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SWRLS Open Doors Project Geoff Cole Community Engagement & Schools Support Librarian, University of the West of England Jackie Chelin.

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1 SWRLS Open Doors Project Geoff Cole Community Engagement & Schools Support Librarian, University of the West of England Jackie Chelin Deputy Librarian, University of the West of England

2 SWRLS – Walk-In project Walk-In Access to Online Resources project – completed 2012 Access_for_Electronic_Resources Report and Directory available through SWRLS website Promotional leaflets available for your staff

3 Open Doors Project Partners UWE Bristol Library Services South Gloucestershire Libraries on behalf of LibrariesWest Project leaders – Martin Burton (S. Glos) and Geoff Cole (UWE) Project Officer – Frances Robertson

4 Supporting Local Strategies UWE Bristol Connecting and working with our local and regional economy, to advance the health, sustainability and prosperity of our locality and region Effective national and international collaborations with schools, colleges, universities and other partners to raise aspirations and attainment, encourage and support progression to higher education, and recruitment to UWE Bristol South Gloucestershire Improving the performance of secondary school pupils Support the local economic agenda to improve employment of local people In conjunction with leisure centres to ensure people have an active mind in an active body Improving the LibrariesWest Library Offer

5 UWE Library CPE Initiatives Guest access to online resources e/jointhelibrary/guestaccesstodatabases.aspx e/jointhelibrary/guestaccesstodatabases.aspx External borrowing scheme for 16+, free of charge e/jointhelibrary.aspx e/jointhelibrary.aspx Working with schools, 6 th form visits, access to resources e/schoolsandcolleges.aspx e/schoolsandcolleges.aspx

6 South Gloucs Active Card One card gives you access to Libraries LibrariesWest including South Gloucestershire, Bristol and Bath UWE libraries Leisure centres in South Gloucestershire

7 South Gloucs Active card Latest books and DVDs, including e- books and audio books Study space Computer & internet access E-magazines Access to Research – walk-in online access to academic journals Find your library

8 Project Purpose Investigate, trial and evaluate joint membership between a public library service and academic library. Explore joint use of cards without joining membership databases, simply using bar code as common access point. Evaluate the impact of reciprocal borrowing and also use of enquiry and IT services within academic libraries, i.e. what considerations would need to be addressed to facilitate such a scheme.

9 Project Objectives To investigate the ability of the community to access public and academic libraries through the use of their home library card. To identify issues connected with open usage of academic libraries, including support and safeguarding issues. To cross promote usage of academic libraries by the public, especially 16-18 year old students and for HE students to make use of their local public library network. To evaluate the issues of opening free membership to non members of academic institutions. To support the South Gloucestershire universal membership scheme for young people. To promote usage of HE libraries by students considering applying for university to encourage progression to UWE.

10 Targeted Promotion Initially to groups most likely to benefit: South Gloucestershire 6 th form students, alongside promotion of county Active card. UWE Bristol international students. Widen out to include other parts of community: Members of business and health communities. All members of LibrariesWest public libraries

11 Targeted Promotion UWE: various means, including Students Union, international students, weekly staff email newsletter South Gloucestershire Active Newsletter Joint: visits to local secondary school 6 th forms (complements other UWE links with schools) Joint: press release on schools project

12 Does it work? Yes, but … Teething problems with some cards in some places; now fixed, we think Information has taken time to filter down to LibrariesWest staff at some branches

13 Impacts No. of registrations at UWE: 80-85 No. of registrations at LW: ??, but not huge numbers Subject areas: all parts of Dewey at UWE so far; more analysis required Library staff support required: to be investigated

14 What next? More analysis of use, both statistical and by surveys / focus groups More evaluation of impact Report to write Survey of SWRLS HE and FE members – analysis to do Recommendations to formulate, e.g. is this a scheme that other HEIs could/should consider?

15 Thank you for listening For more information go to: atuwe/jointhelibrary/uwepubliclibspartnership.aspx Any questions?

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