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Fire Station Project Report Stow Special Town Meeting Article 3 October 29, 2012 1.

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1 Fire Station Project Report Stow Special Town Meeting Article 3 October 29, 2012 1

2 Fire Station Committee Chief Mike McLaughlin Tom Ryan Chris Sarno Roger Tuttle Ross Perry Associate members: Capt. J.P. Benoit Capt. Rick Connelly Brett Donham – Donham & Sweeney Architects 2

3 Why Now? This is not a new need – The current building is over 47 years old. – The Fire Dept. has been (forecasting) talking about the need for several years. Other buildings had priority. Town Building 1989 Police station 1996 Hale School 1997 Nashoba High School 2000 Center School 2012 – The town and its firefighters are at risk if we ask them to wait longer. 3

4 Infrastructure Deficiencies Not enough space at 5440 sq. ft. – Overhead doors too small for modern fire trucks – Apparatus and equipment stored outside Hose and other items in storage container on west property line – No insulation under the slab or in the walls Ceiling insulation is almost useless – Windows are inefficient – Apparatus bay is not properly illuminated 4

5 Infrastructure Deficiencies Settlement cracks in the walls and floor – Tripping hazard – Settling due to poor sub-surface material The walls are unreinforced block and brick facing; do not meet new seismic bldg code The second floor and roof has inadequate loading capacity Gypsum roof planks have gotten wet and lost their strength. 5

6 Infrastructure Deficiencies The fire station doesnt have a fire protection system. The SCBA compressed air system is well past its useful life and must be in a separate enclosed room for FF safety. – It also draws contaminated air from the apparatus bay, not fresh air Plumbing system is inadequate and doesnt have a water tank fill system for the fire trucks. 6

7 Operational Deficiencies The building does not meet the operational needs of todays fire department – Not enough space for apparatus and equipment – Inadequate training space – No Decontamination area – Lacks adequate office space for current functions – Inadequate living space. This building must serve as the work and living space for a 24/7 department 7

8 Option 1A Upgrade key services$796,0005440 sq. ft. – Electrical, some plumbing, exhaust collection, insulation, paint – New well, restroom, kitchen appliance, light fixtures Declined – No health and safety improvements – No additional space to address any operational needs – Numerous code violations note addressed – Too much money for very little improvement 8 $146/sq.ft.

9 Option 1B Renovate existing structure $3,655,000 5440 sq. ft. – Address some of the code issues – Refurbish the interior – Retrofit building structure for seismic resistance – New floor slab in apparatus bay – New septic system and garage drainage system – New SCBA system Declined – A lot of money to meet seismic code – No space increase – Soil borings indicate site is not stable – Limited operational improvement 9 $672/sq.ft.

10 Option 2 Renovate & add $6,455,000 12,600 sq. ft. – Convert existing building to larger apparatus bay New floor slab for apparatus bay – Add 7000 sq. ft. for offices in back of current building – Retrofit existing building structure for seismic resistance – New building systems Declined – Some apparatus still left out side – Soil borings indicate site is not stable – Doesnt future proof the building 10 $512/sq.ft.

11 Option 4 Pompo Sch. Building $13,000,000 14,000 sq. ft. – Utilizes an empty building – Co-located with new Community Center – Take down kindergarten wing – Build 5,000 sq. ft. apparatus bay – Remodel rear portion of school for Fire Dept. Declined – Inappropriate mixed use – Less optimal design compared to other options – Less optimal location compared to Crescent St. – Significant effort to upgrade building to meet seismic code – Added cost of mothballed former fire station building 11 $929/sq.ft.

12 Recommended Solution Option 3 New Fire Station $7,247,00014,000 sq. ft. plus 3,000 sq. ft. basement Demolish existing station New building at current location Build new 14,000 sq. ft. structure, design optimized for today and future fire operations – Address complete list of current deficiencies 12 $426/sq.ft.

13 Proposed New Fire Station Future Proofing is key. This design will cover the F.D. needs for 25-35 + years Stows residents have invested in other new buildings – Town Building, Police, Hale School, Nashoba High School, Center School, and maybe the Library and a Community Center. – You have invested in your own homes and businesses – You and your family have a vested interest in emergency response services 24/7. Its time to invest in the building, equipment and personnel that will protect all of these investments. – Our recommended solution addresses all deficiencies and operational needs We ask for your support in this overdue, much needed project. – Vote yes for Article 3 at the Special Town Meeting – Remember the elections on Nov. 6th 13

14 Thank You 14

15 Cramped Day Room / Training Area and Training Room Stow Fire Station 15

16 Training Room Ayer Fire Station 16

17 SCBA Compressor In Apparatus Bay Stow Fire Station 17

18 Dedicated SCBA Fill Room Ayer Fire Station 18

19 Decontamination Area Gear 19 Lunenburg Fire Station

20 Decontamination Area for FF 20 Lunenburg Fire Station

21 Decontamination Area 21 Stow Fire Station The picture isnt missing. Stow FD doesnt have a decontamination area

22 Turn Out Gear, Too Close to Trucks Stow Fire Station 22

23 Turn Out Gear in Separate Area Ayer Fire Station 23

24 Back Up Slides 24

25 Apparatus Bay Space for Special Equipment Ayer Fire Station 25

26 Overhead Doors Clear Engine by Inches Stow Fire Station 26

27 Overhead Doors Designed for Fire Engines 27 Webster Square Station

28 Glass Doors for Day Light Ayer Fire Station 28

29 Engines Too Close Together Stow Fire Station 29

30 Apparatus Bay Lunenburg Fire Station 30

31 Current Deficiencies West side of building has been eroded by running water Office and living quarters ceilings are lower than current Building Code allows The only one toilet on the first floor, accessed through an office. 31

32 Current Deficiencies No apparatus tail pipe exhaust collection system – Diesel fumes are believed to be carcinogenic No exhaust hood over the kitchen stove. – The stove doesnt meet code either The electrical system has many areas needing improvement 32

33 Current Deficiencies The floor drains in the apparatus bay dont meet States plumbing code and Storm Water Management regulations – Allowing hydrocarbons to flow into the groundwater untreated. No restrooms or showers for women FFs No emergency shower and eye wash. 33

34 34

35 35

36 Proposed Stow Fire Station Plot Plan 36

37 New Fire Station Size Comparisons TownPopulationNew Station Sq. ft. Arlington42,84430,710 Belmont24,72940,000 Lexington31,39425,100 Newton85,94526,556 Pelham, NH12,89724,500 Westport15,40020,400 Holden17,36443,500 Ipswich13,17515,000 Spencer11,68825,029 Stow 6,59014,000 + 3,000 W. Stockbridge 1,30612,000 Hopkinton13,34610,000 Maynard10,40015,000 37

38 Option Cost Comparisons 38 Option #CostSq. FtFully loaded cost per sq.ft. Deficiencies Addressed Operational Improvements 1A$796,0005440$14611 1B$3,655,0005440$67222 2$6,455,00012,600$51243 4$13,000,00014,000$92954 3$7,247,00014,000 +$42655 1-5 ranking: 1 minimal, 5 most

39 39 Our mission is to provide the finest possible fire, rescue and emergency medical services to all those that reside in, work in or visit the Town of Stow. To meet our mission, we strive to achieve the highest levels of preparedness, prevention and community involvement. Our department is founded upon the core values of mutual trust, pride in service, integrity and diversity. In the actualization of our mission, our firefighters are our most important asset. The men and women of the Stow Fire Department take part in a very aggressive training regiment to instill upon them a strong sense of duty and honor so that they stand at the ready as dedicated, compassionate, professionals who recognize their role as public safety leaders and community role models. Stow Fire Department Our Mission Statement

40 Misc Questions and Answers Q: What will be the operating and utility costs compared to the existing building? A: Rough estimate is twice as much. Mechanical ventilation is a big piece of that and the floor area is about 3 times as much. Q: Why are buildings only given a life span of 20-30 years? Different parts of a building have different life spans. Paint and carpet have about a 10 year life span. Light fixtures, in terms of their maximum efficiency, have about a 20 year life span. Roofing materials have about a 25 year life. Fans, boilers, pumps have about a 30 year useful life expectancy. Brick walls need to be re-pointed about every 40 to 50 years. The basic structure should have a 100 year plus life expectancy if it is well founded [the present building is not] and if it is well maintained. 40

41 Misc Questions and Answers Q: There is a large roof in the current plans. Can we install solar panels, especially on the West facing roof sections that will be less visible from the streets? A: West facing solar panels will get no sun when the leaves are out and insufficient sun in the winter to be effective. Even south facing solar panels need some kind of subsidy to be cost effective for the first 20 or so years. Population changes 19653181 (when fire station was built) 20116718 Projected build out9482 Households 19901793 20002128 Projected build out3447 41

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