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Campaign Briefing System Overview December 2009.

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1 Campaign Briefing System Overview December 2009

2 Supporting Conservatism and Sarah Palin 2

3 Purpose of the Campaign Briefing System Provide a digital means of briefing the candidate studying up Allow the candidate to consume the info anytime, anywhere, any subject 3

4 Benefits Increase productivity, by a factor of 10+ for the candidate 100+ for the Campaign Team in regards to studying up How is this possible ? it facilitates multi-tasking 4

5 Bob Beckels (smug) myth during the 2008 V-P Pres. debate prep She could not read enough Encyclopedia Britannicas ever Theres not enough time in the world to prepare 5

6 With this approach... Bob and the rest of the world will be amazed At the ability of an individual or team to prepare for debates, interviews, etc. Every subject under the sun can be more effectively Prepared, Delivered, and Absorbed 6

7 How can productivity be improved so dramatically ? The brain is way underutilized Think about the speed-reading concept This approach facilitates multi-tasking The website allows for speed review Brain-friendly documents enhance effectiveness This approach capitalizes on the digital revolution 24 x7 operation Prepare on the go Works on desktop, laptop, netbook, Blackberry 7

8 Additional Benefits for the Candidate and Team Operate in a lean manner Spend more time organizing the info as opposed to obtaining and preparing it More relaxed, refreshed, and confident More family time all you need is a computer or Blackberry --------------------------------------------- This solution can also be extended to other campaigns with little overhead 8

9 The Solution Brain-friendly website(s) Brain-friendly briefings / research analysis ---------------------------------------------- Utilizes the blogosphere / trusted advisors Existing technology 9

10 The Solution Visual 10 Internet / Blogosphere Trusted Advisors - Brain friendly format Campaign Team Sweet ! auto-scrolling documents brain-friendly website

11 What is a brain-friendly website ? Organized by category Expandable / Collapsible You can See the outline Go Deep without leaving the page 11

12 What is NOT a brain-friendly website ? Drudge Not organized Not easy on the eyes for quick scanning You cant go deep Designed for you to spend time (= ad $$$) Rush Limbaugh Too busy Actual text is brutal to read Blogs Not expandable Very thin 12

13 Brain-friendly website 13 Need pic of Campaign Briefing System

14 What is a brain-friendly format ? (for documents) 14 Delivers key thoughts in a manner thats easy to read and that stimulates thinking while allowing for speed absorption Good Powerpoint presentations Typically they deliver thoughts Plenty of breathing room (not busy)

15 Brain-friendly document 15 With an auto-scroll feature, the text flows into the brain.

16 Other brain-friendly documents 16 Declaration of Independence (full version) Sarah Palins V-P RNC Convention speech Civil War lesson The Bible (Genesis) Links available on web site

17 Auto-scroll with.pdf documents 17 Open a.pdf document from your machine Click the menu item View, Auto Scroll Then go hands-off And let the info flow into your brain You may have to first open a.pdf document on the web Then save it to your machine Then re-open it (the auto-scroll feature is not available with a.pdf document in a browser window)

18 Does this system exist ? 18 Its not a system – its a blueprint But the blueprint is live here: Prototype:The Campaign Briefing System Campaign Briefing System Overview So no expenditure for any software

19 How is the content managed ? 19 CoS / New Media Officer determine Organization of site Articles / briefings / web links One IT person Manages the site (basic HTML) 24 hour operations ? Multiple shifts of these two individuals

20 Implementation 20 Technology Easy, need one IT person / consultant Not including security Only an HTML editor needed Site design Requires a bit of thought, based on situation But the actual template is set Site maintenance The HTML person updates There is no content management system

21 Advanced Topics 21 Auto-scrolling documents Two monitors Three monitors Portrait oriented monitors Legal-size paper Virtual briefings War room model Extend to other campaigns Internal server to manage documents Secure access to many documents / links Security of the web site Twitter to communicate, etc.

22 Key Tools for this model 22 Brain-friendly web sites Expandable / Collapsible Brain-friendly documents Deliver thoughts Not speed reading, but speed absorption Auto-scrolling for hands-free studying.pdf has auto-scroll Logitech MxRevolution mouse has auto-scrol Auto-scroll technology needs improved

23 Inspiration for this model 23 Peter Marshall sermons Senate Chaplain 1947-49 Used indented style for his sermons (easy to read) Head First Labs Perfected Brain Friendly tech books Info-Man personal info manager software My Edsel software Sarah Palin Stands on principle

24 Key to understanding this approach The soul never thinks without a picture. Aristotle 24

25 Questions ? 25 The Campaign Briefing System any topic, anytime, anywhere

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