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314 th Log Cabin Dismantle Schematics & Inventory November 2012.

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1 314 th Log Cabin Dismantle Schematics & Inventory November 2012

2 Table of Contents Schematic Outline Inventory Data Log/Wood Component Legend Roof Components Legend Fireplace & Chimney Data Fireplace/Chimney Pictures Initial Demolition Picture Pictures of Log Numbering/Explanations Misc Parts Logs Which Need to be Replaced Slide 3 Slides 4-7 Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Slides 11-12 Slide 13 Slides 14-19 Slide 20 Slide 21

3 Schematic Outline Village Restorations & Consulting uses a numeric and alpha system dividing the structure into four sides, in this case a one story log cabin and each log is numbered sequentially. Sides are designated as front, back, left and right. F being front, B is Back, R is the right handed side of the building and L is the left handed side of the building. Lettering designation is determined by standing inside the cabin and facing what is considered the entrance. In this case for explanation purposes the cabin entrance is the doorway that was used by the patrons. However we do not believe that this was the original entrance used by the troops and for future erection purposes one may want to consider that point. There are two other doors which were not used. Both of which are located on the side of the building where the furnace was located. We believe that this side may have been the original front and is therefore designated as such and logs are marked with an F on this side. The entrance that is used by patrons is marked with an R since this is the right side of the cabin if one was standing inside and facing the front. Logically the opposite wall of the front and in this particular case the dormer and fireplace side is marked beginning with the letter B for back. Because there is an actual offshoot room containing the fireplace we also deignated those logs as beginning with D for dormer. The wall that is opposite the R wall (the side that the patrons used) is marked beginning with the letter L. Numerically logs are also marked going from bottom to top and reading from Left to Right. Tags are always placed as close to the corner as possible. This positioning helps when determining how to place the log on its original notch. The bottom log also known as the sill is considered #1. Top logs are known as plates. In some cases and in the case of this cabin in particular there are several sill logs where corners were rotted. In cases where the sill log is rotted away completely then the first visible log would start the tag process with its designated side letter and the next number. For example if the first log is rotted and not visible then the #2 log would be the first log numbered however it would still retain the number #2 since the number sill log would ultimately be replaced. In the case of the 314 th cabin we found one sill log that was almost non-existent. This log does however have a tag at the corner and is marked on the inventory as rotted. In normal circumstances to raise the height of a cabin we would add courses of logs matching notches, species etc. If Fort Meade decides to raise the ceiling height of the 314 th cabin. We would suggest adding the course of logs at the top of the door before the gable logs begin, following with those courses around the perimeter of the building. This would prevent interference with height of door openings etc. Additionally in regards the numbering system, if a log that is interrupted with an opening such as a door or window opening but continues its run then the remaining portion(s)of the log is broken into segments of the same letter and number of the log followed by A, B, C and so on allowing for openings of windows and doors. For example the first bottom log facing the entrance would be R1 for Right and the first log. If this log is interrupted by the door opening then the other side of the door that same log would Continue but be marked R1A. In theory if that log is interrupted again it would read R1B and so on. A legend for the cabin components is included in the package.

4 Inventory Data Shipments sent via pallet, crate, barrel and non crated. Inventory items are marked as such. Pallet 10 Pieces Bronze Trim Bronze topper 10 Pieces Bronze Medallions Bag of nuts, screws, washers Bronze Plaque with 314 th names Crate 9 stick lights 2 lantern lights 1 small bronze plaque Wooden Table (non crated)

5 Inventory Data Pallet, Bundles, Trusses Pallet 11 Cabin Logs F1B F2B F3B F4B R1A R2 R4 R4A R5 R5A R5B Pallet 14 Cabin Logs (smalls) 1 Door Jam R6B R6C R7A R7B R7C R8 R8A R8B R8C R9A R9C R9D R10A R10B RUJ1 Pallet 9 Top Plate Boards (logs that sit on top of cabin around perimeter) B10 B10A B10B L11 R11 F11 F11A DF9 DF11A 5 Trusses T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Bundle 14 Rafters 1 turn buckle 1 Principal Perlins Tongue & Groove Ceiling Boards (1 Bundle) 5 Bundles (46 Rafters Bundles of rafters from main bldg 23 each side) 3 Ridge Boards (center of bldg) 7 Principal Perlins Pallet 21 Logs (4 Sections that sat in the gables of both ends of the building) Chinking intact R12-15 R16-22 L12-15 L16-20 Pallet 9 Logs B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 Pallet F1B F2B F3B F4B R1A R2 R3 43A R4 R4A R5 R5A R5B

6 Pallet L1B –rotted L2B-rotted L3B-rotted L4B L5B 2 Beams from fireplace Pallet BIC B2C B3C B4C B5C L1 –rotted L2 L3 L4 L5 Pallet R6 R6A R7 R9 R10 B7B B8B B9.5 B9A B9B Pallet Uprights/doors FD2 RD1 RD Ui Pallet Cabinet Parts (corner cabinet Beside fireplace) Glass Storm Door Pallet 1 Wagon Wheel Light Pallet Windows & Screens F3 with L & R jamb R1 with L & R jamb R2 with L & R jamb Screen R2, B2, F3 Pallet Windows & Screens L1 with L & R jamb B1 with L & R jamb B2 with L & R jamb Screen F1, B1 Pallet DR2 DR3 DR4 DR5 DR7 DR8 DR9 DR10 DR11 Pallet DF12A DF13A DF14 DF15 Pallet Dormer Cabin Logs DF1A DF2A DF3A DF4A-rotted DF5A-rotted DF6A DF7A-rotted DF8A DF9A DF10A DF11A Pallet Dormer Logs Attached to stone on front DF1 DF2 DF3 DF4 DF5 DF6 DF7 DF8 DF9 DF10 DF11, 12, 13 Gable Sections Pallet Front dormer (F#D) wall around fireplace F3B F6 F6C F6D F7 F7D F7E F8 F8D F8E F9 F9D F9E F10 F10D F10.05D F10E

7 Pallet B1A B1B B2B B3A B4A B5A B6A B6C B7A B7C B8A B8C B9C B10C Pallet Left dormer logs that were on fireplace wall DL1 DL2 DL3 DL4 DL5 DL6 DL7 DL8 DL9 BBU1 DBU2 Pallet Windows with Log jambs (some windows were attached to the jamb and came out as a unit) L2 with L & r jamb F1 with L & R jamb F2 with L & R jamb Small logs still attached to windows F6A F7A F7B F8A F8B F9A F9B F10.5 F10A F10B Screens F1 R1 L2 R2 Pallet Left wall where bronze plaque was attached. Divided with two uprights L1A-rotted L2A L3A L6 L6B L7 L7c L8 L8B L8C L9 L9C L10 L1 attached to jamb L2 attached to door jamb L4 is on dormer pallet as this is a longer corner log. L4 is also rotted Pallet Front Wall facing flag pole Steps and shed with furnace F1-rotted FA1 F2 F2A F3A F4 F4A F5 F5A F6 F7C F8C F9C F10 F10C Longer logs for this wall are on different pallet due to size. F3 is with door jamb and is still attached to jambs Pallet Left wall dormer side wall inside fireplace Left back wall where plaque was 2 Beams from above fireplace L1B-rotted L2B-rotted L3B-rotted L4A-rotted on notch L4B L5A L5B L6A L6C L6D L7A L7B-rotted L7D L8A L8D L9A L9B L9D L10A L10B L10C

8 Log/Wood Components Legend RRight LLeft FFront BBack UUpright WWindow 1Number sequential DDormer AFirst break in a sequence of a log wall* BSecond break in a sequence of a log wall* CThird break in a sequence of a log wall * * Usually found when a door, window and or multiple openings have occurred in the same wall.

9 ARight TTruss RrRafter CBCeiling Board Roof Components Legend

10 Fireplace & Chimney Data (Reading Left to Right) Color Coded: Front: Red, numbered corners, vertical slash on courses Back: Black, numbered corners, vertical slash on courses Right: Red R Left: Yellow, vertical slash Front: Red Left corner has 29 courses numbered 1-29 Left inside fireplace jamb numbered 1^-6^ Right corner has 28 courses numbered 1c-28^ Right inside fireplace jamb numbered 1B-6B Lintel numbered F7 314th stone is middle of over mantle Back: Black Left corner has 27 courses numbered 1-27 Right corner has 26 courses numbered 1^ - 26^ Corbel courses F10 and B10^ are the same Corbel courses F10^ and B10 are the same Corbel Courses B9 and B9^ are higher than F9 and F9^ because lintel logs sat on F9's, but in front of B9's Right: Red R Corbel courses 10- 17 are marked 10-10^, 11 - 11^, 12-12^, etc. All other courses marked with vertical slash Left: Yellow Corbel courses 10-17 are marked 10-10^, 11-11^, 12-12^, etc. All other course stones marked with vertical slash Top two courses front and back are corners only and project up and hold the concrete chimney cap. These corners are packed with cap and are F27 27 28, F26^, 27^ with corresponding B numbers. All fill stone between courses are designated by a single line










20 Miscellaneous Parts Approximately 4200 bricks from the floor were cleaned and stacked on pallets and delivered to Fort Meade Wagon Wheel Light

21 Logs that Need Replaced (due to rotting) LA L1A L1B L2B L3B L4 L4A L7B F1 DF4A DF5A DF7A

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