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A Tour of Tuscany. Florence Best known for – Artists – Chianti – Olive oil – Shopping – Fashion – Museums – David.

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1 A Tour of Tuscany

2 Florence Best known for – Artists – Chianti – Olive oil – Shopping – Fashion – Museums – David

3 Florence Museums – Accademia Michelangelos David – Uffizi Art Gallery Medici Collection Caravaggio collection Raphaello

4 Florence Duomo (cathedral) – Started 1296 – All but dome completed 1418 – Totally finished 1436 – Gothic style – Façade demolished 1587 – Finished rebuilding 1887 – Bronze doors added 1899-1903

5 Florence Bronze Doors of the Duomo – Depictions from scenes of the Bible – South doors designed by Andrea Pisano – North and East doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti North took 21 years and East took 27 years

6 Chianti Tuscanys most famous wine – Made from the Sangiovese grape – Can be blended but must contain 85% Sangiovese – Mild acidity and tannin – Regulated by Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC), a wine classification system

7 Brunello Tuscanys best and most expensive wine – Must be from Brunello de Montalcino region – Made from 100% Sangiovese grape – Highly regulated by the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG), the highest grading system in Italy

8 Siena Originally a Roman military colony in 1 st century B.C. 1260 Allied to Florence 2/3 of population killed by plague in 1348 Only city in Europe to ban motor traffic

9 Monteriggioni An amazing walled village – Walls and towers all intact Cover 570 meters with 14 towers Construction began 1213 – finished 1219

10 Pienza Located in the province of Siena Rebuilt from a village called Corsignano – Construction began 1459 Contains Papal and Bishop Palaces

11 Montalcino Castle was overtaken by Siena and destroyed – Later re-occupied by Nobles with Florences help – Rebuilt in 1269 Center of Brunello wine district

12 Food of Tuscany Eating style differs from United States – Long drawn out dinners – Several courses – Wine at every meal (lunch and dinner) – Take much pride in cuisine – Salad served last as a digestif Different courses to expect – Antipasti (appetizers), Zuppe e Primi (soup and pasta), Secondi (second course), Contorni (side dish), Insalate (salad), Dolce (dessert)

13 Food of Tuscany Popular Dishes – Bistecca alla Fiorentina 2.2lb porterhouse from Chianina cows (white) Cooked with traditional balsamic vinegar – Lasagne – Pappa col Pomodoro Hardened bread with tomatoes and herbs – Prosciutto Italian cured ham

14 Foods of Tuscany Popular Dishes (cont) – Conigilo (rabbit) Either stewed or sautéed with vegetables – Pizza Crust is only about 1/8 in thick Baked for 90 sec in brick ovens Many different toppings from prosciutto to truffles

15 Foods of Tuscany Balsamic Vinegar – Traditional product of Modena (next to Tuscany) – Made from boiled down grape juice – Put in different wood barrels (cherry, oak, etc) – Aged from a minimum of 12 years to 100+ years – End product is absolutely amazing

16 Foods in Tuscany Cheeses Produced – Parmesan Best quality aged for 36 months – Mozzarella Actually made in southern Italy with Buffalo milk Must be eaten within 24 hours of production – Pecorino Hard sheeps milk cheese aged for 1+ years – Gorgonzola Italian bleu cheese

17 Foods in Tuscany Cured Meats – Prosciutto or Parma Ham Air cured ham served uncooked Very delicious – Tuscan Salami Matured pork sausage – Manzo Dry cured with salt for few weeks Wrapped in casing and smoked

18 Shopping in Tuscany Italy is home to many high end designers – Verace – Diesel – Dolce and Gabbana – Armani – Prada – Gucci – many more All can be found walking downtown Florence

19 Foods of Tuscany Common Items Produced – Olive oil Olives are fruit from Mediterranean evergreen Once ripe they are handpicked and moved to the press Pressed within 24-48 hours of harvest Extra Virgin is the first and best press All others are inferior in taste and quality

20 When in Tuscany Make sure to..... – Enjoy many Italian meals – Visit local cured meat processors – Check out cheese making – Attend a wine tasting – Take a trip to Modena and experience Balsamic Vinegar first hand – Visit other towns than Florence, there is much to see – Check out the high end designer stores It will change your life forever!!!!

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