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By: Destiny Morales, Amy Perry, Sharon Goiz, and Christina Proia.

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1 By: Destiny Morales, Amy Perry, Sharon Goiz, and Christina Proia

2 Arnaldo Pomodoro Arnaldo Pomodo in Emilia Romaga, Italy in 1926. While he lived in Milan, he worked as a consultant for the restoration of public buildings. At the same time he was studying stage design and worked as a gold smith.

3 In all of Pomodos sculptures he conveys similar details (the color, the puzzle, worn out looking details, etc.) that its almost predictable what hes going to create next. Because Pomodoro studied stage design, the location of all his sculptures are very important to him. The concerns of my work as an artist have always centered on the relationship between the individual sculpture and the space in which it is sited. A sculpture, indeed, is the realization of a space of its own within the greater space in which it lives and moves. When a work transforms the place in which it is located, it takes on the valence of a true and proper witness of the times that spawned it, and thus places a mark on its context, enriching it with additional layers of memory. Today I think of my sculptures as crystals, or nuclei, or as eyes, or signal fires; and I see them as relating to borders and voyages, to the worlds of complexity and imagination. All of his art work that arent in cases are publicly displayed in obvious places where every one can see (in front of buildings, in the middle of spacious land, etc.)

4 Arnaldo Pomodoro founded The Foundation in 1999 in Milan, Italy. He created it to be a place where artists can share their works and ideas with each other. He also made it to display his and other famous works. In the foundation is where he does his own brainstorming and where he does his famous masterpieces.

5 Arnaldo Pomodoro is an artist that truly loves and has a passion for what he does. Being in an environment where everyone is expressing their works and idea helps him focus on his works. He has a set style and design for his sculptures which makes him uniquely different than other famous artists. Since he was younger he began to prepare himself for his future success. You can see through his works how he utilized his skills with stage design and gold.

6 The Second Important Detail Created by: Amy Perry

7 One detail that a viewer cannot ignore is Arnaldo Pomodoros The Pietrarubbia Group: The Foundation, The Use, The Relationship, is the two movable bronze doors, about eight feet tall. When both are completely spread apart, a viewer would not know that there is an interior to the sculpture. When the doors are pushed against each other, the carvings fit together, sealing the two pieces to create one. The movement of the doors could possibly symbolize the union and separation of two people; this can symbolize a marriage and divorce. When closed together, nobody can see what is between them, be it secrets or lies. The axe marks that are exposed when the doors are separated show that something, or someone, tore them apart. Pomodoro clearly lost someone that he loved and uses his art to express his loss.

8 Arnaldo Pomodoro displays Il Foundamention, Iuso, Il Rapparto as a hidden yet revealed sculpture. Pomodoros decision to place the sculpture where it is makes it seem isolated. There are trees and bushes surrounding the sculpture creating a barrier, hiding the sculpture. On the other hand it is exposed because it is right near a road. There are trees that hover over the top that gives the sculpture a roof. It is also on the top of a hill, yet again creating an exposed but hidden image. Arnaldo Pomodoro seems interested in exploring the idea of hidden secrets. Created by: Sharon Goiz

9 You know: I must lose you again and I cannot, written in Italian on the sculptures moving door. Which comes from a poem by Eugenio Montale, it is about missing someone (physically and mentally). It is written on the bottom of one of the turning doors on his piece and it is low to the ground, making it seem purposely hidden. It seems to be written on the door because the door and the sculpture resemble a relationship. When the two doors are together then the relationship is a whole; meaning no secrets and a perfect foundation, leading back to the name of the sculpture The foundation, the use, the relationship. Created by : Christina Proia

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