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Von Steuben Athletics Home of the Panthers.

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1 Von Steuben Athletics Home of the Panthers

2 Chicago School Board Personnel Von Steuben High School Personnel
Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Jean-Claude Brizard Director of Sports Administration - Mr. Calvin Davis Von Steuben High School Personnel Principal - Mr. Pedro R. Alonso Assistant Principal - Mr. Brian Tennison Assistant Principal - Mrs. Maria Pinkerton Director of Internal Affairs - Ms. Yvette Laboy Dean of Students - Mr. Larry Waites Athletic Director - Mr. Martin Rodriguez

3 Goals of the Von Steuben
Athletic Department Develop the student-athlete Increase participation in our program Improve school spirit and atmosphere Increase family, community, and alumni involvement Recognize and encourage athletic excellence Improve athletic facilities and equipment Generate revenue through fundraising

4 What are the requirements that my child must complete to participate in athletics?

5 Academic Eligibility Required Forms Fees
Each student must be passing 5 subjects each week and must have passed 5 subjects at the end of the previous semester. A cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or above after each semester. Required Forms A valid physical with clearance without limitation for sports participation. Each physical is valid for one calendar year and must be on file with the Athletic Director. A signed parent permission form must be on file (Player Record Card) with the Athletic Director for each sport of participation. Forms can be located at Fees A $100 athletic fee for the first sport the player participates in and $25 for every sport thereafter. Each coach may set a team fee to help offset additional expenses.

6 Von Steuben Activity & Athletic Code of Conduct
Athletic participation is a privilege, not a right. Athletic participation may be denied for violating the Activity & Athletic Code of Conduct. Please read page 15 in the student agenda. Other Rules that Apply: Player must abide by all Illinois High School Association rules - IHSA All school rules apply as stated in CPS Student Code of Conduct Handbook. All Team Rules established by the coach. The Code of Conduct is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Good citizenship and sportsmanship are expected at all times.

7 Important Attendance Rules to Remember:
Athletes are expected to attend all practices, meetings, and games. The coach should be notified of the absence by the players or parent prior to the absence. If an athlete has an unexcused absence from school, they may not participate in any extracurricular activity. Pre-approval by the principal or athletic director is the only exception. Athletes are expected to be in school the day before, the day of, and the day after an athletic contest.

8 What can you do to make your child’s high school athletic experience successful?

9 Parents are the single most influential people in a child’s life.
Encourage your child to set realistic goals for themselves and help them work towards achieving those goals (Academic, Social, and Athletic) Reinforce the concept of the “Student-Athlete” Assure that your child abides by the Activities/Athletics Code of Conduct which is located in the Student Agenda Book on page 15 Assure that your child attends all scheduled practices and games

10 Take an active, supportive role - work cooperatively with other parents and school personnel to assure a wholesome and successful athletic program for our school Support child and team by attending games Be a positive role model to our children Promote sportsmanship Acknowledge the ultimate authority of the coach to determine strategy and player selection Keep criticisms and negative opinions to self

11 Always make an appointment with the coach.
If you have a concern to discuss with a coach, what procedure should you follow? Student-Athlete should talk with Coach first If the issue/concern is not resolved, then the parent should contact the Coach If issue/concern is not resolved, then the parent should contact the Athletic Director Always make an appointment with the coach.

12 Inappropriate topics to discuss with a Coach:
Playing Time Team strategy or play calling Other student-athletes


14 For more information please email the coach.
Fall Sports First week in August tryout dates announced, second week practice may begin. B&G Cross Country - Mrs. Yurick B&G Golf - Mr. Halliday Boys Soccer - Mr. Sarancic Girls Swimming - Mr. Blume Girls Tennis - Mrs. McQueen Girls Volleyball - Mr. Lopez Winter Sports Last week in October tryout dates announced, first week in November practice may begin. Boys Basketball - Mr. Carter Girls Basketball - Ms. Morris Boys Bowling - Mr. Zimmerman Girls Bowling - Ms. Burnside Cheerleading - Mrs. Cook Chess - Mr. Noren Boys Swimming - Mr. Blume B&G Track - Mrs. Yurick Wrestling - Mr. Thomas Spring Sport Second week in February tryout dates announced, third week practice may begin. Baseball - Mr. Cott Girls Soccer - Mr. Sarancic Softball - Mrs. Vargas-Gomez Boys Tennis - Mr. Noren Boys Volleyball - Mr. Lopez Water Polo - Mr. Whitmore

15 STUDENTS: Have your parents visit our school website…
And click on “Athletics” to see this presentation THANK YOU!!

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