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ASSA ABLOY branded door closers

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1 ASSA ABLOY branded door closers
ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience ASSA ABLOY branded door closers Kick-off catalogue update door closers Preparing product council SEPTEMBER 06, 2012

2 Andreas Gmelin agenda

3 ASSA ABLOY DOOR CLOSERS Kick off catalogue update / preparing door closer council 06th SEP 2012, 09:30 – 16:00 CET AGENDA Introduction (Andreas) Catalogue updating process Technical background database (Philipp) Updating process / timing (Andreas) Update current activities / projects ABLOY (Mika) Shenfei (Karl-Heinz) MAB (Roberto) AAST (Karl-Heinz) Market news, new projects, what shall we bring to council (all) Final Roadmap (Karl-Heinz, Andreas) AOB

4 Monthly report pgr report
Andreas Gmelin Monthly report pgr report

5 ASSA ABLOY Door Closers KPIs
July 2012 EMEA Monthly EMEA YTD +154% YTD Regions Monthly Regions YTD €K 2011 2012 OG % SCAN 174 235 36% FIN/ RUS 8 UK 32 50 55% AFRICA 26 11 -59% DACH 54 102 87% BENELUX 61 94 54% FR 275 IB 95 141 48% IT 3 17 558% EE 80 118 49% IS 1 9 781% ME TR 6 EMEA 526 1,067 103% €K 2011 2012 OG % SCAN 1,182 2,344 98% FIN/ RUS 8 UK 208 269 30% AFRICA 76 165 117% DACH 166 659 298% BENELUX 204 716 251% FR 944 IB 521 661 27% IT 21 45 111% EE 160 608 279% IS 10 44 356% ME TR 12 EMEA 2,548 6,475 154%

6 ASSA ABLOY Door Closers KPIs
July 2012 Monthly Highlights Business Development & Logistics 154% sales increase YTD against (ISR +356, DACH +298%, EE +279%, Benelux +251%) Monthly sales down due to summer break in several countries, but still over €1m First sales in Russia First order in ME: to be delivered in AUG Italy with new customer for DC300DA New big OEM customer against GEZE in CZ Entry level door closers for EE over EE warehouse from JAN 2013 on Gross value specification €14.9m YTD; up 20% Number of projects 1,331 YTD; up 21% Marketing Product and Competition Door closer film production started Sales promotion of German dealer starts in AUG 40% of sales in CAM door closers; 28% in Rack&Pinion door closers; 23% Entry level door closers Entry level sales driven by France and Eastern Europe No product releases in July, glas clamping plates for glas doors in preparation DC110 fire door approval will be extended

7 mediando Product Database
ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience

8 Structure What is mediando? What we do with mediando?
How does mediando work? Collaboration to other applications

9 What is mediando? Media-Independent product database
Central memory location Clear illustrated surface Free configurable

10 What we do with mediando?
Publishing of different media Print Web Customer queries Serve different brands ASSA ABLOY effeff IKON KESO LITTO TonicLine Nemef

11 How does mediando work? Data administration Useful features
Header data (Workflow) Technical attributes Texts (including translation management) Media (images, *.pdf-data, videos, etc.) Product joins Prices Useful features Data import Search Datalist Data export Xml, csv, xls, mdb, odbc, txt

12 Overview of mediando

13 Overview of mediando

14 Overview of mediando

15 Overview of mediando

16 Overview of mediando

17 Overview of mediando

18 Overview of mediando

19 Overview of mediando

20 Overview of mediando

21 Overview of mediando

22 Collaboration to Other Applications
Print publishing InDesign & Xactuell Web catalog Trading portal E-Price lists

23 Collaboration to Other Applications
Marketing Templates eBusiness Mapping Queries / Templates mediando SQL- Queries Finishing and Print Online Catalogs xx Languages xx Languages… Customer Queries, Trading Portal, etc…

24 Samples of print templates

25 Different languages 25

26 Mediando 12th MAR 2012 Contact: Philipp Himmler
Tel.: +49 (74 31)

27 Implementation in one web page

28 Product pages for print catalogues

29 Mediando General requirements for the web implementation
The target homepage must be an existing OneWeb ASSA ABLOY page Target layout as product pages European language (not arabian oder chinese) – other languages are special projects and have to be calculated separately

30 Mediando – service packages
Customer translates in excel-sheet which will be uploaded in database. AAST creates technical product pages for the master catalogue doorcloser in the needed language (format InDesign). Final customer check / corrrection. Implement the online product pages in an existing OneWeb site. Future updates & changes included (one-off payment) AAST translates (interface to language wire) As the other package €3,500 one-off €5,000 one-off Print: 1 week (after translation is ready) Online: 2 weeks after print Print: 2-3 weeks Online: 2 weeks after print

31 Master Catalogue – Mediando - Timing

32 Schedule for catalogue update
Dead line for changes from ABLOY, MAB, AAST: week of 15th Oct. (week 42) Update Mediando, Philipp: week of 29th Oct. (week 44) Final release ABLOY, MAB, AAST: week of 5th NOV (week 45) Final release, Philipp: week of 12th NOV (week46) FINAL NEW RELEASE: END OF NOVEMBER

33 Andreas Gmelin aob

34 AOB DC478 (vs. Dorma BTS80)FLOOR SPRINGS / ROBERTO (Name DC478, MAB-spindle, query???) DC 110 2/3/4 strategy? brass finish reference projects grooved spindle Product competition Newsletter (Sales + Product) EMEA product manager Quality Feed-back White colour problem ABLOY

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