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Oaks Elementary A Great Place to Learn Parent Orientation August 24, 2012.

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1 Oaks Elementary A Great Place to Learn Parent Orientation August 24, 2012

2 Kindergarten Teachers Mrs. Ancarrow Mrs. Cahill Mrs. Garcia Miss. Zindler


4 Our Schedule 7:50 – 8:05 Breakfast, gather in gym, announcements 8:05-9:50 Reading Workshop 9:50-10:05 Recess 10:05-10:40 Science/Social Studies 10:40-11:10 Lunch(Ancarrow/Cahill)10:45-11:15 (Garcia/Zindler) 11:10-12:15 Writing Workshop 12:15-1:45 Math workshop 1:45 Pack up 1:50 Dismissal

5 Specials Schedule We will rotate through -PE -music -computers -library on early release days.

6 Breakfast/Lunch B- $1. 30 (child) $1.85 (adult) L- $2.00(child) $2.75 (adult) (kids are encouraged to pick a fruit or vegetable or they are charged a la cart) Accounts on Please notify teacher by note in morning if you plan on buying a tray. A visitor table is provided to eat with your child only. Only people on green card are allowed to sit with them.

7 Fruit/Snack Break Your child may bring a personal, healthy/dry snack. Snack time will be allowed as they work during math workshop.( Please make sure it is independent and clean ). -sports water bottles are allowed all day -pretzels, goldfish -fruit, cheese -granola bars

8 Morning Arrival First day of school – –Doors open at 7:30, parents are welcome to come with their child –Students will go straight to their classrooms All other days – –Doors open at 7:30, all students enter through the cafeteria/gym doors (We will all meet them here for the first week) –Students arriving prior to 7:50 will wait with their grade level in the gym –At 7:50, each grade level begins leaving the gym to head to their classroom –The front door opens at 7:55 (if your child arrives before this time, they must enter through the cafeteria/gym doors). School begins at 8:05. Please make every effort to be here on time.

9 Morning Drop Off Circular drive on Upper Lake –This is drop off only, please stop, drop, and go. –If you need to go inside, please park in the large parking lot Large parking lot on Oak Briar –Cones are set up to allow parents to drop off then proceed through the first parking row to exit. –Only buses are allowed through to the first row –Students will walk up the sidewalk to enter through the cafeteria doors if before 7:55 ** Please do not drop off your child further along to walk through parked cars. This is very dangerous.**

10 Dismissal Procedures *Make sure ANYONE picking your child up is added On the bottom of their GREEN CARD.* Walkers (East/West) – 1:50 walk up to front doors Day care will be escorted to the front Car Riders – dismissed at 1:50 –We teach the kids to go to the 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd cars. –Please pull up to the curve to buckle *You may not drive up to pick up your walker *You may not walk up to pick up your car rider, you need to go check them out in the office.

11 Change in Dismissal Please make sure you fill out the form on how your child will be getting home and give to the teacher today. To change the way your child is dismissed, you must send or fax signed written notice to the teacher. Emails will be accepted as long as they include a contact number.

12 Absences/Tardy To report an absence, call the absent line at 281-641-1819. Attendance report time is 9:40 for this year. Please work all appointments around this time. Students are tardy if they arrive after 8:05.

13 Oaks Communication Daily binders will be used all year for -behavior, homework etc. We will send out (email or hard copy) a newsletter every Monday letting you know of the weeks activities. Websites have up-to-date information HOOT SCOOP – School-wide newsletter is sent out every other week (either by email, website, or hard copy). You should have selected a method of receiving this in your packet.

14 Dress Code Not allowed –Short shorts, mini skirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, low cut or midriff shirts, flip flops, inappropriate decorations or advertisements on shirts Tennis shoes must be worn for PE To play on playground equipment students must have tennis shoes or shoes with a back

15 Early Release Dates School ends at 11:30… –August 31, September 20, October 18, October 31, November 1, December 6, December 21, January 31, February 28, May 9, June 7 **Dates are listed in the Oaks Parent/Student handbook**

16 Field trips We plan to take a fall trip to the Aquarium in Oct. We plan to take a spring trip to the Houston Livestock show in March We need lots of chaperones!

17 Birthday Treats Treats may be provided if they are store bought We will pass out b-day treats at 1:00 Ice cream may be purchased from the cafeteria and eaten during the students lunch period….281-641-1808. (order 2 wks out) District policy does not allow invitations to be passed out at school

18 Parties Winter party-Dec. 21(early release) Friendship party- Feb. 15 Spring party –March 27(healthy) End of Year picnic- June 4 (10:40)

19 Hands and feet to self Be On-time Stay On-Task Treat others with respect

20 Classroom Management Plan Students move clips on a stop light system - students earn thumbs up for reward school wide for silent walking with hand behind backs. (wise walking) -student earn hoot tickets in class and from other teachers to trade in for prizes from teacher and school store

21 Why Try? Districts Bully Prevention program –Lessons are taught by classroom teachers every other week –Posters and references regarding taught lessons are referred to daily

22 Title I Annual Meeting Video

23 Title I Requirement Must sign-in at all functions including programs for documentation of parental involvement.

24 Dont Forget…… Stop by the cafeteria to…. –Sign up for PTA –Sign-up to volunteer –Purchase spirit items –Put money in lunch account –Make sure to sign-up to volunteer in the library…Our librarian needs help!


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