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Building Africa leading integrated solutions company

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1 Building Africa leading integrated solutions company

2 31/03/ :43 ne INTRODUCTION Oando is Africa’s leading indigenous energy solutions provider. The company started operations as a petroleum products marketing company and has evolved into an integrated energy group with investments across the entire energy value chain – downstream, midstream and upstream. In the downstream, Oando Marketing is Nigeria’s leading oil retailer. Through its over 600 retail outlets strategically located nationwide, Oando is guaranteeing adequate petroleum product supply in Nigeria while Oando Supply and Trading subsidiary bridges the gap between supply and demand through importation of petroleum products. ..\4.03\gStyle On-screen.pot

3 31/03/ :43 ne INTRODUCTION The mid stream has Oando Gas and Power, it is pioneering the distribution of natural gas through pipelines to industrial hubs in Lagos. The company has a 100km gas pipeline network in Lagos, Oando Gas and Power is also replicating the infrastructural investment in the South East of Nigeria with the construction of a 128 km pipeline from Akawa Ibom to Cross River states. The grid will be the backbone for future expansion to the vibrant South East industries. In addition, Oando Gas and Power has commissioned its first independent Power Plant to herald its entry into the power sector. The gas-fired megawatts power plant leverages the Gaslink grid in Lagos provides uninterrupted electricity to Lagos Water Corporation (LWC). This project boosts the efficiency of LWC BY 300%. ..\4.03\gStyle On-screen.pot

4 31/03/ :43 ne INTRODUCTION Oando is also making its mark in the upstream sector. With five swamp rigs in its fleet, Oando Energy Services is Nigeria’s largest indigenous drilling contractor. The company, from a track record of consistent performance, has evolved as the preferred partner of choice to international oil companies in the oil and gas industry. Oando Exploration & Production has a portfolio of strategic assets in producing and near term and with a set target of 100,000 barrels of oil per day, the subsidiary is set to accelerate the group’s vision of emerging Africa’s premier integrated company oil major. ..\4.03\gStyle On-screen.pot

31/03/ :43 UPSTREAM OML 125 OML 134 OPL 282 OPL 278 AKEPO OML 90 OBODETI/ OBODUGWA OML 56 OPL 236 ..\4.03\gStyle On-screen.pot

6 OML 56 Obodeti-Obodugwa Capex: $7.3m Status: Producing
31/03/ :43 OML 56 Obodeti-Obodugwa UPSTREAM Capex: $7.3m Status: Producing Partners: Energia OBODETI/ OBODUGWA OML 56 ..\4.03\gStyle On-screen.pot

7 31/03/ :43 OML 125 UPSTREAM OML 125 ..\4.03\gStyle On-screen.pot

8 31/03/ :43 OML 90 Akepo UPSTREAM Capex: $32.5m Status: Producing Partners: Sogenal Oando Team onboard Noble Rig at the completion of a test drill on Akepo oilfield AKEPO OML 90 ..\4.03\gStyle On-screen.pot

9 Oando Rig Acquisition UPSTREAM In 2007, Oando made a bold move into rig drilling services provision, earmarking $500 million for the acquisition of a rig fleet Today, Oando Energy Services (OES) is Nigeria’s largest indigenous rig service provider with 5 swamp rigs in its fleet

10 Oando Rig Acquisition - OES Teamwork
UPSTREAM 3000HP swamp drilling barge 10,000 psi BOP systems It has a DRECCO built mast Substructure with rated static hookload capacity of 1.1M lbs Capable of drilling up to 25,000 ft deep wells OES TEAMWORK

11 Oando Rig Acquisition - OES Respect
UPSTREAM 3000HP swamp barge 10,000psi BOP systems It has a pyramid built mast Substructure with static hookload rating of 1.5M lbs Capable of drilling up to 25,000 ft deep wells OES RESPECT

12 Oando Rig Acquisition - OES Passion
UPSTREAM 3000HP cantilever swamp barge 10,000psi BOP systems Capable of drilling multiple well slots at the same location It has a pyramid built mast Drilling unit has a static hookload rating of 1.5M lbs Capable of drilling up to 25,000 ft OES PASSION

13 Oando Rig Acquisition - OES Integrity
UPSTREAM 3000HP modern swamp barge 15,000 psi BOP systems Superior Derrick built mast Promet substructure static hookload capacity of 1.5M lbs Capable of drilling up to 30,000 ft deep wells OES INTEGRITY

14 Oando Rig Acquisition - OES Professionalism
UPSTREAM 3000HP swamp barge 10,000 psi BOP systems Equiped with a Pyramid mast Substructure with static hookload rating of 1.5M lbs Capable of drilling up to 21,762 ft deep wells OES PROFESSIONALISM

15 Capacity and expertise
UPSTREAM Oando rigs are manned by highly skilled, trained and competent Nigerians with strong Environmental Health Safety and Quality standards. The company’s unique community relations strategy, has endeared it to the host communities in Niger Delta

16 Health and Safety UPSTREAM The strong Environmental, Health and Safety culture of our team of professionals, who are dedicated to fostering world-class standards at all drilling operations, has helped guarantee a safe and incident free work station since the commencement of drilling operations

17 Midstream MIDSTREAM The Oando Group, represented in the midstream sector by Oando Gas & Power (OG&P) has been a significant contributor to the development of the midstream sector. Gas link, a subsidiary of OG&P pioneered the pipeline construction of natural gas to industries in Lagos, Nigeria’s nerve centre and its committed to building similar infrastructure in other parts of Nigeria. The power division of OG&P which leverages the company’s gas network to provide captive power solutions, commissioned its first independent power plant in the first quarter of The gas-fuelled megawatts IPP supplies stable electricity to power Lagos Water Corporation facilities to optimise water provision to millions of Lagos residents.

18 Gas Assured MIDSTREAM Gaslink deployed a phased expansion programme in the development of its grid that now covers 100 km of the metropolis and industries centres. The 10km Ikeja IA pipeline was commissioned in 2001 Another 4.2km Ikeja IB pipeline commissioned 2002 In 2004, an 84km Greater Lagos 2 (GLII) pipeline network was added to the grid. GLII delivers gas from the City Gate in Ikeja to Ojota, Ilupeju, Matori, Isolo, Amuwo Odofin, Iganmu and Apapa industrial layouts in Lagos An additional 38km Greater Lagos 3 (GLIII) pipeline expansion was commissioned in 2008 to deliver gas to Apapa, Tin Can Island and environs.

19 Gas Assured MIDSTREAM As Lagos master plan is built without recourse to gas infrastructure, Gaslink’s GLL II & III projects were constructed through challenging built up areas without safety or environment incidence.

20 Gas Assured MIDSTREAM The challenging nature of the expansion meant that Gaslink had to construct several detours to avoid the other unstated infrastructures such as water pipelines, underground drainages in its right of way.

21 Gas Assured MIDSTREAM The Gas pipeline expansion has opportuned industrial giants like BUA Sugar to convert to clean, safe and environmentally friendly energy.

22 Oando’s South East Pipeline Project
MIDSTREAM EHGC workers at the commencement of the South East 128km pipeline construction in Calabar, Cross River State Work at a challenging terrain that include forest, hills rocks and seven river crossings.

23 Akute Power Project MIDSTREAM The gas fuelled megawatt plant will power Lagos Water Corporation’s main water intake facility, including two other facilities with a combined installed 125 million gallons of water per day. According to the Lagos State Government, utilising natural gas as fuel for the plant will “reduce carbon emission by 30% reduction from the Lagos Water Corporation”. To Supply natural gas to the plant, a 13km gas pipeline was constructed from Gaslink’s 100km grid in Lagos.

24 Downstream DOWNSTREAM Oando Marketing’s retail outlets are one-stop centres for customer’s energy and household needs. Its forecourts provide opportunity for premium refined petroleum products such as fuels, lubricants, automatic transmission fluids. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), greases and insecticides in addition to the non fuel revenue offerings such as confectionaries, fast-food store, outdoor automated teller machines and auto-mechanic mini workshop. Oando Marketing controls a significant share of the Nigeria’s petroleum products market.

25 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
DOWNSTREAM Oando Marketing launched a pioneering Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) retailing platform known as Oando Pay As U Gas in a bid to boost domestic consumption of gas and help reduce deforestation in Nigeria. This innovation, involves on-the-spot dispensing of LPG using a pump meter into customers cylinders and instant collection of gas and cylinder by the customer from the station of purchase.

26 Community Relations COMMUNITY RELATIONS Oando is actively involved in the provision of Social amenities and improving the quality of life in the host communities. Mass water transit Teachers living quarters Water transportation for riverine communities

27 Oando’s Adopt-A-School Programme
Renovated classroom block in government Primary School Ekonirim, Calabar, Cross River State After Before

28 Oando’s Adopt-A-School Programme
Renovated classroom block in Daura Primary School, Daura, Katsina State Before After

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