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Manufacturer & Supplier of Duplex Cartons, Corrugated Boxes, Off-set Printing of Books, Periodicals and Catalogues, Publicity Material & Other Packaging.

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1 Manufacturer & Supplier of Duplex Cartons, Corrugated Boxes, Off-set Printing of Books, Periodicals and Catalogues, Publicity Material & Other Packaging Materials. Standard Cartons Pvt. Ltd. For all your Packaging Needs (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company)

2 Established in the year 1992, Standard cartons Pvt Ltd (SCPL) is into manufacturing and supplying varied packaging boxes. We are dedicated firm in sincerely meeting and exceeding the expectations by providing our customers with quality offerings at the best prices. We have done complete backward integration we can offer you the most competitive pricing of the product keeping the same quality. Manufacturing Excellence - To guarantee our policy of "continuous improvement", our state of the art conversion equipment, together with a trained and motivated workforce and dynamic Quality Assurance procedures, enable us to strive for excellence within our manufacturing field. Competitive Pricing - The manufacturing operation that we operate enables us to provide highly competitively priced corrugated packaging solutions to all market sectors. Continual Investment – Considerable investment has been scheduled for the replacement of the existing Corrugators with a new high speed machine, which will ensure production continuity, improved energy efficiency and faster throughput.

3 We design and manufacture our printed packaging products and corrugated packaging solutions to suit your individual needs. Having full control over our production and process control enables us to react to our customer requirements in todays most demanding market place. We continue to build our business providing the highest level of service putting the customer first no matter what the challenge to us. Our products cover a broad spectrum of applications, from regular Shipper cases for the automobile industry or Mono cartons of FMCG industry to heavy duty large boxes for export, we can apply our products to every industry imaginable.

4 Corrugated Packaging Printed Packaging & more

5 Corrugated Packaging Pallet Boxes We are a leading manufacturer of Pallet Boxes. These Tray, Cap, Sleeve and Pallet style products offer the user a wide variety of options and flexibility for packaging and shipping goods around the world. We offer a wide range of Pallet types for the heavier weight objects, together with the heat treated Pallets for the export market. As well as our standard range, we can manufacture most sizes in this style.

6 Box Accessories / Box Divider: Using intersecting sheets of cardboard material, dividers create separate compartments within a larger box. Dividers are perfectly suited to help a product maintain a certain position or to cradle fragile objects. Corrugated Packaging Box type: 144 cell Divider Box type: 9 cell Divider Box type: 12 cell Divider Material: paperboard Material: paperboard Material: PP Sheet

7 Corrugation Machines 1.Corrugation Machine (Flute Making- Narrow & Braod) 85With Seater 2.Corrugation High Speed Hydraulic Double Profile 62 Machine With Seater 3.Corrugation Machine (Flute Making) 42 (Mini &Narrow) with Seater 4.Corrugation Machine (Flute Making) 46With Seater 5.Die Cutting Machine (Victoria) (45x65) 6.Die Cutting Machine (Victoria) (35x 45) 7.Die Cutting Machine (Victoria) (28 x 40) 8.Automatic Die Cutting 28x40 Poly Graph Germany 9.Paper Slitting Machine. 10.Sheet Pressure Machine. 11.Rotary & Die cutting machine with Scaper & Stracker 50x86 12.Slotter with Hole & Handle - 78 x 96" 13.Flexo Printing Machine- 52" 14.BOBST DOMINO 72 Folding Carton Gluer 15.Two Color Flexo Printing Machine-52x80 Corrugated Packaging

8 Printed Packaging & more Printed Boxes Manufacturing and producing printed boxes in multi colours is our forte, using the latest technologies. We offer an in-house full graphic design service to enhance your print expectations and produce eye catching results.

9 Leaflets / Flyers / Posters / Calendars / Catalogues/Books Magazines & Various Packaging Materials. Printed Packaging & more

10 Printing & Packaging Plant Direct Computer to Plate pre-press (CTP) We accepts artworks in all available formats (USB drive, CD, DVD, via Mail attachment, FTP sites (one has to provide us User name & Password ) and start our development right away. By making use of state of the art CTP system we skip past Positive making process and can directly generate Plates for printing. Heidelberg CD Plus L Five color Machine (28x40) We have installed 5 color with online coater Heidelberg M/C to undertake 5 color printing and varnishing in one go and to cut short drying and Offline coating time not to mention by doing so we have eliminated every risk of Setoff,Scratch marks during handling and reduced our conversion time. Printed Packaging & more

11 To further boost up the production we have following M/cs Four Color Planeta Super Varient Offset Printing Machine28x40 Single Color Offset Printing Machine MAAN 36x46 Four Color Akiyama Bestech Printing Machine CPC 20x30 Corrugated Board Printing Machine(62x82) Two Color Flexo Printing Machine-52x80 Computerized designing & Direct Computer to Plate System Sheets Lamination Machine. U.V.Coating Machine Width-31 Water Repellant Coating M/c (Moisture Proof Coating)52 Fork Lift – Paper Roll Clamp Attachment Printed Packaging & more

12 Over the years we have focused our products and services to be able to serve as one stop solutions for varied client base, needs and requirements. Further we have enhanced our products portfolio by starting production and use of POLYCOATED KRAFT WITH SCRIM REINFORCEMENT. It is a process based on latest technology suitable for beautifying the high grade publishing and packaging with anti falsification, we have a wide spectrum of designs to offer, which can be customized based on specific requirements that you may have.

13 We make sure that all our products very well meet the contemporary quality parameters needed in the market. Stringent checks are done at our quality inspection division for ascertaining the quality of the product. Our quality analysts take keen initiative in checking each phase of production so as to keep all the loopholes out if any. Busting Strength Testing Machine G.S.M Testing Machine




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