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2 Welcome & Introduction
Amy Waxman , Assistant Director of HCVP Terry Foster, Manager of Inspections Jermaine Burge, Inspection Coordinator Dorothy Noga McCarthy, Ombudsman

3 CMHA Inspection Checklist
Where to find it Follow the link HQS Inspection Checklist This is a mandatory HUD form


5 Emergency Violations List
A smoke detector that is missing, not working or not loud enough. Kitchen range burners that do not ignite when the control knobs are turned to the “light” position without the use of an outside fire source. A hazardous gas hook-up for a kitchen range, as evidenced by a strong gas smell. No water

6 Emergency Violations List cont…
No electricity Sewer back-up No Heat (during the period from October 15th to April 15th) Gas leak Unit not secure, including unlockable windows at a height within six feet of ground level and/or unit entry doors with missing or broken locks. Anything deemed life-threatening

7 Emergency Violations Timeline of Events
Day 1 HCVP receive notification and contact landlord and tenant, an HCVP inspector will return within 24hrs Day 2 Landlord will receive notice of violations and HCVP Inspector will return within 24 hours, if violations are not corrected, the HAP will be abated Day 3 Violations are still not corrected, the HAP contract will be cancelled

8 Emergency Violations continued…
If the 2 consecutive days include a weekend, a Supervisor will contact both parties by phone; and a final physical inspection will be conducted on the next business day. If the repairs are not completed, Housing Assistance Payments will be abated. If additional time is needed to complete repairs, you must obtain approval from the HCVP otherwise, the contract will be cancelled

9 Emergency Violations continued…
If the items are deemed tenant responsibility and repairs are not corrected within 2 consecutive days, the tenant will be proposed for termination with the possibility of permanently losing their subsidy.

10 HQS Acceptability Requirements
Units with windows that are designed to be open must be operable and must have screens and storms on all exterior windows of the unit, unless the unit is located in a building that has a total HVAC system and does not require windows that can be opened for fresh air.

11 HQS Acceptability Req. cont…
If a clothes dryer is present in a dwelling unit, the dryer must be vented to the outside of the unit. The dwelling unit must have storm doors on exterior entrance doors to the unit.  Exceptions may be made for multi-family units and historical preservation.

12 HQS Acceptability Req. cont…
Sanitary/Lavatory facilities must be in a separate, private room; must have a Toilet and a fixed wash basin, both in working condition A shower or tub and cold and hot running water Utilize a public or private disposal system Means of ventilation Located such that access does not have to be solely through a bedroom.

13 HQS Acceptability Req. cont…
Exterior doors must be lockable with a turn style deadbolt on the inside. Dwelling units must have working downspouts, working gutters if present. NO defective paint, i.e. chipping, peeling, damaged paint regardless if a child under 6yrs old is present in the home or not.

14 Initial Inspections: Timeline
Metro Inspections, LLC is conducting all initial/ movers inspections Once an RFTA is submitted, Metro contacts the landlord within 24hrs with an inspection date, business days after the submission of the RFTA ONLY 2 inspections are conducted on an initial/movers Re-inspections will be scheduled within days after the 1st failed inspection

15 Annual Inspections: Timeline
1st Inspection Inspector will direct landlord to the Landlord Portal for results. The Landlord will be given 30 days to correct violations 2nd Inspection, 30 Days after 1st inspection If all violations are not corrected , HAP will be abated on the 1st day of the following month. 3rd Inspection, 30 Days after 2nd inspection Final inspection, if all violations are not corrected, the HAP contract will be cancelled at the end of the month


17 LEAD LAW: Citation Cited for defective paint AND
Child under 6 yrs old in the home Home built prior to January 1, 1978

18 Lead Law, continued… Once Cited:
Owner has 10 days from initial move-in inspection or 29 days from an annual inspection to provide proper documentation Meeting lead-based paint requirements is located at All other inspections violations must be corrected during this time period

19 Lead Law, continued… LEAD SAFE WORK PRACTICE LEAD-BASED PAINT CONTRACTOR CERTIFICATION FORM PASSED LEAD CLEARANCE TEST COMPLIANCE Documentation must be ed to or hand delivered to the HCVP office at 8120 Kinsman Rd, Resource Room #107

20 Initial/Movers Inspection:
Weather Deferral Annual Inspection: Oct.15th-Apr.15th Weather deferrals are ACCEPTED through HCVP or the City. All items must be corrected during the extended time given and the unit must pass the inspection or the unit goes into abatement for a 2nd fail. Initial/Movers Inspection: NO weather deferrals. Even if the City provides a landlord with a weather deferral, HCVP cannot go under contract until all items are corrected.

21 Building Quality Rating
Excellent Rating: If building was constructed NEW 2008 or later

22 Building Quality Rating continued…
Above Average Rating: If the building was constructed new OR if the building was substantially rehabbed With at least a comprehensive kitchen and bathroom renovation (cabinets, wiring, floors, and appliances) Inspectors must have a copy of all pertient work receipts and permits to justify qualifications for the unit condition

23 Building Quality Rating continued…
Work receipts and permits must be shown at the time of the inspection. Credit will not be given without the APPROVAL of the Inspections Manager Once approved, the unit’s Quality Rating can be increased For the Building Quality Rating criteria, please visit

24 Resolving Municipal Requirements
Contact the building department in the municipality your unit is in, to receive information on all paperwork, fees, and inspections that the city may require for a unit to qualify as a rental property. Remember: If your unit is not in compliance with the City, the unit is not in compliance with the HCVP

25 City Extensions and Deferrals
Always communicate and provide proper documentation when given an extension or deferral for weather or major repairs The paperwork should always be mailed to HCVP; Attention: Samantha Stewart or scan and via the Landlord Portal by selecting the Ombudsman office

26 Extensions for Re-Inspections
All extension requests should be sent through the Landlord Portal, if assistance is needed, call Customer Service at Request must be made 5 days prior to the original inspection date

27 Resource Room Inspection: Available M-F 8am-5pm Ask General questions

28 Landlord Portal Change owner’s personal information
View all inspection results within 48hrs Obtain detailed list of failed items View all HAP payments View changes to the tenant’s rent portion

29 Landlord Portal continued
Link to ALL publications, forms, and newsletters Submit inquiries Submit extension request Sign up for Blast and text message notification



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