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2 The Great Society Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) drove through Congress the most ambitious domestic legislative package The Great Society like the New Deal

3 LBJ’s Path to Power From Texas to Capitol Hill
LBJ entered politics (House of reps) 1937 Caught the eye of President Roosevelt LBJ won senatorial race 1948

4 Master Politician The LBJ Treatment Was a master of party politics
Behind the scene maneuvering Rose to powerful senatorial position in 1955 Why was he a good VP choice-from the South (balance Democrat’s ticket) great amount of experience in Washington D.C.

5 Johnson Domestic Agenda
Used Kennedy's memory to get civil rights and tax cut passed February Congress passed 10 billion tax reduction bill July passed Civil Rights Act – prohibited discrimination

6 War on Poverty In 1964 LBJ declared an “unconditional war on poverty”
What were the provisions of the Equal Opportunity Act Job Corps- provided job training to young people Headstart-early education for lower income

7 1964 Election The Republicans nominated Barry Goldwater
What were some of his political beliefs? End Social Security State rights Use nuclear weapons in Vietnam

8 Result of 1964 Election LBJ was more in tune with US voters
LBJ gets 486 electoral votes and 61% of popular vote An easy landslide win for Democrats What was the key aspect of this election The infamous “Daisy Spot” commercial

9 Building the Great Society
Johnson outlined his legislative program (Great Society) Try to end poverty and racial injustice

10 Education, Healthcare, Housing
Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 Provided more than 1 billion dollars in federal aid for textbooks and library materials Define Medicare and Medicaid – medical care for the poor, medical care for the elderly

11 Education, Healthcare, Housing
LBJ began low rent housing projects Established Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Who was Robert Weaver- Secretary of HUD- first African American in a president’s cabinet

12 Immigration Immigration Act of 1965 opened for many non-Europeans to settle in US Ended quotas based on nationality

13 The Environment Water Quality Act of requires states to clean up rivers

14 Consumer Protection Identify Ralph Nader-lawyer who fought for consumer rights- attacked the auto industry Book- unsafe at any speed

15 Reforms of Warren Court
Waves of liberal reforms flowed through the Supreme Court in 1960s Examples Banned school prayer Limited power of censorship Allowed for more free speech

16 Supreme Court Cases Mapp V. Ohio Gideon V. Wainright
Escobedo V. Illinois Miranda V. Arizona Exclusionary Rule-evidence obtained illegally must be excluded Must have a lawyer at trial Must have a lawyer present during questioning Must be read your Constitutional rights when arrested

17 Impact of Great Society
The Great Society and Warren Court changed the United States No president in the post-World War II era extended the power and reach of the federal government more than Lyndon Johnson Funding for the Great Society became a concern, especially with the war in Vietnam expanding

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