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Requirement Boilerplates in DOORS

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1 Requirement Boilerplates in DOORS
Version 2.0 ©

2 ©
Introduction Instructions on how to use DXL customisation to support requirements boilerplates in DOORS ©

3 ©
Set up Close down any DOORS client that may be running (the server is unaffected) Extract the files from into doors/lib (DOORS 5 only) Place the following line at the end of doors/lib/dxl/startup.dxl: #include <addins/BoilerPlate/include/bp_startup_doors5.dxl> ©

4 ©
Check Installation (1) Restart DOORS If you get DXL errors, then the installation was unsuccessful If in DOORS 5, check the entry in startup.dxl Otherwise just try again more carefully! ©

5 Restore the example data
From the DOORS database window, do File->Restore->Project… Find boilerplates DOORS x.dpa (where x = your DOORS version) Do the restore ©

6 Checking Installation (2)
Open the module “Car User Reqs” from the BoilerPlates project. If you get DXL errors, then the installation was unsuccessful If in DOORS 5, check the entry in startup.dxl ©

7 Checking Installation (3)
If the “BoilerPlates” menu is not visible in the “Car User Reqs” module, then the installation was unsuccessful. Please check that you have installed into the right location, and try and again. ©

8 ©
Getting started Examine the module “Car User Reqs” An outgoing link attaches a requirements to its boilerplate in the “Common Boilerplate Repository” module The Object Text contains the completed boilerplate ©

9 ©
Editing Requirements Select a requirement with an outgoing link Invoke “Boilerplates->Edit attributes” ©

10 ©
Editing Requirements ©

11 ©
Editing Attributes This tool shows the complete requirement text with attributes highlighted in blue. You can edit the attributes by double-clicking in them: ©

12 ©
Attribute Editor Here you either enter a new value for the attribute, or select a value from the list of those used in other requirements ©

13 Boilerplates and Attributes
The values entered are held in object attributes: ©

14 The Boilerplate Module
Open the Boilerplate module: ©

15 The Boilerplate Module
The boilerpate is held in Object Text Attributes are used to classify the kind of statement contained in the boilerplate ©

16 Creating a New Requirement
Go back to the “Car User Reqs” module. Create an empty object at the end of the module. Invoke the boilerplate “Edit attributes” tool:- ©

17 Linking to a boilerplate
Click “Start Link” to link to a boilerplate, then select the boilerplate object in the Boilerplate module, then click “End Link”: ©

18 ©
New boilerplate This has created a link to the boilerplate Now edit the attributes by double-clicking as before ©

19 New Requirement Complete
The new requirement is stored in Object Text, and the other attributes values set If you want to see the boilerplate in the requirements module, use the standard DOORS Analysis Wizard to display the Object Text from the boilerplate repository ©

20 Changing Boilerplates
If you change a boilerplate in the boilerplate module, requirements that use that boilerplate can be updated in each requirements module Invoke “Boilerplates->Refesh requirements from boilerplates” (Rich Text is taken into account) ©

21 ©
Sub-Clauses Boilerplates can be used for sub-clauses of requirements This allows traceability within complete requirements statements Place these as children of the main requirement so that the relationship between clauses is managed ©

22 Tracing to Requirements
When you link to a sub-clause, you may like to see the complete requirement (not just the sub-clause) in traceability columns To achieve this, the tool “Boilerplates->Create boilerplate attributes…” creates a DXL attribute in the requirements module than contains the complete requirement Invoke this, and display the attribute “Complete Requirement” in a column: ©

23 ©

24 ©
Traceability Columns Now the Analysis Wizard can be used to create traceability columns that display the Complete Requirement attribute ©

25 ©
Tell me about it! Please tell me what you think about the tool! me: ©

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