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FLEXI DOORS Company brochure and product catalogue Your gateway to life.

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2 FLEXI DOORS Company brochure and product catalogue Your gateway to life

3 Are you tired of your old doors?

4 The company

5 Welcome to Flexi Doors Since 1994, we have been creating innovative door and window designs for discerning clients across the nation. The selection of the right door can be difficult for many people. We try to simplify the process and to work with you to find the right door system for you at the best price possible. We never pressure our clients to make a hasty decision. We know that you will have to live with your choice many years from now. Thats why we want to make it a source of joy every day.

6 In our view, it is our job to guide you through the maze of technicalities to arrive at an entryway that suits both your desires and your needs. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of selecting the right door, be it for workplaces or households. Our role

7 The door in our view 1. Functional It should provide security, climate control, and the desired level of privacy. The wood species and finish should be appropriate for the weather exposure.

8 The door in our view 2. Beautiful The design and scale of the entry unit should respect the architectural plan of the building. The details of the wood, finish, glass and ironwork should be artfully executed.

9 The door in our view 3. Affordable With unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the millwork industry, the staff at Flexi Doors can help you get the look you want at the best price available.

10 The catalogue

11 Our Products: We offer our clients a variety of products : RUSTIC ARTGALSS MODERN



14 ARTGLASS GS 1 GS 2 GS 3 GD 1 GS 4 GF 1

15 ARTGLASS GS 5 GF 2GS 6 GF 3 GS 7 GS 8


17 Custom doors – for you In our desire to offer you the perfect doorway, custom models may be executed by special order. For example, you might prefer the GS 6 glasswork on a GS 2 slab; or you might want a custom Modern class door for your new office. The price for these special orders will differ depending on the complexity of the operation and the size of the order. Certain discounts may not be applicable.

18 ORDER INFORMATION: Doors can be ordered in two basic forms: Slab Only Prehung For bulk orders, discounts and special offers may apply. Check your appointed salesman for details.

19 Contact us at: Our agents will be glad to answer any of your questions. Thank you for your time!

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