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Guest Teacher Training Kim Schlemmer Assistant Superintendent,EASD

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1 Guest Teacher Training Kim Schlemmer Assistant Superintendent,EASD
Classroom Safety Guest Teacher Training Kim Schlemmer Assistant Superintendent,EASD

2 Agenda Fire Safety Injured Students Lockdowns Shelter in Place
Severe Weather General Classroom Safety Who to Contact

3 Fire Safety If a fire alarm sounds, evacuate with Students immediately to designated rally point Take accurate headcount Report headcount to Incident Command All Clear – means everyone is out If someone is missing, provide name and last known location Take clipboard with class roster with you when evacuating

4 Fire Safety Never assume an active Fire Alarm is a drill or false
“Evacuation without Hesitation” Maintain clear exits in your classroom Always know 2 ways to exit the Building When exiting, use caution as Emergency Vehicles will be responding

5 If you discover a fire… Pull a fire alarm to get everyone out of the Building Close doors to limit spread of fire Maintain control of students Direct evacuation of your class Tell Incident Commander the location of the fire

6 Fire Extinguisher Use Follow the PASS-word Keep an exit behind you
Pull the Pin Aim the Nozzle Squeeze the Handle Sweep at the Base of the Fire Keep an exit behind you If one does not extinguish the fire, exit the building Know your limitations

7 Relocation In the event students must be relocated to alternative location Follow directions of Incident commander Maintain control of students Use caution when walking to alternative location – vehicles, terrain Assist in Student/Parent reunification efforts

8 Injured Students If injury/illness is serious or life threatening:
Call 911 immediately Contact School Nurse and Office Life Threatening includes: Difficulty or no breathing Choking Unconsciousness No heartbeat Seizures (non-diagnosed)

9 Treating Injured Students
If possible, allow to self treat Under your directions Hand them first aid supplies If you must treat, protect yourself from Bloodborne Pathogens using Universal Precautions Gloves Protective eyewear Should be in First Aid Kit

10 Cleaning up Blood Treat all blood or other body fluids as potential infectious Contact Building Janitorial Staff to clean up Do not clean up yourself unless you have proper supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) Restrict access to contaminated desks, floor, books, etc. If any students, or you, were contaminated, contact school nurse Wash hands immediately with warm water and non-abrasive soap Dispose of clothing or wash in hot water with bleach or with a biocide detergent

11 Lockdowns There are three types of lockdowns that could be initiated:
Administrative Exterior Threat Interior Threat Each has its our set of protocols All will be initiated with a PA Announcement in clear English – NO CODES! Your first defense is to keep your classroom door locked at all times Use “Lock and Prop” Always lock door when the room is unoccupied

12 Administrative Lockdown
Used when we need to keep the halls clear Examples: Injury or illness that requires EMS Drug sniffing dogs are brought into the school Police are completing a non-threatening investigation Keep students in classroom Continuing teaching This lockdown can end via a PA Announcement

13 Exterior Threat Lockdown
Used when local Police notify the school of an exterior threat Examples: Some robs a bank near the school and suspect has not been located A hostage situation near the school Keep students in classroom Close all window treatments You may need to move students to the hall or ask them to sit below windows Continuing teaching if it is safe to do so Limit movement within the school This lockdown can end via a PA Announcement

14 Interior Threat Lockdown
Needed when an intruder is inside the school When Announcement is made: Quickly look in the hall if it is safe and tell any students near your room to get inside quickly Close door and ensure it is locked Cover the window in the door if you can Direct students to an area of the classroom where they cannot be seen from the doorway and tell them to be quiet – Shut off Cell Phones! Open window treatments if you can do so safely Place red or green placard in the lower, right window if available and can be done safely This lockdown only ends when school administration comes to your room with law enforcement and they end the lockdown Never via PA Announcement

15 Shelter in Place Will be due to an outside hazardous condition
Chemical Spill Fire (not in the school) If a Shelter in Place Announcement is made: Close any open windows Direct Students to remain calm and to not leave the building Continue teaching If you notice HVAC system still operating, contact office and inform them

16 Shelter in Place If any students, or you, start to show signs/symptoms of illness during event Contact school nurse Difference between “Lockdown” and “Shelter in Place” Lockdown – classroom 4 walls Shelter – Building 4 walls

17 Severe Weather If severe weather notification is given:
Direct all students away from windows This may be in the hall Remain in safe area until all clear in given

18 General Classroom Safety
Limit use of extension cords Trip hazards Fire hazards Do not overload wall sockets Fire Hazard Do not store supplies near heaters If you are hanging anything up, use a Ladder or step stool Do not use a chair or desk to stand on

19 General Classroom Safety
Maintain exits in classroom Always maintain accurate headcount of students Hall passes Accompany to restrooms Clean up spills immediately Minimize slip hazards As needed, contact custodial staff

20 Who to Contact If you are injured, even if you do not require medical attention Report your injury Contact Building Administration For any Safety & Security Concerns Call SRO Sheppard Office – Cell –


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