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Easy Phytic Solution (Glycolic + Lactic + Mandelic + Phytic)

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2 Easy Phytic Solution (Glycolic + Lactic + Mandelic + Phytic)

3 Sequential Technology "Easy Phytic: No neutralization, controlled inflammation Reservoir effect: Slow release Sequential volumetric penetration of the acids Reactivation of esters in the skin (Le Chatelier) Autonetralization by the potential buffer of the skin Automatic capture of free radicals, inflammation control. Temporary resting and partial of the acids

4 Temporary resting of the acids In the solution, part of the alpha hydroxy acids is transformed into ESTER: for example, glycolic acid is converted into GLYCOATE. This is the Fischer´s reaction of esterification : glycolic acid + polyol glycoate + H2O Temporary resting (1) The quiescence is only partial since the pH remains within + / - 1 (2). The aggressiveness of peeling is controlled. 1 It is the same both for lactic and mandelic acids

5 Reservoir effect 2 An amphiphylique Easy Phytic Solution, creates a virtual reservoir in the stratum corneum: Easy Phytic solution accumulates there. From this reservoir, acids slowly penetrate into the epidermis: the release is gradual. The integrity of the stratum corneum is essential (CI: creams with fruit acids, tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide) (1) An amphiphylique Easy Phytic Solution, creates a virtual reservoir in the stratum corneum: Easy Phytic solution accumulates there. From this reservoir, acids slowly penetrate into the epidermis: the release is gradual. The integrity of the stratum corneum is essential (CI: creams with fruit acids, tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide) (1)

6 Sequential penetration In relation to the size of the acids: The smallest acid is first to penetrate (1) 3 Glycolic acid Lactic acid Mandelic acid Phytic acid (2) mw (3) mw mw mw

7 Reactivation of acids in the skin In the skin, the ester of the solution is reactivated into acid thanks to the dermal water that changes the chemical balance. Reaction of Le Chatelier gradually reverses that of Fischer "Reprotonisation of the esters that become acids again" the glycoate becomes active glycolic acid. glycolic acid + polyol glycoate + H2O 4 The corneocytes are dehydrates_ - They serve as a reservoir - but keratinocytes and the medium extracellular are very hydrated and slowly reverse the reaction of Fischer. Dehydrated cell Hydrated cell

8 Auto neutralization The technology of the slow and sequential release, progressive reactivation of the esters into acids allows to never exceed the buffer potential of the skin. (1) The skin itself neutralizes the acids that penetrate or are reformed gradually. The doctor has nothing to neutralize. (2) Acids penetrate slowly, sequentially, the esters are then transformed into acids and the acids are neutralized by the skin gradually in combination with buffers or natural bases. (3) 5

9 Capture of free radicals Phytic acid has 12 hydroxyl groups (HO) in the periphery of the molecule. It captures free radicals at a time when they are produced in the skin, before they can start chain reactions that would keep the ignition responsible of any complications of peels that do not have this technology. (1) 6 Action of acids Production of free radicals Peeling Stimulating effect Destructive effect (chain reactions) Inflammation Phytic acid prevents the destructive effect of chain reactions Control of inflammation

10 Intercellular and intracellular hydrophylique Lipophylique Membrane Easy Phytic acts at all levels: intracellular, membrane, extracellular Easy Phytic solution is an exception in the world of the AHA peels: lasolution is Hydrophilic and Lipophilic: Amphiphylie

11 Protocol Cream "Ad Hoc" after peeling (3) Ex: acne: Purifying creamEx: Skin tension: Actilift Apply (2) Apply the last layer, when the patient describes a sensation of tingling Clean (1) RinseDry Scan the QR code with your smartphone to see how to clean and apply Easy Phytic is still applicable on the whole face (+ sometimes neck)

12 PRESERVED SOCIAL LIFE Scaling is present, but virtually invisible. Social life is preserved. The stratum corneum serves as a reservoir for acids of Easy phytic. The latter soak the stratum corneum for nearly an hour. During this time, acids neutralize all interprotein electrical forces, which allows scaling "cell by cell", also present in other peels, but totally invisible.

13 Only one complication described Transitional complication, frequency about 1% of peels. It is an inflammatory reaction that appears on the evening of the first day of peeling, as a reactionof acne form type (without having anything to do with acne) red point with slight edema. This reaction occurs among patients with thin skin, or if using prohibited creams (AHA, Benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin) and on whom we have applied relatively too much product, thus inducing dermal penetration with multi-time reaction of the dermis. It is not an allergy.(*) The reaction disappears without treatment after 48 hours. It usually does not reappear during the next peeling because the skin has already been restructured by the first peeling. (*) allergy is possible, however, as with any product.

14 Time line 1st Easy Phytic 2nd3rd4th 8 days Skin Tech Cream : from day 1 after 1st peel and during 6 months at least Skin Tech cosmeceutic creams Acne = Purifying cream (morning and evening) Hyperchromies = Bleaching - Blending cream (morning and evening) Moisturizing = Vitamine E moisturizer Aging < 40 years = renutriv ACE lipoic complex (evening) Aging > 40 years = Phyto DHEA cream (morning) ? th Rythm of sessions 1 / week until reaching the good result than 1 / 2 weeks for 1 monts than 1/ month - 1 / 6 weeks to maintain results 8 days15 days4-6 weeks ? th Repeating of peels

15 Summary Obsolete glycolic acid peelsEasy Phytic solution Pre peel preparationNo pre peel preparation Exclusively hydrophilic solutionSolution hydro + lipophile Complex protocols (avoiding eyelids, nostrils etc.)Very simple protocols Neutralization time random x???Auto neutralization through the skin Neutralization stops the activity of acidsNo neutralization, 100% of active acids Too fast neutralization : inefficiencyAuto neutralization Too slow neutralization :dangerAuto neutralization Not controlled proton activity, strong mobility.Partial quiescence of protons None controlled massive penetrationsSequential,gradual and controlled penetration pH : often= +/- 3pH: +/- 1 No reservoir effectReservoir effect -Reactivation of acids in the skin Not controlled inflammatory reactionInflammatory reaction is controlled Random social lifePreserved social life Many potential complicationsOne transient complication described

16 6 sessions Easy Phytic + bleaching blending Skin Tech cream

17 Tox. Botul +2 sesiones Easy Phytic + Actilift cream

18 3 Easy Phytic + SKIN TECH Purifying cream After what we should treat the PIH with the blending bleaching cream

19 4 Easy Phytic solution ( 1/week) + Purifying cream Followed by 4 Easy Phytic + Blending Bleaching 4 Easy Phytic + Skin Tech Purifying cream 8 Easy Phytic + Skin Tech Blending Bleaching cream

20 Please, include the results of treatment from the doctors of your area Please,dont use the pictures, videos and information from the presentation for the development of competitors product Please, for any questions contact Skin Tech brand manager

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