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University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Staying Safe at UMD Department of Public Safety.

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1 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

2 Staying Safe at UMD Department of Public Safety



5 Paradigms to Keep You Safe Nature Model Know your surroundings; stay with the pack, dont hinder your senses, learn the geography of the campus quickly The Medical Model Prevention is better than cure; dont give an opportunity to be a victim Community everyone has a part; please report to us!


7 9191 Emergencies 8107 Routine Calls Program these numbers to your cell phones...

8 Avoid Risky Behavior OUI issues... Drugs and Alcohol, sexual assault One night of poor choices can have a lifetime of consequences...

9 Personal Safety Safety in Numbers **Avoid poorly lit areas at night** Keep your senses intact Avoid remote locations Utilize the Dart Van Safety Escort (Over 25,000 escorts in 2008-2009)

10 Personal Safety Prevention Works immunization safe sex avoid alcohol and illegal substances for further information go to Health Services, Counseling, or DPS websites

11 Facebook and My Space It does not pay to advertise Dont compromise your safety Employers look Administrators look Stalkers look The police look too!

12 Emergency Calls From your cell phone: 911 will summons Mass State Police Call 9191 for the UMass Police we can respond more quickly police and medical emergencies Emergency Call Boxes Blue Containers w/ bright blue lights Door Phones on Residence Halls Anywhere you see a red phone

13 Personal Safety LOCK YOUR DOOR dont prop doors dont let strangers into your building leave valuables at home and out of sight Report damaged doors and locks immediately to Residential Life If you feel your room has been entered illegally, do not enter. Call DPS immediately Do not place keys under doors, or anyplace other than on a key ring that you will carry at all times...and always have keys ready!!

14 Crime on Campus LARCENY!!!! The crime of opportunity; the unlawful taking away from the possession of another... BREAKING and ENTERING The unlawful entry into a m/v, building or dwelling... *VANDALISMS and ALCOHOL crimes

15 Telephone or Email Harassment hang up, do not reply call DPS and report C269-14A C209A and C258E are law enforcement tools that can help you

16 Avoiding Accidents ETOH and injury are directly linked use good judgment observe no smoking signs in buildings obey residential life policies in your residence halls be a responsible cook!! know your fire exits and obey fire alarm procedures...

17 Suspicious Persons or Behavior Some Examples men entering womens shower rooms or rest rooms anyone who is acting in a suspicious manner such as trying to open doors, etc. ADVISE DPS OF ANY SECURITY OR SAFETY EMERGENCIES OR ISSUES Call DPS if you have a question about security or need help or advice on any issue of safety

18 On UMD Grounds avoid poorly lit or desolate areas avoid short cuts in poorly traveled areas use the DART van... if you carry a handbag, keep it close; if you are a robbery victim, hand the bag over immediately and be a good witness and not a combatant do not let your guard down with strangers

19 Safety is Everyones Business

20 Dont Increase Risk everyone has a part in the issue of safety if it seems too good to be true, it probably is beware of strangers who look out of place everyone is not your friend Sign in your guests and remember, you are responsible for them

21 Fire Alarms assume every alarm is not a drill evacuate the building immediately Causing False Alarms serious crime that will result in arrest reckless endangerment of community and responders housing and or university suspension floors will be billed for response,1800.00

22 Avoid Arrest Violence domestic violence/ roommate violence sexual assault disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace vandalism Drinking (OUI, minor in possession etc.) Drugs (Controlled substances) Remember about Consular Notification and Article 36 of the VCCR...(handout)

23 Drive Safely and Park Responsibly ETOH and driving is dangerous and illegal obey the speed limit wear your seat belts re: parking (Obtain the proper decal) park in appropriate areas handicap and fire lanes will result in substantial fine and towing/ 5 unpaid tkts...

24 Driving a motor vehicle in U.S. International driving permit ( an ID only) Valid license from country of origin for a period of 1 year from date of entry to U.S. (Do not alter documents!) Must be in your possession! C90-10 Verify if your license is recognized in the U.S. by visiting the RMV website:

25 What to do when stopped... Blue lights=pull over safely to the right side of the road do not get out of the vehicle unless instructed to do so keep hands visible provide valid license and registration if you receive a citation you may use me as a resource on what to do...

26 Stopped by Police Encounter Vs. Seizure Police may stop you in a m/v if they have reasonable suspicion that you have violated a law such as: -speeding -fail to stop at stop sign/red light -equipment violations etc.

27 Hate Crime A hate crime is a criminal offense committed against persons, property or society that is motivated in whole or in part by an offenders bias against an individuals or a groups race, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation.

28 Hate Crimes/Incidents See it Report it Stop it! Hate crimes and incidents are not tolerated at UMass Dartmouth and are thoroughly investigated by the university police.

29 Student Handbook Know it, you are responsible for the contents familiarize yourself with housing terms and conditions of your contract ETOH and Drug Policies Attend Res Life floor meetings

30 Information Update UMD Announces myAlert! myAlert is an EMERGENCY notification system designed to immediately deliver emergency information to students, faculty, and staff via multiple methods including cell phone text and voice messaging. Please go to our website and read about myAlert...

31 Thank You! We hope you all enjoy your educational and life experiences here at UMass Dartmouth. Please dont hesitate to visit us if you need assistance...

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