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Agenda Introduction Overview of TR-69 TR-69 Architecture

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1 TR-69 Overview Ivan Ong Comcast Technology + Product Development (T+PD) Office of the CTO

2 Agenda Introduction Overview of TR-69 TR-69 Architecture
Differences and advantages of TR-69 technology vs SNMP TR-69 Breakdown TR-69 Screenshots / Use-cases TR-69 deployments, progress 2

3 Terms CPE – Customer Premise Equipment or the device that is being managed. Examples: Wireless Gateway Router, VoIP Digital Adapter, NAS (Networked Attached Storage) Drive, Settop Boxes, etc. ACS – Auto Configuration Server, management server for CPE. Part of the Service Provider’s OSS / BSS (Operational or Billing Support Systems) XML – Extensible Markup Language. Set of encoding rules that is both human and machine readable. SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol, messaging framework for web services, uses XML as its message format. RPC – Remote Procedure Call, built-in procedure that can invoke another process on a remote computer/network. Data Model – Set of objects defined for management of a CPE. SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol, protocol for managing devices on IP network. STUN – Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol through Network Address Translators (NAT)

4 What is TR-69? Technical Report defined by Broadband Forum
XML SOAP Protocol Specification to remotely managed end user devices Enables communication between Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) Base Management Functions: Auto-Configuration Dynamic Service Provisioning Software/Firmware Image Management Status and Performance Monitoring Diagnostics

5 TR-69 Architectural Framework
OSS/BSS Managed LAN Device Scope of CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP): ACS Southbound Interface Policy Call Center Managed LAN Device Managed Internet Gateway Device Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) Managed LAN Device ACS Northbound Interface

6 TR-69 Remote Management of Home Devices on Private Network
STUN Server STUN Binding Messages IPTV STB Wireless Home Gateway Router Inform Messages ACS VoIP Digital Adapter STUN Server enables ACS to send Connection Requests to devices in customers home that reside on a private network STUN protocol used to provide public address and port to ACS

7 TR-69 Extensions What can TR-69 be used for?
Manage VoIP Analog Telephone Adapters, [DSL] Modems, Residential Gateways, IP Settop Boxes Extensions define data models for different devices: TR-98 – gateway devices (DSL modems w/ built in routers) TR-181 – Device Data Model TR-104 – VoIP devices TR-106 – Baseline data model structure TR-110 – reference model for VoIP configuration TR-111 – encompasses remote mgmt (now obsolete, requirements incorporated in TR69 Annex G)

8 TR-69 Advantages/Disadvantages
Device Configuration, troubleshooting, firmware upgrades, user management, monitoring. Enables Service Provider to offer dynamic services from a centrally managed instance. Reduces truck rolls/support calls by ability to managed devices with more granularity, proactive monitoring, and automated processes. Disadvantages Must cross several layers of protocols and methods that must interoperate Interpretation of the Technical Report by various manufacturers differs, no standard certification.

9 TR-69 vs SNMP SNMP SNMP is a simple method to monitor and receive traps for our devices Uses Community String (SNMPv2) for authentication Limited to the demarcation device within a subscriber’s home. TR-69 CPE Wan Management Protocol is designed to provide a high degree of security and is scalable. Basic security allows for less robust CPE implementations Greater security for advanced CPE implementations Prevents tampering with the management [transactions or] functions of a CPE and/or ACS Prevent theft of service

10 CPE/ACS Management Application
TR-69 Protocol Stack CPE/ACS Management Application RPC Methods SOAP HTTP SSL/TLS TCP/IP

11 TR-69 Call Flow

12 Sample Remote Procedure Calls List
Inform GetParameterAttributes SetParameterAttributes GetParameterValues SetParameterValues AddObject DeleteObject Reboot Download Upload FactoryReset

13 ACS ScreenShots Replacement Gateway receives default gateway’s configuration or last saved configuration

14 ACS ScreenShots Configure NAS device for Web access and connectivity to home devices

15 ACS ScreenShots Online gaming performance degradation. Able to view statistics of packets sent/received, errors.

16 ACS ScreenShots Access WebCam interface for configuration & setup

17 ACS ScreenShots Management Console to define policies

18 TR-69 – Actively Used by Other MSO
Bell Canada AT&T Telefonica China Mobile Frontier Telus CenturyLink Hughes Qwest

19 TR-69 – Estimated Timelines
Approximately 13% of TR-98 supported on Motorola CPE SBG6580 InterOp with some Gateway Vendors Cablelabs Wifi Provisioning Framework Data Model still being defined Q3-Q4 2011 Q1 2012 Q2 – Q3 2012 Q3 – Q4 2012 Q1 2013 Vendors contacted Approximately 8% of TR-181 supported on SMC CPE D3GN4 Cablelabs members considering TR69 beyond WiFi GW Cablelabs TR69 test with other vendors for Wifi GW

20 References ALU Motive TR-69 Overview
Broadband Forum, ClearAccess, Achieveing a Superior Customer Experience.pdf University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab, Wikipedia -

21 Q&A

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