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1 Welcome to

2 About Company Great Workings© newly established on October 2013.
With the name of Great Workings® (PVT) LTD. Working in Multi Products Like Cosmetics, Mobile, Laptop, Motorbikes, Cars and much more …… Started with Great, hard working and educated members on the net. Now we have launched the Great system where you can earn unlimited income through our split over system.

3 Our Services We are providing services to make you rich ultimately change your life style of shopping. You can earn around 1,011,000 One Million Eleven Thousand Rupee in all. With just 6,000 Rupee from your pocket. And 2,000 PKR Invested by Company. After entry into our system you must achieve rewards from the power of Auto Net™ There are 9 levels in Auto Net™ Company provide products you can purchase or sale to earn money by your referrals unlimited earnings.

4 Registration Go to
Register Yourself by paying just Rs 6,000 You Can also purchase advance Pin cards for your team. You can make account at following payment processors by paying $60 Plus Processor Fee. And also you can send payment through UBL Omni, Easy Paisa or Cash deposit. Any charges will be paid by you send full amount 6000. Bank accounts will be provided very soon.

5 Registration Terms.​ Registration Charges Rs 6,000 or $60.
You invest Rs 6,000 or $60. Great Workings will invest 2,000 or $20 For You. Your advance of 2,000 or $20 will be deducted from your withdrawal. Provide your real contact number registered with your name Provide your National identity or passport’s copy Govt. Taxes will be deducted from your income

6 Business Plan There are three types of plan to get income. Silver Plan
Gold Plan Diamond Plan

7 Silver Plan You must introduce at least two
members in your down line to get the commission. If you have more then 2 members they will split over and placed on the empty place chosen by Auto Net™ system. You will also be rewarded on 9th level with retirement bonus worth Approximately 500,000 PKR.

8 You 1 2 5 3 4 6

9 Silver Plan PKR 8,000 or $80 Levels Members Incentive Reward 1 2 1000 4 2000 3 8 4000 16 8000 5 32 16000 6 64 32000 7 128 64000 256 128000 9 512 256000 Total 511,000 Network Income Retirement Bonus 500,000 Grand Total 1,011,000

10 Payment Options

11 Thanks for Your Trust on Your Referrer
Great Workings

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