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Mechanical Hardware 1. Aluminum Wood Hollow Metal.

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1 Mechanical Hardware 1

2 Aluminum Wood Hollow Metal

3 Considerations Gauge (14,16,18,20) Fire Rating Size of Glass in a Fire Rated Opening 1-1/2 Hour=100 sq in. ¾ hour =1296 sq in Insulated Steel Stiffened Hardware Preps Core (Particle Board, Solid)

4 Doors Hollow Metal Wood Aluminum

5 Handing Door opening are handed as Right Hand (RH) Left Hand (LH) Right Hand Reverse (RHR) Left Hand Reverse (LHR) Hand Openings from the Secure or Locked Out Side

6 Hinges Butt Hinges Continuous Hinges Pivots Specialty

7 Size 4-1/2 x 4 (Height x Width) Standard Weight Heavy Weight Full Mortise Half Mortise Half Surface Full Surface Hinge type is stated as to where it is mounted on the door

8 Hinge Options Non Removable Pin (NRP) Hospital Tip Through Wire (4, 6, 8, 10, 12) Monitor Specialty Hinges Swing Clear Raised Barrel Spring Hinge Double Acting

9 Locksets Mortise Cylindrical Unit Many Functions ANSI Grade 1, 2 Many Finishes Dead Latch Feature Backset 2-3/8, 2-3/4, 5

10 Lockset Functions Passage Privacy Office or Entrance Storeroom Classroom (lockdown) Classroom


12 Exit Devices Sometimes called Panic Set, Crash Bar, Push Bar Fire Rated vs. Non Rated Rim Mortise Surface Vertical Rod (SVR) Concealed Vertical Rod (CVR) Dogging Narrow Stile Wide Stile Mid Panel

13 Aluminum Door Hardware Designed to fit on narrow stile applications Backsets range from 31/32 -1-1/2 Swing up bolts Swing up hook locks Latch Locks Push Paddles

14 Cylinders Lockset Mortise Rim Removable (IC) Core High Security-Special Machine Rekeyable Pin Trays Broken Key Extractors

15 Door Closers Spring (Power) Strength 1-6 Some are field adjustable Surface Concealed in the Door Concealed in the Frame Floor Closer

16 Closer Adjustments Sweep, Latch, Backcheck Delay Spring

17 Door Closer Adjustments

18 Door Protection/Repair Wrap Plates Latch Guards Strike Plates Improved Security Repair and Hide damage Available for most applications Finishes to match most products

19 Threshold, Weather Strip and Astragals Thresholds different width and length Barrier Free Thermal Break Fire Rated Weatherstrip sold in kits for single and pairs of doors Door Sweeps, Auto Door Bottoms Smoke Seal Astragals closes space between door and frame

20 Miscellaneous Hardware Kick Plates Push Plates Door Viewers Door Stops Hold Opens Flush Bolts Surface Bolts

21 Safety and Installation Tips Always read and understand the installation instructions Always use the fasteners supplied with the product, failure to do voids the warranty Insure that product is designed for the application and meets the Building Code Check exterior opening for four season usage Fire rated doors must be self closing and latching Fire rated openings should be check every 2-4 weeks for correct operation Fire rated opening must be inspected annually (2012)

22 We offer the following training courses: Mechanical Hardware 1 Basic Electrical Hardware 1 Mechanical Hardware 2 Electrical Hardware/Access Control 2 Building Codes and Standards

23 Ottawa (ON) 21-5370 Canotek Rd K1J 9E8 T: [613]748-7377 | 1 [888]607-0585 F: [613]748-0015 Montréal (QC) 4500 rue Molson H1Y 0A3 T: [514]392-2555 | 1[888]819-2602 F: [514]392-1623 | 1[888]357-3820 Québec (QC) 125 rue Fortin G1M 3M2 T: [418]682-5550 | 1[866]563-6785 F: [418]682-5522 | 1[866]563-6786 Toronto (ON) 115 Sharer Road, #2 L4L 8Z3 T: [905]265-9449 | 1[855]488-5625 F: [905]265-1097 | 1[855]488-9700

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