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Philip Verner Regional Sales Director, EMEA

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1 Philip Verner Regional Sales Director, EMEA
Company Confidential

2 Access Control Security for Airports
Discussion Topics - Access control security in an aviation environment…. - Products available to meet airports requirements…. - Using the system beyond security….

3 Who is CEM Systems? 20+ years providing leading edge access control technology Head Office in Belfast, UK Part of Tyco since 2001; major brand of Tyco Security Products Developed out of computer company – one of first to provide IT based security management systems. Delivering Airport-specific security solutions since formation CEM has associate membership of the ‘British Aviation Group’ (BAG) & ‘Airport Consultants Council’

4 Securing the gateways of the world…
Ireland & NI Belfast International Airport City Airport England, Scotland, Wales All BAA controlled Airports Manchester Airport British Airways Canada Vancouver Airport Asia Hong Kong International Airport Singapore Airlines India Indira Gandhi International Airport Europe Budapest Airport Keflavik International Airport Middle East Jazeera Airways Dubai International Airport Company Confidential Leaders in airport security

5 Why Aviation-specific access control ?
Airports are not like other facilities - higher security needed, more external pressures Other unique requirements Door Modes Many more contractors than airport staff Influence of government means flexibility is needed in systems deployed Airports always expanding and growing, with on-going construction Airport Access Control systems need to allow for all of this! How many contractors versus own staff at Heathrow

6 CEM AC2000 Airport Edition Company Confidential

7 Why use CEM AC2000 AE? The industry’s only airport specific access control solution Designed for airports by airports Advanced Intelligent hardware Highly Secure & Resilient Advanced Software and Systems integration Airport specific software features

8 CEM Intelligent Reader Range
Installed at airport airside & landside boundaries around the world Company Confidential

9 Intelligent Reader Terminals
Card Reader/Controllers – directly to central Server Internal database for off-line use - Zero Downtime at door! Supports most card technologies, IP65 rating, LEDs and PIN Readers with displays to visually confirm response to card transactions e.g. ‘Wrong Access’, ‘Wrong Timezone’, ‘No Access’ Assist with card management - ‘Card Expired’, ‘Card Expiring’ Visually displays the Door Mode the reader is in at any given time The integral LCD screen on the CEM reader informs the user or system administrator immediately why access has been denied, thus saving time and resource in trying to diagnose the problem. A keypad on the card reader is used to open an administration menu allowing the device to be configured locally and also when PIN validation is required, offering additional security. In 1995 the CEM AC2000 system was first installed into Budapest Airport. The user interface of the CEM readers was translated in to Hungarian especially for this project, as well as a specially developed ‘Control Zoning’ software feature. Budapest Airport currently went through an upgrade of their AC2000 system in 2010/11. The upgrade involved the move towards the latest PicoPass smart card technology. In 2011 the AC2000 system was also extended to secure a new €100m ‘SkyCourt’ terminal that links terminals 2A & 2B. As part of this project over 200 CEM IP were readers installed, including S610e & S610f fingerprint readers. CEM also customised Budapest Airport’s unique visitor module. In total Budapest Airport Has 450 CEM readers and 24,000 cardholders.

10 Airport Door Modes Multiple Airport specific door modes. E.g.
‘Passenger Mode’ ‘Lobby Mode’ ‘Interlock ‘ Adjust operational capabilities and use door modes suitable for environment ID staff (with privileges) swipe reader and select mode using the keypad or screen Passenger Mode - If Passenger mode is selected the cardholder can open the door and hold open for passenger access in a controlled area. The airline staff can easily switch the door to Staff mode (individual access) again by swiping card or this can be pre-set for a specific period of time. Lobby / Interlock Mode - segregating arriving and departing passengers and controlling the flow of travellers. * At T5 only 4 gates out of 40 are dedicated solely to domestic passengers. To allow for any peak periods of domestic travel, 3 gates are assigned to be both domestic and international. To achieve this flexibility interlock mode enables staff to easily maintain security and segregation between international and domestic passengers.

11 Capacitive Touch Screen
emerald™ Intelligent Access Terminal Revolutionary …Industry’s most multi-functional access terminal Capacitive Touch Screen Integrated Keypad with scramble PIN option Integrated Intercom Remote Applications Access control applications available at the door… IP Access Door Controller/ Card Reader Offline Database: 250,000 Cardholders 50,000 Transactions All in one terminal…

12 emerald - Intuitive user messages
Company Confidential

13 emerald - Remote Applications
AC2000 system intelligence directly at the door Secure web-based remote applications Display important information & system critical information 21 Applications available to date “Providing users with a local graphical user interface (GUI), normally only available on a client PC, at the door” Growing trend in airports – intelligence at the edge to increase security and assist operations

14 emerald - Remote Applications
Card Details Application E.g. Security guard spot checks Visually confirm cardholder ID & access levels First & Last Swipes Employee Time & Attendance Cardholders can manage their working hours by monitoring IN/OUT swipes

15 Advertising on emerald
emerald - Remote Applications Advertising on emerald Advertise Display when emerald is not being used for ACS: Promote internal company messages/events Generate revenue – sell display space to airlines / retail outlets etc -Used to promote internal company messages or events e.g. Back end terminals seen only by staff could be used to alert staff of who is on shift, alert staff of any upcoming fire drills or system maintenance -It can also be used to generate revenue e.g. Singapore Airlines may choose to advertise on customer facing emeralds situated throughout the airport

16 emerald Checklist App emerald - Remote Applications
Cardholders must answer some questions before the Reader will open the door/checkpoint. Questions and images are totally configurable via front end GUI; Examples of use include; Health & Safety purposes Ensure Warnings / Critical Information announcements are read Ensure cardholders meet airport regulations eg cardholder must confirm has relevant driving permits before using airport vehicles or operating machinery like air-bridges Airport restaurant staff, to ensure they have answered all Food Safety/ Hygiene questions positively i.e. Have you washed you hands Staff operating air bridges or airport construction workers to ensure they pass all Health & Safety questions correctly All airport staff to certify they have noted and approved information shown onscreen e.g. To make staff aware they are entering a restricted zone

17 Portable ‘Handheld’ Card Readers
Handheld intelligent card reader Large database for 200,000 cardholders & on-board WIFI Lightweight, rugged design Touch screen display, shows cardholders Image Available in Fingerprint option Provides real flexibility to airport security; Allows security to perform roaming spot checks in RZ zones Temporary checkpoints at construction areas Provides cover in event of fixed reader failures, especially at barrier locations Company Confidential

18 Airport Passenger Segregation
Boarding and Deplaning Route Management (BDRM) Solution Intelligent solution for Interlocking of door sets to control and manage passenger flows Segregation of Arrivals and Departures / Domestic and International passengers Interactive Touchscreen GUI for airport staff to manage and view door status within airport areas Fully customisable to individual airports requirements Sourced a 3rd Party Solution and cem HW team worked to provide a solution to meet requirements

19 Boarding and Deplaning Route Management (BDRM) System

20 AC2000 Airport Software Company Confidential

21 Suite of applications for airports
AC2000 Sophisticated Software Suite of applications for airports Aviation specific fields eg IATA code, Airline Charge fields Companies Applications to manage onsite contractors Authorisers ID Badging Vehicles Airport System Link Alarm Event Display Video, intruder integrations

22 VIPPS ID Badging Create bespoke ID cards Colour code cards depending on airport criteria and site access levels Pass design application Single or batch printing of ID cards

23 Airport Systems Link Connect multiple stand alone airports to one networked system Staff use same card/ID at each airport Increase operational efficiency Avoid duplication of data entry Increase security between airports Increase operational efficiency: only one type of smart card needed for all staff and visitors, manage all systems through one central control room

24 AC2000 Central Control & Command
AC2000 Alarm Event Display Central Alarm Processing & Management View video footage Remotely control doors SMS Platform for viewing CCTV/Video, Intruder, Perimeter Detection integrations Dedicated Integration team with long list of system integrations AC2000 AED provides a dynamic graphical and textual representation of the status of the entire system. Operators can choose how they want to view alarms – graphical maps, text alarms list or both. AED responds to all alarm situations in real time and provides a dynamic on-screen interface to external systems such as CCTV systems with facilities for CCTV switching, remote door broadcasting and audio output in response to alarm events

25 Airport Operational Efficiency
Company Confidential

26 Air-bridge monitoring
Swipe card to enable air-bridge Graphical display of air-bridge status Extensive fault and usage reporting Invoice airlines for use of air-bridge and maintenance costs Airport operators can track the use and status of an air bridge by associating an air-bridge with a CEM reader. Before the loading bridge can be used a valid card swipe must be made, ensuring that only trained operatives drive the loading bridge. The system can therefore reduce the maintenance cost and increase the control of a loading bridge.

27 Airport Equipment Enabling
Turn equipment e.g. check-in desks, baggage belts, X-Ray machines ON or OFF, control use of Fixed Ground Power Provides reporting information on length of use Benefits Airport can generate revenue for use of equipment by airlines Provides data on equipment usage for Invoicing purposes Ensures that only trained staff use equipment Company Confidential

28 Vehicle Management Vehicle module: controls vehicle access on airport site Car occupancy: controls number vehicles in a zone eg card park Vehicle / Driver pass: print ID Badges/Permits for drivers and vehicles Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI): integrate RFID long range vehicle readers/tags for speedy access to car parks Flexible integration with automated Intercom, CCTV, physical barriers & ANPR The AC2000 Vehicles application allows users to produce a professional ID card for all vehicles which require access to secure areas, with the ability to associate cardholders to vehicle records. Users can create passes for vehicle access. Vehicle module: Only authorised vehicles can pass a control point Car occupancy: verifies access of passengers within a vehicle Vehicle pass: tax disc-like display for vehicles authorised throughout secure airport areas Driving Permit pass: ID card for authorised drivers e.g. airside permits Automatic vehicle identification (AVI): vehicle tag permits access Flexible integration with automated Intercom, CCTV, physical barriers Supports Long range readers for car park entry Company Confidential

29 Summary Aviation access control is different
Access Control Security for Airports Summary Aviation access control is different Flexibility in products and approach are critical ACS security system can be used as a business tool Think outside the security box Important to find a good aviation Consultant & Security Integrator

30 Thank You Visit us on Stand 114
Company Confidential

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