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Lexus Seating, SmartAccess and Lighting Technologies.

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2 Lexus Seating, SmartAccess and Lighting Technologies

3 Agenda Lexus remote engine start Lexus SmartAccess Lexus premium seats Lexus headlamp design Lexus electrochromic auto-dimming mirrors Lexus power windows

4 Lexus Remote Engine Start

5 Remote Engine Start Functions Turns ignition on Remembers climate control settings: –Air conditioning –Heater –Windshield defogger –Heated and ventilated front seats Operating range of up to 80 ft. (line of sight)

6 Safe by Design Doors lock automatically Vehicle will start twice Runs for 10 minutes Engine automatically shuts off when: –Doors are unlocked –Doors are opened

7 Video: Remote Engine Start


9 Start Your Engines Remote Engine Start Value Story You know what its like to climb into a vehicle on an extremely cold or warm day you want to make the interior temperature more comfortable as quickly as possible. With the available Remote Engine Start, you can start the engine before you climb into the vehicle and activate such features as the air conditioner, heater and windshield defogger, as well as heated and ventilated front seats. For added convenience, you can even use the system to pre-program the climate control and seat settings so your vehicle is ready and waiting for you with the desired temperature settings. An added plusRemote Engine Start is seamlessly integrated with your vehicles keyless entry system so there is no need to carry an additional remote fob.

10 Agenda Lexus remote engine start Lexus SmartAccess Lexus premium seats Lexus headlamp design Lexus electrochromic auto-dimming mirrors Lexus power windows

11 Lexus SmartAccess

12 Lexus SmartAccess Functions Locks/unlocks vehicle doors Opens trunk or rear door Switches ignition on/off Activates illuminated entry system Activates panic button

13 How SmartAccess Works Sensors in vehicle detect the SmartAccess key fob Doors automatically unlock when driver touches the door handle Doors lock via inside switch, key fob or by touching the outside door handle

14 Push-Button Start Transmission must be in park or neutral Press brake pedal Press the START or POWER button

15 Video: SmartAccess


17 No Key Required SmartAccess Value Story Nobody likes fumbling for their keysfortunately with SmartAccess, you dont have to. Even functions like starting the vehicle, locking or unlocking the doors or trunk, activating the illuminated entry system, or activating the panic button are made easier and more convenient with SmartAccess. SmartAccess allows you to perform all of these functions without the use of a conventional key. All you have to do is keep the SmartAccess fob in your possession. You can also program which doors you want to lock and unlock. And for added security, you can separate the mechanical key from the key fob when using valet services. All operation signals are sent to the vehicle as a rolling code. With SmartAccess, you enjoy hands-free convenience, along with added security.

18 Agenda Lexus remote engine start Lexus SmartAccess Lexus premium seats Lexus headlamp design Lexus electrochromic auto-dimming mirrors Lexus power windows

19 Lexus Premium Seats

20 Lexus Premium Seat Design Optimum comfort and support Easy-to-operate manual and power adjustments Available heated and ventilated front seats on most models Available memory settings –Seat position –Side mirrors –Steering column

21 Advanced Fabrics and Seat Trim Luxurious perforated semi-aniline leather Eco-conscious NuLuxe seat trim

22 Preferred Seating Lexus Premium Seats Value Story One of the most important ways Lexus helps ensure that your comfort is through advanced seat design and features. Whether operated through power controls or manually, Lexus models feature seats that are specially contoured for excellent support and comfort. Depending on the model, you can enjoy heated and ventilated seats as well as a climate control feature that automatically adjusts the seat temperature to maintain the ideal temperature setting. In addition to multiple seat adjustments, Lexus also offers a variety of upholstery and fabrics that feel as good as they look. Lexus offers superior quality perforated semi-aniline leather. This extremely soft leather is dyed all the way through, unlike the conventional surface dyeing process, for improved durability and appearance.

23 Preferred Seating Lexus Premium Seats Value Story (cont.) A few Lexus models are also now available with NuLuxe interior upholstery. Its an eco- conscious alternative to genuine leather that weighs less, which helps reduce overall vehicle weight. In addition, no Volatile Organic Components (VOC) or metal dies are used in the manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process, it also reduces C0 2 output by 65% over genuine leather.

24 Agenda Lexus remote engine start Lexus SmartAccess Lexus premium seats Lexus headlamp design Lexus electrochromic auto-dimming mirrors Lexus power windows

25 Lexus Headlamp Design

26 Standard halogen headlamps Available headlamp technologies –High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps –Auto-leveling system –Light-emitting Diode (LED)headlamps –Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) –Intelligent High Beams

27 Excellent illumination Brighter, whiter light Longer, wider reach Extremely efficient High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps

28 Auto-Leveling System Helps reduce glare to oncoming vehicles Helps improve visibility by maintaining beams at optimum level and position Automatically compensates for vehicle load

29 Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Headlamps Lexus innovation Unique appearance Superior illumination Reduced energy consumption

30 Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Headlamps More natural light 30% more efficient than halogen headlamps Maintains brightness longer Longer life expectancy

31 Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) Helps illuminate curves by rotating the headlamps into the turn Broader field of view for improved visibility Fully automatic for driver convenience Auto-leveling

32 Intelligent High Beams Automatically dims high beams when oncoming traffic is detected Reactivates high beams when traffic has passed Second generation –Camera mounted in rearview mirror –Senses headlamps and brake lights

33 Intelligent High Beams 2,000 ft. 2,625 ft.

34 Bright Lights Lexus Headlamp Design Value Story Night driving demands good visibility, which is why Lexus has put so much thought and effort into headlamp design. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps provide excellent illumination on even the darkest nights. The bulbs produce a brighter light, with a longer and wider reach than conventional headlamps. And while they operate at a considerably higher voltage, they also consume less electricity. HID headlamps include the added convenience of an auto-leveling system to help reduce glare from oncoming vehicles and maintain an optimum position in relation to the roads surface. Lexus also offers the enhanced performance of light-emitting diode headlamps which reduce energy consumption even further, have a longer life expectancy and illuminate a greater area than conventional bulbs. In addition to auto-leveling, LED headlamps offer the added convenience of headlamp washers.

35 Bright Lights Lexus Headlamp Design Value Story (cont.) Because conventional headlamps have certain limitations, Lexus engineers also developed an Adaptive Front Lighting System. Available on select Lexus models, this innovative headlamp system points the headlamps toward the inside of the corner when turning. In a sense, it enables the driver to see around corners. The system operates automatically and includes auto-leveling. Various Lexus models also offer the convenience of Intelligent High Beams. They automatically switch to low beams when the system senses an oncoming vehicle. Once the vehicle has passed, the system switches them back to high beams.

36 Agenda Lexus remote engine start Lexus SmartAccess Lexus premium seats Lexus headlamp design Lexus electrochromic auto-dimming mirrors Lexus power windows

37 Lexus Electrochromic Auto-Dimming Mirrors

38 Electrochromic Auto-Dimming Mirrors Two sensors in mirror detect glare and automatically dim mirror Enhanced driver comfort and visibility Available on interior rearview and side mirrors

39 Eliminate Glare Electrochromic Auto-Dimming Mirrors Value Story You know what it feels like to be driving at night and have to contend with the headlight glare from the vehicle traveling behind you. An electrochromic auto-dimming mirror is specifically designed to detect glare from behind the vehicle and automatically dim the mirror effect to prevent bright lights from being reflected into the eyes of the driver. Electrochromic auto-dimming mirrors are designed to improve safety and driver comfort by reducing this glare automaticallyand many Lexus vehicles are available with electrochromic auto-dimming mirrors both on the inside rearview mirror and the external side mirrors.

40 Agenda Lexus remote engine start Lexus SmartAccess Lexus premium seats Lexus headlamp design Lexus electrochromic auto-dimming mirrors Lexus power windows

41 Lexus Power Windows

42 Unique Power Window Features Electric drive motor slows the closing and opening of power windows Forms a tighter seal Reduces interior noise Promotes durability and longer life

43 Special Window Treatment Power Windows Value Story Lexus power windows operate in much the same manner as a traditional power window, but with a unique Lexus touch. As the lift mechanism approaches the top and bottom of the window travel, the electric drive motor slows down to minimize pressure on both the window seals and on the window winder mechanism. In this way, the window seal will retain a better quality seal which, in turn, means a quieter ride and longer life. This is another detail that shows the traditional Lexus approach to quality, durability and longevity.

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