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Doors Subtitle.

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1 Doors Subtitle

2 Performance Requirements
Weather Exclusion Security Fire Resistance Thermal and Sound Insulation Privacy Functional Durability

3 Definitions Frame Head Jamb or stile Architrave
The surround of a door opening which also supports the door and the surround to the door itself. Head The horizontal member of the frame above the door. Jamb or stile The vertical member of the door frame. Architrave The trim around the joint between the frame.

4 Solid Timber door Top rail 120mm x 45mm Glass Muntins 120mm x 45mm
Middle rail This type of door is usually fitted with glass panels held in position by slips on the inside. This door is usually hung using one and a half pair of solid brass butt hinges. Suitable timber could be Ash, Oak, Mahogany or Redwood. Stile Solid timber panels Bottom rail 220mm x 45mm

5 Internal door frame (lining)
Door frames are squared by measuring the diagonals from head to points A & B as shown by the red line. A & B are an equal distance from the head. Head Brace Stile Housing thickness ½ the width of the stile and a 1/3 the thickness. Stile A B Head Temporary distance piece to keep stiles parallel

6 Position when Hanging a door
Architrave 150mm Hinges 250mm Uniform margin of approximately 1mm round door


8 Ledged door Basic types of door used mainly for external use.
Timber should be treated with preservatives if possible; otherwise the tongued and grooved joints should be primed before assembly. Ledge Timber boards (usually soft wood)

9 Ledged and braced door Framed Ledged and braced door Brace Frame

10 Timber French doors Internal Flush door
A domestic flush door has a thin skin of plywood or hardboard on either side. The central core is made from a lattice/cellular core (egg crate). A decorative veneering can be applied to both sides.

11 Six panel solid timber door.
Materials from which external doors can be made. Plastic uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) Powder Coated Aluminium Steel (security and industrial doors)

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