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Worldwide High Speed Productivity Door Manufacture

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1 Worldwide High Speed Productivity Door Manufacture

2 Locations Worldwide Nergeco France 8 rue de l’industrie – BP Dunieres, France Nergeco USA 6186 Centre Park Drive West Chester, Ohio 45069 Nergeco Australia 1/24 Swift Way  Dandenong, South Victoria 3164 Nergeco UK 66 St. Peters Ave Cleethorpes, NE Lincolshire DN35 8 HP Nergeco Sweden Box Borlange

3 Nergeco USA Sales Office

4 About Nergeco Nergeco USA, located in West Chester, Ohio
(north of Cincinnati) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nergeco International. Nergeco International formed in Dunieres, France in 1981 with a new concept of flexible, high-speed motorized traffic doors with vision panels and high insulation properties. The company quickly proved itself with it product innovations, cutting edge technology and its ability to make custom doors capable of fulfilling needs of customers across numerous industries. Nergeco was recognized with both the Janus Design Award (1990) and the Innovation Award (1991). Nergeco has done over 35,000 installations in 59 countries with facilities in France, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, UK, Japan and the USA at our manufacturing plant located in Ohio. Nergeco holds over 50 international patents. 

5 About Nergeco Nergeco USA began operations in Due to the overwhelming success, formed the wholly owned United States division in Nergeco USA is dedicated to producing the highest quality, most technologically advanced, user-friendly doors available in the industry. Nergeco USA customers include: Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Saturn, Toyota, BMW, Lexus, Daimler/Chrysler, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Budweiser, Miller Brewing, Cosco, Tyson, Sara Lee, Goldkist, General Electric, US Army and Navy, Lockheed Martin, Harley Davidson, Aventis, Brisol Meyers Squibb, Glaxo Smith Kline, Tyco Healthcare, Proctor and Gamble, L'Oreal USA and many others

6 Flexible High-Speed Productivity Doors
Objectives : 1 Insulation Insulate production areas 2 Traffic Allow unimpeded traffic flow 3 Adaptation Conform to each activity

7 Nergeco Door Video

8 Product Line STAR 2 Forum STAR 2 Trekking FRIGO 3 AGRO 5 LABO 5

9 New Technological Design

10 Standard Door Features
Soft Bottom Edge No rigid bottom bar No traveling safety device Direct Drive System No sprockets or chains No tensioning springs or counterweights Dual Thru-Beam Photo Sensors Standard No adjustment necessary Patented Limit Switch Easy to set

11 Standard Control Panel Features
NEMA 4X Control Panel Watertight and Corrosion Resistant Allen-Bradley Components Manual/Auto Operation Open and Close Push Buttons Emergency Stop Button Panel Mounted On/Off Indictor Light Fully Assembled and Factory Tested Before Shipment Quick Connect Electrical Control Cables Quick and Easy Installation

12 Soft Bottom Edge Trekking Star 2

13 Direct Drive System

14 Thru-Beam Photo Sensors
Forum Star 2

15 Limit Switch

16 Water Tight and Corrosion Resistant
NEMA 4X Control Panel Water Tight and Corrosion Resistant

17 Quick Connect Control Cabling

18 Forum Star 2-Rolling Door

19 Forum Star 2- Rolling Door
Primarily used in interior applications to 16’x16’. Dominant feature is Nergeco’s patented automatic reinsertion capability, which provides for reinsertion after curtain breakaway without human intervention. Curtain is supported throughout surface by flexible integral stiffeners inserted within the width of the curtain. Flexible, patented, soft bottom edge comes standard.

20 Forum Star 2 – Rolling Door
Self-supporting, corrosion resistant powder coated steel frame is standard in light gray or black. Average door speed is 48” per second. Roll cover is standard, optional motor covers.

21 Forum Star 2 - Auto Reinsertion
Insertion Guide Detail

22 Agro 5 Forum

23 Agro 5 Forum / Labo 5 Forum Door frame constructed of exclusive fiber-reinforced, multi-composite material. Virtually no metal parts used in the design. Excellent in wash down and corrosive environments. Better performance than 316 Stainless Steel. Utilizes NERGECO’s auto reinsertion and soft bottom edge features. NERGECO’s rolling door design in sizes up to 11’ x 11’. Available only through NERGECO.

24 Agro 5 Forum / Labo 5 Forum Frame material meets American FDA and Canadian Agri-Food requirements for direct food contact. Fully washable, with no enclosed areas to trap debris or moisture, all covers included.

25 Trekking Star 2

26 Trekking Star 2

27 Trekking Star 2 – Vertical Stacking
Primarily used in exterior applications up to 20’x 20’. Recommended in high-pressure differential locations. Designed to resist winds of 54 mph as standard – may be designed to resist winds of up to 110 mph. Can be insulated for energy conservation or acoustics. The ONLY vertical stacking door on the market with soft bottom edge design throughout the opening and closing cycle.

28 Trekking Star 2 – Vertical Stacking
Self-supporting, corrosion resistant powder coated steel frame is standard in light gray or black. Stainless steel frame is optional. Average door speed is 48” per second. Roll cover is standard, optional motor covers.

29 Frigo 3

30 Frigo 3-Freezer Door For use to separate below freezing from ambient temperature areas. Triple-layer, double-insulated curtain. Full peripheral sealing prevents air passage. Steel or Stainless Steel frame. Heated side guides and insulated curtain means NO heat lamps, heated air curtains or other methods of preventing freezing are required! Soft bottom edge, dual thru-beam photo sensors and NEMA 4X control panel standard.

31 Forum Star 2-Typical Drawing

32 Forum Star 2 – Typical Drawing

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