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1 An Introduction to Aura at College Park Architect: Graziani + Corazza Building Envelope by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ®

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1 1 An Introduction to Aura at College Park Architect: Graziani + Corazza Building Envelope by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ®

2 2 Brand Position To architects, building developers and owners, contractors, and the entire commercial glazing community, we are the leading supplier of products specified to close the building envelope. They include: custom-engineered curtain wall and window wall, architectural windows, storefront systems, doors, skylights and architectural glass.

3 3 Heritage CRH: - Top 5 international building products company - Consistently strong performance since 1970 Three businesses - Construction materials - Value-added building products - Distribution Internationally traded - Eurotop 300 - Stock traded in Dublin, London & NYSE International Parent: CRH

4 4 National Footprint The largest national footprint: more manufacturing locations than anyone in the industry Manufacturing locations within 500 miles of any project qualifies for LEED ® points Over 50 Locations 23 US States 4 Can. Provinces

5 5 History Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ® was built from a successful program of over 30 strategic acquisitions including custom-engineered curtain wall and window wall, architectural window, storefront system, door, skylight and architectural glass manufacturers. Today, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ® has over 50 operating locations throughout North America and more than 4,000 employees.

6 6 Transformational Acquisitions 199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004 HGP 50%(10) General (1) UTS (1) Tempglass (4) HGP 100% Downey (1) Wescan (3) N. American (4) Armourguard(1) GDA (1) Free State (1) Intl. Carol. (1) Hoffers (6) LGC (1) Brite-Vue (1) Arpal JV (1) Southwest (1) Vitrerie April (1) Floral (3) Austin (1) Wright City (1) Cleveland (1) 2005 Fulton Windows (2) O&W 100% 2006 Texas Wall (1) Antamex (4) 2007 The Vistawall Group (26) 30 Acquisitions / JVs 3 Greenfields 18 Years

7 7 Strategic Evolution Era 1 1989-2000 Architectural Glass platform / Scale in Glass Architectural Glass Glazing Contractor Era 2 2000-2003 Era 3 2003-2009 Era 4 2009- Objective Branding / Engineered Products (EP) platform Storefronts Architect Scale in EP Curtain wall Windows Skylights Building Envelope Digital Solutions / BIM IQ ® Aluminum panels Double & Triple Glazed IGU Smart / Switchable Windows Owner / Developer / General Contractor / Consultant Products Customer

8 8 Corporate Structure Architectural Glass and StorefrontsEngineered Glazing Systems Architectural GlassEntrances / Storefronts SkylightsCurtain Wall / Window Wall Architectural Windows

9 9 Key Relationships with all Building Stakeholders OwnerOwner ArchitectArchitectGeneralContractorGeneralContractor GlazingConsultantGlazingConsultantGlazingContractorGlazingContractor

10 10 Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ® - Integrated Project Delivery Engineering Extrusions Glass Fabrication Entrance and Storefront / Curtain Wall Fabrication Entrance and Storefront / Curtain Wall Assembly and Glazing Installation Total Manufacturing Control – World Class / Safety Trained Fabrication Ability to Produce Components at Multiple Facilities to Assure Schedule

11 11 Products / Capabilities

12 12 Capabilities We offer the largest portfolio of fully-integrated building envelope components from one company.

13 13 Engineered Curtain Wall & Window Wall Great American Tower at Queen City Square Architect: HOK Building Envelope by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ® Few curtain wall manufacturers can showcase a range of custom and standard curtain wall products and projects as varied as Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ®. We are the recognized leader at pushing the limits of traditional curtain wall systems. Thats why visionary architects working on landmark projects rely on us. We also offer a full range of standard curtain wall systems. Our proprietary software applications allow us to test, simulate and fully develop custom curtain wall designs. Capabilities

14 14 Architectural Windows 8 Spruce Street, New York, NY Architect: Gehry Partners, LLP Architectural Windows by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ® Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ® is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of architectural and heavy commercial windows. From Gehrys famous MIT to BlackBerrys headquarters, Duke University and Robert A.M. Sterns Fifteen Central Park West, our architectural windows grace some of Americas most prominent and discerning commercial, institutional, luxury high-rise residential, even historic preservation applications. And each of our window models is also designed to integrate with our curtain wall, storefronts, skylights and glass. Capabilities

15 15 Engineered Skylights Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Grand Rapids, MI Architect: Gresham, Smith and Partners BMS-3000 Skylight by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ® Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ® is a leader in standard and custom-engineered skylights. No matter the size or complexity of your skylight design, we can make it a reality. In addition to unmatched aesthetics, we offer state-of-the-art performance. Our sloped BMS-3000 glazed skylight system and multi-hazard skylight system sets the industry standard and meets code requirements for high-velocity hurricane and blast mitigation applications. Capabilities

16 16 Entrances & Storefronts Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ® is a market leader in standard and custom storefront and entrance systems. We design, engineer and manufacture fully-integrated all-glass entrances, aluminum and glass storefront systems, aluminum entrance doors and terrace sliding doors. And with the largest national footprint of any manufacturer, we have the unique ability to provide consistent entrance and storefront systems wherever you and your products are. We also manufacture pre-assembled frames, significantly reducing construction times. Capabilities Target, Nationwide Curtain Wall, Entrances, Storefronts and Architectural Glass by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ®

17 17 Architectural Glass We are North Americas leading supplier of architectural glass. We offer architects the most comprehensive portfolio of architectural glass products available anywhere. Our exclusive high-performance products include SunGlass ® solar control low-e glass, StormGlass hurricane-resistant glass and BlastWall ®, our patented, energy- absorbing blast-resistant wall system. We also offer highly visual design products such as Stackwall ® structural glass and i-Glass ® decorative glass. Capabilities Telus Tower, Toronto, ON Architect: Adamson Associates Unitized Curtain Wall by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope ®

18 18 Exclusive Products

19 19 High-performance solar control glass allows 50% visible light transmission while providing a low 0.25 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. SunGlass ® Solar Control Glass Architectural Glass: StormGlass Our hurricane-resistant glazing is engineered and tested to meet the most stringent codes for high velocity hurricane zones. StormGlass Impact-Resistant Glazing This new technology prints digital images (complex and multicolor) directly on heat-treated monolithic, laminated and insulating glass. i-Glass ® Decorative Glass Stackwall ® is a structural wall system with glass panels comprising the facade and vertical glass mullions (fins) to structurally resist wind load and seismic forces. Stackwall ® Structural Wall System A multi-ply laminated glass that features multiple layers of glass and polyvinyl butyral bonded together into a monolithic unit. The rear-most lite of glass is usually a thin glass that minimizes the spall and allows the glass to meet UL 752 requirements. ArmorResist ® Multi-ply Laminated Glass

20 20 These heavy-duty curtain wall systems provide significant hurricane protection through both monolithic and insulating glass with dry and wet glazing options. StormMax Hurricane-Resistant Curtain Wall Our BlastWall ® system offers a sophisticated, patented Energy-Absorbing system approach while providing the highest level of blast protection. BlastWall ® Blast-Resistant Windows Blast-tested BlastMax ® Curtain Wall profiles offer significant levels of blast protection with the economies of a standard system. BlastMax ® Blast-Resistant Curtain Wall Architectural Glazing Systems: Reliance is a thermally broken, zone glazed curtain wall system offering both captured and structural silicone glazed vertical mullions with multiple system depths and glazing infill options. Reliance Zone Glazed Curtain Wall Engineered Walls and Windows:

21 21 State-of-the-Art Technologies

22 22 Real-time Tracking e-Track online order tracking puts you in control Online Specifications Easily specify glass online with GlasSelect ® Capabilities Thermal Simulations 3-D thermal modeling analyzes curtain wall condensation Roller Wave Detection Automated detection of roller wave distortion Engineering Expertise These technologies allow us to simulate and test custom designs BIM IQ ® Offers building designers the ability to evaluate Building Envelope performance options Proprietary Coding From order entry to deliverywe know where your glass is GPS Tracks Delivery GPS helps ensure the industrys fastest delivery times

23 23 Projects and Case Studies

24 24 Total Manufacturing Control Conception through Completion Project details: - New construction; Office - Queen City Square, Cincinnati, OH - 41 floors Products: - Unitized Curtain Wall - Architectural Windows - High-performance Architectural Glass Architect: HOK Great American Tower at Queen City Square

25 25 Total Manufacturing Control Conception through Completion Aura at College Park Project details: - New construction; Residential - College Park, Toronto, Canada - 78 floors Products: - Architectural Glass - Unitized Curtain Wall Architect: Graziani + Corazza

26 26 EnCana The Bow Iconic Canadian Tower - Tallest office tower in Western Canada - 810 feet, 59 stories - 1.7M square feet Energy efficient design - 30% reduced energy consumption - Extensive use of natural light Products: - Curtain Wall Design and Engineering - Architectural Glass - Extrusions - Installation Total Manufacturing Control Conception through Completion Architect: Foster + Partners Custom-engineered Curtain Wall and High-performance Architectural Glass

27 27 Contact Information 1-866-OLDCASTLE (653-2278)

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