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FDI MATELEC. Production Site located in Vendée Created in 1989 47 Employees Turnover 2007: 8.8 M euros Manufacturer Manufacturer 1.Access control system.

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2 Production Site located in Vendée Created in Employees Turnover 2007: 8.8 M euros Manufacturer Manufacturer 1.Access control system for residential and social building 2.VIGIK loading system Products Products 1.FDI Range 2.Customized products R&D R&D 12 engineers R&D + Test + Hot line The company

3 Access control units Proximity readers RF receivers Proximity keys RF transmitter Our products

4 … our products Call module, Push Button or digital panels Keypads

5 FDI in the world & all around the world Australia, UK, Slovenia, Czech Rep., The Netherlands, Singapor... In France…

6 PASSAN & Main features Control Unit Capacity –2700 users –Min 2 doors : Max 6 doors/Ctrl Unit –6000 events/Ctrl Unit Network (Site) Capacity –32 control units/Site –192 doors/site –64 lifts/site (40 levels each) –100 group/user profiles –98 User Time Profiles (Keys) –4 Time Profiles /Days (Doors) Capabilities –50 Events Types (Door open, Authorized Keys, Access denied……) –Input-Output management –Anti Pass Back (APB) –Lift Management (Compulsory to dedicate 1 Control unit for this activity) –Alarm Transmission/ SMS (GPRS Modem) –Real Time Events Management –Area Presence / Counting Zone –Network access in Local, Modem or TCP/IP mode –Key and RF Transmiter enrolment with dedicated reader, Desktop Reader or Manualy –CCTV Management –Events-Video captures synchronization

7 Advantages & Benefits Stackable Modules –Multi combination High Security Protection –Vandal Screws –Box tamper –Dongle –Unit Password –Software Password Stand Alone working capabilities –Network interuption doesnt affect Control units –Events still preserved Power malfunctions or Reversed polarity –Circuit protection Maintenance Mode –Test + Temporay Maintenance (Dip Switch n°1 = On) Led Status for on site diagnosis –Whats going wrong? PSU – Readers – Exit Button - Network …. Dual Technologies –RF + Proximity

8 Advantages & Benefits… next Urmet design –Readers (Sinthesi – Ksteel) –Keypad (Sinthesi) Data base –In the PC and in the Control Units –Possible recovery & Backup Real time events –Reception, Guard, Supervision CCTV management –Multiplexer (16 ways) – Urmet DVR – MP4 files capture –Pan-Tilt camera functions –One device for two activities (Access + CCTV) Cost effective Solution Multi user supervision in conected mode –Events –Area Zone SMS management –Be aware of important informations Urmet-FDI protected keys and RF transmiters –Get ROI

9 Hardware Quote Assistance Part Name Order Part # Picture Product Details Qty (Units ) Unit Price (in...) Lead Time (Weeks) PASSANGB Centralized Control unit mgt, L/S, 2700 users, 2 doors up to 6 3 wires Readers & Receivers LECPROX B3F OEM GB wires flat reader 125 KHz OEM version LECPROX B3FGB wires flat reader 125 KHz with Stainless steel frame NEW SURFACE MOUNT 3F GB wires surface mount reader 125 KHz SINTHESI READER GB wires flat reader mounted in Sinthesi frame REC433C3FGB MHz RF receiver, compatible with 3 wires Control units Quote Template to install in: C:\Documents and Settings\JM Zontone\Application Data\Microsoft\Modèles\FDI Centaur-Passan quote layout.oft

10 Unique Serial Number -No site Code -Customer loyalty benefits Prox keys and RF transmitters Proximity -IP68 / IK08 -Metal key ring 125 KHz Flat Proximity Card - Custom printing possibilities 125 KHz433 MHz or Dual Technology (Prox + RF) - One Device…2 Functions 868 MHz

11 Basic Startup Explanations - Enclosure - Enclosure Vandal resistant screws Opening tamper - Stackable Modules - Stackable Modules Doors, Lift, Input, Output - Physical Address - Physical Address Dip switch N°1 = On = Maintenance ( Access authorized) - Flash Memory - Flash Memory Embedded software FV…. Update program - Clock/Events - Clock/Events Time profiles 6000 events records - PC connection RS232 (Serial port) RS232/USB interface - Power requirements - Power requirements 12 Volts DC / 1 Amp Filtered/Regulated - Yellow Dongle - Yellow Dongle Programming Network Access

12 RS232 – USB Interface Cable Section 0.6 mm² Cable typeCat 5 PSU: Volts 1 Amp Filtered -Regulated Peak current 550mA with 6 readers Stand-by mode: Passan => 80 mA + Clock Card=> 90 mA + Door 3&4=> 95 mA + Door 5&6=> 100 mA Reader => 50 mA Relay => 20 mA Each control unit must have dedicated PSU Always separate Lock & Passan PSU Passan Hardware Constraints

13 Multi Technologies Access + Scalable Hardware Proximity Keypad Doors inputs 4 outputs 8 outputsLift 8 inputs Radio Receiver Main board Clock Events

14 Possible board configurations R1 R2 Lift 4In/4Out R1 R2 Lift 8In R1 R2 Lift 8Out R1 R2 4In/4Out 8In R1 R2 8Out R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R1 R2 R3 R4 4In/4Out R1 R2 R3 R4 8 In R1 R2 R3 R4 8 Out R1 R2 INT 4In/4Out R1 R2 INT 8In R1 R2 INT 8Out With 4 readers With Intercom With 2 readers +Lift + boards In/Out With 2 readers R1 R2 R3 R4 R1 R2 Lift R1 R2 INT

15 Mother Board R1* R2* + Events card R1 = Reader 1R2 = Reader 2 Embedded software Events-Clock card RS485 PSU Dip Switches Addresses Passan Mother Board

16 Maximum cable lenght -between control unit and Proximity Readers (3 wires)= 100 meters -between control unit and RF receiver (3 wires)= 100 meters -between control units (3 wires – RS485) in Total= 1000 meters From 1 to 32 control units RS 485 Control Unit 00 Control Unit 01 Control Unit 31 Network Organization

17 RS 232 RS 485 Control unit 00Control unit 01Control unit 31 Dongle Required for Network Access Compulsory to access Network In Local Mode RS232 connection or with an RS232/USB adapter

18 Modem RS 485 RS 232 Control unit 00Control unit 01Control unit 31 Network Access with Modem Public Telephone Line 1 2 3

19 TCP/IP module Internet RS 232 Control unit 00Control unit 01Control unit 31 RS 485 Network Access with TCP/IP

20 GPRS Modem RTC Modem RS 232 Control unit 00Control unit 01 Control unit 31 RS 485 Network Access with GPRS 1 2

21 From 1 to 6 Access Readers Main Board R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Ext 3/4 Ext 5/6 Reader Access Control Configurations Reader KeypadRF Receiver

22 Up to 4 decoders Per Lift (4x10 dry contacts) Lift Ext Board Main Board Lift Reader 1 Lift Reader 2 Lift 1 and 2 12 Decoder 10 levels Lift N°1Lift N°2 Decoder 10 levels Access Control + Lift Mgt

23 4 Access readers + Extension Board 4 Inputs/ 4 outputs 4 inputs 4 outputs Mother board L1 L2 4In / 4Out L3 L4 Access Control and Input/Output Mgt Siren Dry Contact of Fire Sensor 1 2

24 RS 485 Alarm Door 1 Printer Log Real Time Event Door 1 Forced Door 1 Open Input Control unit 00 Control unit 01Control unit 31 SMS transmission Alarm Report through GPRS 1 23

25 If APB is active, once the car is in the parking the owner cant enter with another car. He must first exit on the « OUT » door with his car prior to enter with another. This type of function is used to avoid tenant to enter with more than authorized cars. APB (Anti Pass Back) Basics

26 192 doors maximum on a PASSAN ctrl unit network 32 Ctrl unit per site 1000 meters Network (RS485) length You can create up to 4 APB zone / network APB Management

27 Exit can be free for some doors In case of emergency a reset contact can cancel the APB function APB can be removed upon time reference APB Options

28 Counting zone reset 3 threesholds levels setup Cancelling contact Events records of counting zone Counting Capabilities

29 CCTV Management Passan collects Video Sequences from 16 ways Urmet DVR part# : 1093/043 - PASSAN manages 2 activities … Access Control + CCTV …in oneSoftware Cost effective solution - Synchronise Events with Video Sequences URMET DVR part# : 1093/043 Real Time Events Key Holder information s are visible with associated Live Video Video In Real Time Up to 16 screens Pan/Tilt Mgt

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