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Rosslare Access Control Solutions

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1 Rosslare Access Control Solutions
Product Selection Guide

2 What is Rosslare? Wired access control products
Connect to electric locks or strikes Keypad and/or Proximity Card required to gain access From very simple stand alone units to feature-rich systems

3 How do I choose the right product for my application?
First, decide if a standalone unit will meet your needs. Do you need audit trail (a history of activity)? Do you have several doors? Do you want to program using a computer? If the answers are all “No”, use a standalone unit.

4 Standalone Vs. Networked
Reporting or Audit Trail Needed? Yes No See Rosslare Networked Control Panels See Rosslare Stand Alones

5 Standalone Access Control Units
Available for PIN code only or PIN + Proximity Indoor and Weather-resistant Models “Secured” Models for Extra Security

6 Rosslare Stand Alones Secured Non Secured/Standard Interior PIN/Prox
AC-Q74 Gang Box Piezo-electric AC-T73 Gang Box Piezo - Electric AC-F44 Gang Box Plastic Backlit AC-F43 Gang Box Plastic Backlit AC-A42 Gang Box 2 relay AC-A41 Gang Box 2 relay AC-S73 Mullion Piezo-electric AC-Q42H Gang Box AC-Q41H Gang Box AC-D32 Gang Box 1 Relay AC-D31 Gang Box 1 Relay AC-Q42HB Gang Box Backlit AC-S43 Mullion, Piezo AC-E75 KIT Mullion Ultra Thin AC-C32 Mullion 1 relay AC-C31 Mullion 1 relay AC-Q41HB Gang Box Backlit AC-Q44 Gang Box Piezo AC-G44 Mullion Plastic Backlit AC-T43 Gang Box Piezo Our Best Sellers AC-G43 Mullion Plastic Backlit

7 Interior Standalone The AC-C31 and AC-D31 are interior keypads for up to 500 users Ideal for inside “traffic control” doors Use the MP-C02 collar for flush mounting the AC-C31 in drywall AC-C31 AC-D31

8 Weather-resistant PIN and PIN/PROX Standalones
The AC-G43 is a mullion size, waterproof, backlit keypad for up to 500 users The AC-G44 adds a proximity card reader to the keypad unit AC-G43 AC-G44

9 Weather-resistant PIN and PIN/PROX Standalones
The AC-Q41H is a 500 user, weatherproof, vandal resistant keypad with rugged metal buttons and an onboard heater The AC-Q42H adds a proximity reader AC-Q42H AC-Q41H

10 Weather-resistant PIN Standalones
The AC-S43 and AC-T43 units use modern piezoelectric technology for maximum vandal resistance Both manage up to 500 users and have two relays AC-S43 AC-T43

11 Secured Weatherproof Standalone
The AC-E75 KIT contains a thin, piezo keypad and a separate controller power supply No tampering with the keypad will unlock the door 500 users AC-E75KIT

12 Networked Control Panels
Networked products combine two or more doors into a single system Free software for easy programming Loaded with advanced features Audit trail history Separate reader or keypad is tamper-proof

13 Rosslare Networked Systems
1 to 256 Doors 1 to 8 Doors AC-115 AC-215

14 Networkable Control Panels
The AC-115 controls one door. Up to 8 of the AC-115 units can be linked Programming from built-in keypad or with free software Easy to grow a system one door at a time AC-115

15 Networkable Control Panels
The AC-215 can control 1 or 2 doors Up to 32 panels can be linked with basic software Programming by PC with free software Advanced access control features I.D. Badging and Time/Attendance are included in software AC-215

16 Proximity Readers for Control Panels
The AC-115 and AC-215 can be used with any AY-series reader or keypad. AY-K12 and AY-H12 are weatherproof proximity readers. AT-R14 cards and AT-13B key tags work with all Rosslare proximity readers AY-K12 AY-H12 AT-13B AT-R14

17 Shortcut! The AC-K02S kit contains one AC-215 control panel, two AY-K12 card readers, 50 cards, software and a computer connector.

18 Keypads for Control Panels
AY-T55 The AY-T55 piezo keypad is rugged and weatherproof The AY-G54 keypad is weatherproof, backlit and mullion size The AY-G64 combines PIN and proximity technologies AY-G64 AY-G54

19 Control Panel Accessories
One MD-14 cable is used per network to connect panels to the PC The MD-N32 can be used to connect the access control system to a networked PC. This enables remote computer access. MD-N32

20 The Rosslare Advantage
A broad line of access control products Extremely competitive prices Excellent warranty and support

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