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A Tour of Tuscany. Florence Best known for – Artists – Chianti – Olive oil – Shopping – Fashion – Museums – David.

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1 A Tour of Tuscany

2 Florence Best known for – Artists – Chianti – Olive oil – Shopping – Fashion – Museums – David

3 Florence Museums – Accademia Michelangelos David – Uffizi Art Gallery Medici Collection Caravaggio collection Raphaello

4 Florence Duomo (cathedral) – Started 1296 – All but dome completed 1418 – Totally finished 1436 – Gothic style – Façade demolished 1587 – Finished rebuilding 1887 – Bronze doors added

5 Florence Bronze Doors of the Duomo – Depictions from scenes of the Bible – South doors designed by Andrea Pisano – North and East doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti North took 21 years and East took 27 years

6 Chianti Tuscanys most famous wine – Made from the Sangiovese grape – Can be blended but must contain 85% Sangiovese – Mild acidity and tannin – Regulated by Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC), a wine classification system

7 Brunello Tuscanys best and most expensive wine – Must be from Brunello de Montalcino region – Made from 100% Sangiovese grape – Highly regulated by the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG), the highest grading system in Italy

8 Siena Originally a Roman military colony in 1 st century B.C Allied to Florence 2/3 of population killed by plague in 1348 Only city in Europe to ban motor traffic

9 Monteriggioni An amazing walled village – Walls and towers all intact Cover 570 meters with 14 towers Construction began 1213 – finished 1219

10 Pienza Located in the province of Siena Rebuilt from a village called Corsignano – Construction began 1459 Contains Papal and Bishop Palaces

11 Montalcino Castle was overtaken by Siena and destroyed – Later re-occupied by Nobles with Florences help – Rebuilt in 1269 Center of Brunello wine district

12 Food of Tuscany Eating style differs from United States – Long drawn out dinners – Several courses – Wine at every meal (lunch and dinner) – Take much pride in cuisine – Salad served last as a digestif Different courses to expect – Antipasti (appetizers), Zuppe e Primi (soup and pasta), Secondi (second course), Contorni (side dish), Insalate (salad), Dolce (dessert)

13 Food of Tuscany Popular Dishes – Bistecca alla Fiorentina 2.2lb porterhouse from Chianina cows (white) Cooked with traditional balsamic vinegar – Lasagne – Pappa col Pomodoro Hardened bread with tomatoes and herbs – Prosciutto Italian cured ham

14 Foods of Tuscany Popular Dishes (cont) – Conigilo (rabbit) Either stewed or sautéed with vegetables – Pizza Crust is only about 1/8 in thick Baked for 90 sec in brick ovens Many different toppings from prosciutto to truffles

15 Foods of Tuscany Balsamic Vinegar – Traditional product of Modena (next to Tuscany) – Made from boiled down grape juice – Put in different wood barrels (cherry, oak, etc) – Aged from a minimum of 12 years to 100+ years – End product is absolutely amazing

16 Foods in Tuscany Cheeses Produced – Parmesan Best quality aged for 36 months – Mozzarella Actually made in southern Italy with Buffalo milk Must be eaten within 24 hours of production – Pecorino Hard sheeps milk cheese aged for 1+ years – Gorgonzola Italian bleu cheese

17 Foods in Tuscany Cured Meats – Prosciutto or Parma Ham Air cured ham served uncooked Very delicious – Tuscan Salami Matured pork sausage – Manzo Dry cured with salt for few weeks Wrapped in casing and smoked

18 Shopping in Tuscany Italy is home to many high end designers – Verace – Diesel – Dolce and Gabbana – Armani – Prada – Gucci – many more All can be found walking downtown Florence

19 Foods of Tuscany Common Items Produced – Olive oil Olives are fruit from Mediterranean evergreen Once ripe they are handpicked and moved to the press Pressed within hours of harvest Extra Virgin is the first and best press All others are inferior in taste and quality

20 When in Tuscany Make sure to..... – Enjoy many Italian meals – Visit local cured meat processors – Check out cheese making – Attend a wine tasting – Take a trip to Modena and experience Balsamic Vinegar first hand – Visit other towns than Florence, there is much to see – Check out the high end designer stores It will change your life forever!!!!

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