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Why Specify Dynasonics.

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1 Why Specify Dynasonics

2 Company History 1928  1950 Founded by Harry M. Pottorff
Premier “Jobber” in Southern California 1950  nd Generation of Management Stamped Grilles & Light Duty Shutter 1970  rd Generation of Management Fire, Ceiling Radiation, Air Control, & Back-draft Dampers 1990  th Generation of Management Fort Worth Factory & Headquarters National Rep Expansion Fire/Smoke Dampers, Louvers, Architectural Products, Acoustical Products, & 5-Year Warranty 2010 Factory Expansion, UL Lab addition Harry M. Pottorff Dynasonics

3 * * Factory Locations Montebello, CA Fort Worth, TX
Access Doors Air Control Dampers Back-draft Dampers Louvers UL Products * * Fort Worth, TX Corporate Headquarters Access Doors, Acoustical Products, Air Control Dampers, Back-draft Dampers, Heavy Duty Dampers, Louvers, UL Products Dynasonics

4 PCI Industries - Brands
Pottorff (1928)  Access Doors: Duct & Equipment Access, Fire Rated  Dampers: UL Fire / Fire-Smoke / Radiation, Air Control, Back-draft  Louvers: Mechanical, Operable, Penthouse, Acoustical All-Lite (1946)  Louvers: Architectural, Screens, Penthouse, Acoustical  Ornamental Metals: Medallions, Canopies, Specialty Metals  Sun Control: Exterior Shading, Light Shelves Dynasonics (1969)  Duct Silencers: Rectangular, Round, Elbow, External Fill  Louvers: Acoustical  Panel Enclosures: Fan Housing, Equipment Enclosures

5 UL Products  Triple-V, Airfoil and True-Round FSD / SD’s
 Out-of-Partition Designs  Combination Ceiling – Radiation/Fire/Smoke Damper  UL Approved Wood-Truss Ceiling Radiation Dampers  1-1/2 & 3 Hour Vertical, Horizontal, Static, Dynamic  Galvanized & Stainless Steel Designs  Integral Sleeve & True-Round  Fire Dampers

6 Air Control Dampers  Triple-V, Airfoil and True-Round Low Leakage and
Standard Models  Factory Mounted Actuators  Integral Corner Gusset & Concealed Linkage Standard  AMCA Certified Performance  Manual Balancing, Commercial and Light Industrial Designs in Aluminum, Galvanized & Stainless Steel

7 Innovative Solutions  Single-Sided Picture-Frame Mounting Angles
 Integral Mounting Angle  UL Ceiling Radiation Damper for Wood Truss with Side Tap Duct Connection  Factory Mounted Duct Smoke Detector  UL Approved Fire-Rated Bath Fan Systems  Out-Of-Partition Designs for Wood Stud Assemblies  Four-Way Installation - Solves the Unknown Single-Sided Angle See Next Slide VFD-10-IM Ships complete and ready to install from the factory – Single piece installation – No straps, angles or flanges required. Virtually eliminates installation errors (screws in the blade track, missing angle, blades out of the wall, etc.) Single-Side angle system. Wood Truss (CFD-521) Developed in conjunction with USG to solve architectural constraint of previous UL rated floor-ceiling system design that did NOT allow penetrations of any kind. Prior to this product hvac were run through a drop soffet around the perimeter of the room with sidewall registers. Not typically what the architect wanted, but, since no systems were listed with a penetrations they had no choice. The CFD-521 solved the problem – provides architectural freedom and reduced cost. As a result the CFD-521 is now the basis of design in most low/mid-rise condominium/apartments. Factory Mounted Duct Smoke Detector After a series of jobs where the interface wiring between the FSD motor and the duct-smoke detector was mistakenly forgotten a group of design engineers requested that we develop the capability to factory mount and interface wire a duct smoke detector onto our FSD. Sounded simple enough, so we engineered a compact solution complete with single point interface wiring and received approval from UL within a matter of weeks. Fire-Rated Bath Fan Assemblies Pioneered testing at UL. Often times these fan assemblies contain significant plastic components (motormounts, fan wheels, etc.) which melt during a fire. Which, in and of itself is not necessarily a problem. However, the problem arises when, say the motor mounts fail and the motor falls through the protective thermal blanket of the ceiling radiation damper leaving the penetration unprotected. Specifying a UL Fire-Rated bath fan assembly ensures that the entire product will perform in a fire. Out-of-Partition Designs Motor mounted in the airstream (our OP model) or in a side-panel compartment (our SP model). No other manufacture offers both solutions. Only manufacturer with wood stud installation approval. Designed for grille terminations (corridor walls, shafts penetrations, etc.). Pros Eliminates the need for fire-rated door to access motor through direct access to the motor by removing the grille. No space required behind the wall for the motor. OP Grille size = duct size. Narrower widths Cons Longer sleeve lengths on shorter height units.  Shallow cavity (or chase) depths can be a problem. SP Shortest sleeve depth  Ideal for shallow cavity depths. Grille width = 8” + Duct width. 4-Way Installation A standard feature on all of our FSD and SD products, 4-way installations virtually eliminates site-condition coordination by allowing the contractor to install the product right-side-up or up-side-down in vertical wall or in horizontal floors. Gone are the days of detailing right-hand left-hand mounts. Now, if a beam or a wall is in the way of the motor, you simply flip the damper over and finished the installation.

8 Louvers & Sunshades  2”, 4”, 5”, 6” & 7” Stationary, Drainable, Operable & Combination Models in Extruded Aluminum & Steel  Certified Performance AMCA: Air, Water & Wind-Driven Rain DADE County: 201, 202 & 203  4”,6”, 8” & 12” - J-Blade or Airfoil-Blade Acoustical Louvers  In-House Fluoropolymer Paint (Newlar)  Engineered Sun-Shades & Special Shape Louvers Wind-Driven Rain: 8-in/hr & 50 mph (6” vertical) 1521 fpm free area ventilation rate 3-in/hr & 30 mph (7” horizontal blade) 1521 fpm free area ventilation rate Many manufacturers are listed with NO VENTILATION VELOCITY. It’s not very hard to keep out water when you prevent the air from entering too! Dade County: 85 psf on 12’ high x unlimited width with NO structural steel. Everyone else is limited in width AND requires heavy structural steel support. Kynar powder coat system Standard and custom color match. Environmentally friendly. Durability far exceeds traditional wet-coat process. Sun-Shades Fully interactive 3-D design complete with computerized GPS model to accurately display shading effects on the actual building in its exact geographical location and orientation to the sun.

9 Complete Product Line  Square/Rectangular and Round Duct Silencers
 Transfer Duct Silencers  Acoustical Wall Panels/Enclosures  Acoustical Louvers Dynasonics

10 Duct Silencer - Materials
Material Types Fill Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Glass Fiber Mineral Wood Mold Blocker - Cotton Fiber Synthetic Fiber Outer Casing Protective Liner Standard Gauges High Transmission Loss (HTL) Casing Mylar® Tedlar® Fiberglass cloth Polyethylene bag Dynasonics

11 Keynote Projects  Bellagio Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, NV
Bass Performance Hall  Bellagio Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, NV  Getty Center Museum – Los Angeles, CA  Nike World Headquarters – Beaverton, OR  US Embassy – Cairo, Egypt  Bass Performance Hall – Fort Worth, TX  AOL/Time Warner Headquarters – New York City, NY  Big Sandy Federal Prison – Debord, KY  Exxon Corporate Headquarters – Las Colinas, TX  Pentagon Renovation – Washington, DC  David Lawrence Convention Center – Pittsburgh, PA  Carnegie Hall – New York City, NY  Radio Shack Headquarters – Fort Worth, TX  Arizona State Hospital – Tempe, AZ  Walt Disney Concert Hall – Los Angeles, CA Carnegie Hall Dynasonics

12 Leadership and Community Involvement
ASHRAE Local Membership Research Sponsor TC5.9 Committee Air Movement and Control Association Board of Directors Air Control Division - Past Committee Chair Code Action and Review - Committee Chair Damper and Louver Engineering Committee - Past Committee Chair Codes and Standards: ICBO, BOCA, SBCCI, IBC, NFPA Active at Regional and National Level in Code Development Application and Interpretation Underwriter Laboratories UL-555/555-S/555-C Industry Advisory Council Dynasonics

13 Industry Leading Delivery Schedules
Standard Delivery 2-3 weeks UL and Air Control Products 3-5 Weeks Standard – Mill Finish Louvers 5-7 Weeks Standard – Painted/Anodized Louvers Guaranteed Quick Ship 24 Hour 3-Day 7-Day Special Requests are encouraged Dynasonics

14 Elevated Temperature Airflow Lab
The new state-of-the art Pottorff Elevated Temperature Airflow Lab will allow us to streamline product development efforts, as well as enhance product offerings.  4375 cu. ft. chamber with 29 nozzles  8 setting screens  35 million BTU burner to test a standard 3’ x 4’  damper up to 500° F, 20 in of static pressure  ASTM E-477  31.5 Hz to 20,000 Hz This state-of-the-art testing lab will guarantee precision and allow Pottorff to quickly respond to new customer requirements.

15 Test Lab – Acoustical Specifications
 Specifically designed for ASTM E and ANSI S12.31 from 20 to 20,000Hz  Noise floor <10 dB above 400Hz  Spring isolated “floating floor” supports 567,000# x 31,500 ft3 reverb chamber  Standard deviations: <2 dB (25 to 80 Hz) Hz <0.6 dB (100 to 160 Hz) Hz <0.3 dB (200 to 10k Hz) ,000 Hz  16” diameter rotating boom yields industries largest spatial average & is critical for accuracy below 100 Hz.  B&K Pulse System provides real time analysis & reporting through fully integrated controls package including acoustical, airflow and environmental measures. Dynasonics

16 Marketing and Pricing Materials
Websites – and  Company Information  History; Capabilities; Contacts Products  E-Catalog; UL Installation Instructions;  UL Specifications; UL CAD Drawings  RepFinder  RepConnect Order Status Newsletters and Mailings Marketing Information SPECs – Selection Program and E-Catalog Software Next generation pricing program Fully integrated for automated order processing from order receipt through invoicing SSQP – Silencer Selection Quick Pick Program

17 Thank you!

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