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June 8, 2010 Welcome! Lana Furra, Airport Manager Dallas Executive Airport Noel Gouldin, COO CelAccess Systems Moderator: Barry Walker, CEO CelAccess Systems.

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1 June 8, 2010 Welcome! Lana Furra, Airport Manager Dallas Executive Airport Noel Gouldin, COO CelAccess Systems Moderator: Barry Walker, CEO CelAccess Systems

2 What We Do CelAccess Systems provides access control and monitoring to locations that are difficult or expensive to connect to phone or data lines. 2

3 What We Offer 100% cellular-based access control and monitoring systems for electronic gates, doors, and locks 1.Hardware 2.Carrier network 3.Automated Control Center Web-based hosted application; low-cost management of end users and access points; historic reporting; voice, text or email alerts 3

4 Our Benefits Built specifically for cellular networks by wireless and security experts Out-of-the-box, easy install Low power, solar friendly No trenching No line-of-site or distance limitations Control from anywhere, phone or internet (SaaS) 4 Wide coverage Low cost Low power Voice and data

5 Dallas Executive Airport Operated by City of Dallas 1,040 acres near central business district Surrounded by four major thoroughfares Reliever airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International and Dallas Love Field Recent airside and landside capacity expansion 2 runways, full line of aviation services; 2 FBOs 5

6 Industry Security TSA Twelve-Five Standard Security (passenger and cargo) – operators using aircraft with max. certificated take-off weight (MTOW) of 12,500 lbs. or more must develop, carry out a security program monitor security activities on the ground and in-flight – record retention system – passenger manifest; mandatory vetting of crew – on-site contractors, vendors must have valid ID – Securing of aircraft and facilities operator must identify procedures for securing aircraft while at home-base and on the road and for securing facilities that support an operators aircraft – Inspections and audits 6

7 Industry Security TSA Security Guidelines for GA Airports" recommends common sense measures: – Intrusion detection – a method of identifying airport employees or authorized tenant access to various areas of the airport – Includes FBO recs: securing or monitoring access doors and gates 7

8 Industry Security User Fee Airports – US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) CBP: private aircraft may be perceived as more viable targets and may therefore become more vulnerable to misuse by individuals... Secured customs areas, employee IDs, etc. 8

9 Making a Good Business Decision – Listening to Security Concerns of Existing Tenants – Appealing to New Business Aviation Operators High-frequency flights High fuel consumption Required security program in place – Wanted audit capabilities – Wanted flexible enough for expansion – Wanted hosted, web-based system – Finding cost-effective solution Airports Security Needs 9

10 6,451 ft. Control Point Initial requirements: control and manage 5 access points Airports Security Needs

11 Needs for 5 access points: – Central management and reporting – 3 w/voice for ad-hoc visitors (telephone entry) – 5 w/pre-assigned access codes for tenants and employees Issues – No clear line of site – Long distances – No trenching (i.e. runways) access

12 Cellular Solution Selection: CelAccess Systems Hosted, online managed services application (Automated Control Center) (activity logs/reports; manage access codes; set alerts; establish schedules, calendar) CTE1000 Cellular Telephone Entry (voice mgmt for unscheduled visitors) GC1010 Cellular Access Controller (online access code mgmt for employees and tenants) 12

13 Increased control with centralized management (ex: employees v. tenants) Full audit trail of all entries and exits Current security system compatibility Because TSA does not mandate security, we cannot seek funding to leverage the cost; therefore, cellular solution was most viable: – No extensive construction and easy installation: 1/3 the cost of competing systems up and running in hours Cost-effective future extension to facility buildings (doors) Keys to Selection 13

14 Results with Cellular Signed several new corporate tenants operating multiple and larger aircraft. Increased jet fuel sales 23% due to added based aircraft. Easy to use and efficient. Provides customized access for tenants, yet allows one-time access for contractors, vendors, etc., via the web-based controls. Great for ingress/egress for AOAs, SIDA, etc. Great for limited staff facilities (budget savings): added to downtown Vertiports gates, so we now operate off site. Since installing CelAccess security solutions, weve attracted three new corporate clients…our return on investment has been significant. Lana Furra, Airport Manager 14

15 3 Main Products GC1010 Lowest cost WIM1000 Keypad/card reader (Wiegand) Full access control system CTE1000 Telephone entry system 15

16 GC1010 Cellular Access Controller Lowest cost device One control (relay) – control gates, locks and doors – Open via telephone or Internet – Momentary open, timed prop-open and automatic calendar open/close – Caller ID recognition feature One monitor (input) – motion detector, door position switches, intrusion detection, etc. – Alerts via email, text message and/or automated voice call GC1010 16

17 WIM1000 Cellular Wiegand Interface Compatible with ANY Wiegand device – Keypads and card readers Open via: – Telephone – Internet – Keypad/card reader Full access control: request to exit, anti-tailgate, prop/force open – Alerts via email, text message and/or automated voice call One monitor Up to 1000 locally stored codes Expansion boards for addl doors/gates (up to 7) WIM1000 17

18 Cellular Telephone Entry system Calls up to 3 numbers simultaneously with additional 3 if no answer Multi-tenant: up to 10 (additional service fees apply for each tenant) Change numbers called on web site Full log of all calls 500 code capacity (local database only) CTE1000 18

19 Benefits: Natural fit with cellular: central communications hub No software to install No IT involvement Manage multiple locations from anywhere Automatic upgrades Manage access codes Detailed reporting Configure alerting Create calendar for automatic open/closing Hosted Web Application 19

20 How It Works 20

21 Whos Using It? Airports Oil/gas and mining Self storage Farms, ranches, hunting leases Trucking terminals and distribution facilities Transmission towers Electric substations Ports, shipyards Campuses: hospitals, private schools and universities 21

22 100% Cellular Access Control and Monitoring System for any electronic gate, door, lock Turn-key solution Online managed service Control from anywhere phone or the internet Less hardware Easy, less costly installation Low power, solar friendly Voice and data Low TCO In Summary 22

23 Q&A 23 Try it yourself! Web self-demo Phone: 972-231-1999 THANK YOU!

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