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A Cell is like a Factory.

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1 A Cell is like a Factory

2 Task 1 Glue the cell/factory chart into your journal

3 How can a cell be like a factory???
In a factory, you have many different tasks being completed in the same building. Ex. The building supports/shelters the workers, workers build goods, maintenance crews clean up messes, shipping department gets goods ready to leave the factory and so on…. A cell can be thought of as a "factory," with different departments each performing specialized tasks.

4 The Cell wall is like a….. a security Gate
A security gate protects the factory and helps keep it safe. A cell wall does the same thing for a plant cell!

5 The cell membrane is like…
Front doors The doors of a factory regulates what enters and leaves the building A cell membrane does the same thing for plant and animal cells!

6 The Nucleus is like….. THE BIG BOSS!! (CEO) The boss controls all of the activity inside the cell The nucleus does the same thing for plant and animal cells

7 Cytoplasm is like………. The factory floor. The floor of the factory has all the workers, machines, equipment on it Cytoplasm holds all of the organelles (cell parts) in the plant and animal cells

8 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) is like…….
An assembly line….(where the workers do their work) Items move along a conveyer belt to different parts of the plant ER moves items to different parts of the cell in the same way!

9 Ribosomes are like…. Workers on the assembly line…they are responsible for building the goods in a factory Ribosomes assemble (build) proteins

10 Vacuoles are like….. Break rooms- In a break room you have storage for food items and places to get rid of trash Vacuoles hold wastes and stores water in plant and animal cells. Which cell has 1 large vacuole?

11 Lysosomes are like….. Maintenance/janitor crews……in a factory these guys break down, clean up, and repair items in and around the factory Lysosmes do the same thing in the cell

12 Mitochondria and Chloroplasts are like…..
Power Stations……the power station supplies energy to the factory Mitochondria (animal cells) and Chloroplasts (plant cells) do this for a cell!

13 Your assignment On the hand-out….choose ONE (plant or animal cell) to draw, label, color. Make sure each of the organelles listed are pictured and labeled in your drawing. Make each organelle be drawn as the part of the factory it represents MUST BE COLORED to be considered complete

14 Example

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