk about the new uniform and bring forward any suggested items; what would the code be? Mrs Keane would like to meet with this group, Miss Allman and the Governors to discuss all suggestions made. SVLG Web Page The Year 7 School Council representatives have created the Student Voice web page during their time in the extracurricular club on Tuesday after school. This web page has all the details about School Council meetings and has extra pages that will show information about fundraising and upcoming events. This web page can be found on the school website.

10 This year represent your house, use your voice and remember … make your words speak louder.

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