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Secured Gateway to a Smart Environment

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1 Secured Gateway to a Smart Environment
NETALTER Secured Gateway to a Smart Environment NetAlter Software Limited Mumbai, India

2 NetAlter Software Limited
Strictly Private and Confidential Disclaimer This presentation has been prepared for private distribution only. The contents of this presentation may not be used for any purpose without the prior written consent of NetAlter Software Limited. NetAlter Software Limited

3 NetAlter Software Limited
Contents What does NetAlter Offer? NetAlter Solutions Trusted and Secured Environment NetAlter Infrastructure Collaborative Network Democratic Grid Platform Always Connected Network For Subscribers, Developers, Service Providers NetAlter Product – Salient Features Comparison User Interface and Utilities NetAlter Search NetAlter – Business Potential NetAlter Software Limited

4 What does NetAlter Offer?
Trust, Security, Standards and Collaboration NetAlter Software Limited

5 NetAlter Software Limited
SYNOPSIS – NetAlter System Patent Pending * System and Method that offers an alternative, secured, Internet wide network of information, computing and communication resources. (* Patent has been granted in India) Will use IPV6 for addressing of computing resources. Will be Platform and Device independent. Use Microsoft Dot Net and Java J2EE Technology model and Microsoft Patterns and Practices standards for development and deployment of Thin, Rich and Smart client applications and services within NetAlter framework Will employ P2P as well as Client-Server technology for dynamic discovery of resources in the network. Bypass current Domain Name based system by offering a more efficient solution. NetAlter Software Limited

6 NetAlter Software Limited
SYNOPSIS – NetAlter System Multi Role Active Service Browser Application that creates a new network; offering an integrated and secured environment for execution, development and deployment of both client side as well as server side, applications and services. Integrated Search Engine offering advanced features such as Pre-Search Semantic Web dictionaries, Period wise Search, Clustered Search, Database Search, P2P and Deep, Wide search and Post Search Operations such as save search results, sorting, comparing and post search offline analysis. Enables collaboration between Developers and Service Providers by offering standards based development of applications and services by implementing Product/Package IDs for product deployment. Offers robust protection for IPR. NetAlter Software Limited

7 NetAlter Software Limited
SYNOPSIS – NetAlter System and much more… The NetAlter Patent has more than 100 claims awaiting execution as software application and services. NetAlter Software Limited

8 NetAlter Software Limited
Solutions NetAlter Software Limited

9 NetAlter Software Limited
Trusted and Secured Environment NetAlter offers standards based implementation of its security policies. Global enforcement of standards via centralized online server and p2p super nodes. Browser framework implements stringent application and security standards employing product/package keys. Will not execute non standard applications and services. User level control for personal information. Single point data source. Robust Protection for Intellectual Property Rights. (IPR) Data security enforced both at database level as well during transportation. Privacy and Content Control completely User Definable. Offers detailed audit and reporting of usage and deployment of applications and on demand service modules to owners and end users. NetAlter Software Limited

10 NetAlter Environment - How this works!!!
Authorized Wizard Subscriber Developers Register (Trial/ Sponsored/Paid) News Dating Setup (Trial/ Sponsored/Paid) Register Share Information Service Module Subscriber Download Browser Secured Transaction Authentication Download Video via P2P (Free/ Sponsored/ Paid) Subscribe Register Subscriber Service Providers Personal Network Verify Subscriber Transaction Details Play (Yes/ No) Services NetAlter Browser Verify Permission (Yes/ No) Content Service Providers Subscriber Payment Gateway ? X X P2P Download Developer

11 Product / Service Purchase / Sale
Secured Transactions Overview ABC & Company Subscriber NetAlter Controller Registration Product Services Personal Preferences Subscriber / Business Repository Trustworthy Data Product / Service Purchase / Sale Goods Delivery Business Processing Payment Business Transaction

12 NetAlter Software Limited
NetAlter Infrastructure NetAlter offers infrastructure that will support the development and deployment of diverse applications and services within its framework. Will be based on MS Dot Net platform or/and Java Platform in the form of Service Modules the output of which will be a designated service. Will aid discovery, invocation, interoperation, composition, execution synchronization, organization and request handling of on demand services. Catalogues Metadata information in a format that is simultaneously computer and human interpretable Database & Storage System (MS Access, SQL Server, MSDE and File System) Server side (http), Peer to Peer ( TCP /IP), Web Server (.Net remoting , SOAP and other methods), Web Services & AI Agents, Communication (SMTP / POP / FTP) NetAlter Software Limited

13 NetAlter Infrastructure Overview
Business Enterprise NetAlter Subscribers Head Office NetAlter GRID Data Centers Application / Service Providers Super Node / Mobile Clients/Server Thin / Rich / Smart Mobile Subscriber Branch Office Personal Network Platform Independence Multi Role Active NetAlter Service Browser OS and device independent MS Dot Net / Java J2EE Operating System (Windows/Linux) NetAlter will implement a Service Oriented Architecture and thus provide horizontal as well as vertical scaling and integration of applications and solutions for any number and type of computing device

14 NetAlter Software Limited
Collaborative Network Trusted Hierarchical Flexible Layer (THFL) which promotes networking, federation and collaboration between entities. (Network of Network’s Network) Integrated communication tools such as , Messaging, VoIP , Online Audio/Video Conferencing, etc. Cost effective personal / enterprise networking platform. Reusable code and component libraries, web services, GRID computing usage library, Peer to Peer application development and communication and messaging protocols repository. Single click eCommerce and 3rd Party Payment Gateway. Distributed Resource and Information Sharing. Domain specific ontology, taxonomy, semantic and metadata repository Browser integrated Search and Discovery of applications, services and resources. NetAlter Software Limited

15 Locate & Install Service
NetAlter Collaboration - How it works!!! Authorized Development Standards Developer 1 Preview Subscribe Create Application Store Locate Services Developer Browser Application Server Service Browser Update Update Web Server Locate Software Module Integrate Services Repository Search Application Repository Deploy Service Developer 2 Update Preview Service Standards Service Provider Store Preview Application Server Locate & Install Service Application Application Repository Development Standards Developer Browser

16 NetAlter Software Limited
Democratic Grid Platform Innovative Two way sharing of idle local and network resources. Browser based implementation of Grid functionality. Usage of Grid resources based on give and take model. Commercial usage of unutilized Grid resources. Development framework for Grid enabled applications and services. Grid enabled Search Engine functions. Integration of P2P with Grid Framework. Highly fault tolerant and very high uptime due to stringent security standards. NetAlter Software Limited

17 NetAlter Grid - How it works
Setup Grid Disk / Memory Database CPU Devices Application Subscriber Setup Developers Grid Enabled Application / Services Download Browser Service Provider Register Subscriber Payment Gateway Application / Service Access Grid Service Provider / Developer Researchers Grid Enabled Browser Paid Paid Access Grid Resource Paid Subscriber Shared Grid Bank

18 NetAlter Software Limited
Always Connected Network NetAlter offers organizations to get connected by forming personal networks. The Trusted Hierarchical Flexible Layer (THFL) automatically enables organizations to create a sub network within the NetAlter network. Offers Multi User, Member, Admin level and domain level THFL replication. Connectivity is enabled by both ways i.e. Client Server as well as P2P. Offers offline transaction handling and subsequent online synchronization. Device and Platform independent Browser application enables easy user friendly interface for accessing network resources. SOA infrastructure provides business with scalability across diverse platforms and versatile database connectivity. NetAlter Software Limited

19 Always Connected Network
US Super Node Eastern Board NetAlter Subscriber Client, Japan New Delhi Branch Office NetAlter Subscriber NY, USA NetAlter Super Node Kolkotta NETALTER GRID US HO Washington DC NetAlter Super Node Malaysia Peer to Peer Client Server Company HO Singapore

20 Business Networking Overview
Sharing Resources, Common Inventory, Grid Computing, Regular Revenue, Saving on Infrastructure Cost Direct Sales, Increased Market Penetration, Secured Payment, No Piracy, Easy Expansion, Targeted Advertising Resource Client SOA based Business Process, Shared Knowledge Repository, Instant & Speedy Communication, Artificial Intelligent Agents Process Knowledge How NetAlter achieves Business Objectives by Integrating the Enterprise

21 NetAlter Software Limited
For Subscribers Subscriber Explorer with single click functionality, search & filtering of pre-selected features and functions. Wizards based operations & actions such as initial setup of applications and services, preferences, personal portal, personal network and P2P/Grid sharing. Universal Identification and Authentication for multiple applications & services Store personal data in local database with option to publish across network. Single click search enabled eCommerce interface. Active filtering of advertisements and broadcasted content. Multi AI Agents facilitate automation of routine tasks and operations. Highly secured P2P file and content sharing. Participation in NetAlter Grid enables execution of grid enabled applications. NetAlter Software Limited

22 Protects Privacy Personal Data There is no way NetAlter can access or share this information with others. NetAlter only saves information provided at the time of registration and uses it to for identification and authentication.

23 NetAlter Software Limited
For Developers Product Keys Management (For Products and Upgrades) Reusable Code and Component Library similar to .Net framework. Full features FTP Explorer for deployment of Products (Trial, Register & New Version) and for offering Updates and Resources to customers. Developer Explorer providing single click access to developer network. Wizard based operations & interaction with developers, providers & subscribers Integrated Products Registration platform for registration of Service Modules and Utilities (for Providers and Subscribers) Detailed Auto Error Reporting and audit of application usage and deployment. NetAlter development license offered to developers at nominal cost with commercial license application on deployment of service modules. NetAlter Software Limited

24 Discourages Piracy Publishers of Content, Applications and Services have to provide detailed Metadata information. This helps those involved in piracy to be easily traceable and their access can be blocked across the entire network

25 NetAlter Software Limited
For Service Providers Package Keys Management (For providing Services to Subscribers) Provider Explorer providing single click functionality for search & filtering. Wizard based operations & interaction with NetAlter, developers, providers & subscribers Domain specific ontology, taxonomy, semantic and metadata repository. Detailed Auto Error Reporting and audit of usage and deployment of services. NetAlter Service Provider license offered to providers at nominal cost with commercial license application on deployment of on demand service. Commercial Grid resources on basis of availability. Robust Protection for original content and IPR. Ready market with targeted advertising model based on user preferences. NetAlter Software Limited

26 Organized Content NetAlter Wide Network in Location Sub Domain in Network Software, Aviation, Academic State wise Taxation, Primary Education Field Specific Services in Network Jobs, Dating, E-Commerce, Business Accounting Software, Online Education Personal Networking Location in Field Grid Computing India, USA, UK, Japan Reserved, Private, On Demand, Available Social Network NetAlter also makes it easy to locate information on the network as it organizes information at the time of creation and also categorizes all published information more accurately than the present internet.

27 NetAlter Software Limited
Product - Salient Features NetAlter Software Limited

28 NetAlter Vs Internet Technology/Feature Internet NetAlter
Universally applied Security Standards NO Yes Distributed Content, Database, Application and Services Architecture. Not Universal Highly scalable Development and Service Standards Minimizes Duplication and increase Inter-operability Limited Universal Identification and Authentication No Domain less addressing and discovery of resources Network of Network of Network Model Easy Integration of enterprise with global community Focus on On-Demand Applications and Services Universal, Secured P2P and Democratic Grid Computing Model and Resource Sharing. NetAlter System will offer an integrated all-in-one sandbox (platform) based on open standards and technology

29 NetAlter Browser Vs Internet Browser
Technology/Feature Internet NetAlter Device and Platform Independent Not Universal Yes User Specific Multi Role Active No Integrated Search Active Explorer Wizard based interface and Operations Integrated Communication and Collaboration tools Universal, Secured Peer-to-Peer Platform Creates New Network and Grid Protection for Intellectual Property and Privacy Integrated Virus and Spam Control NetAlter Browser will offer an integrated application platform unmatched by existing or future browsers

30 NetAlter Search Vs Internet Search
Technology/Feature Internet NetAlter Searches all sources of Web including P2P No Yes Semantic Organization & Database Search Period wise and Field wise Search Detailed Meta Data and Background Search Highly relevant, current and accurate results Multi AI Search Agents with Pre-Search Definition Store Search Results to Local Database Post Search Analysis and Operations Multi Tasking and Grid Computing based Distributed Processing Targeted Advertising based on User Preferences NetAlter Search is far superior as it offers latest technologies at least cost to both end users and business users

31 NetAlter Software Limited
User Interface and Utilities Subscriber Explorer with single click functionality, search & filtering of pre-selected features and functions. Wizard based operations & actions such as initial setup of applications and services, preferences, personal portal, personal network and P2P/Grid sharing. Universal Identification and Authentication for multiple applications & services Store personal data in local database with option to publish across network. Single click search enabled eCommerce interface. Active filtering of advertisements and broadcasted content. Multi AI Agents facilitate automation of routine tasks and operations. Highly secured P2P file and content sharing. Participation in NetAlter Grid enables execution of grid enabled applications. NetAlter Software Limited

32 NetAlter Service Browser Interface
Results Tabbed Browser Search Paging Marriage Marriage Vivaha Lagna Nikha Shaadi Lagan Multiple Search Keywords and options Tabbed Browser Interface to display results from Multiple Search Keywords & Search Paging

33 Universal Authentication
HiJGa52126 Every NetAlter Subscriber is assigned a unique User ID tagged to his computer. The subscriber can use the same User ID for registration of any other service in NetAlter

34 Personal Preferences Installation Wizard Personal Portal : Yes No Personal Network : Yes No Grid Sharing : Yes No Content Filtering : Yes No Next At the time of installation of NetAlter Service Browser, the User selects his or her personal preferences.

35 Personal Portal Rohit Verma Personal Information : Yes No Family Details : Yes No Employment Details : Yes No Business Info : Yes No Publish Portal : Yes No Next The personal portal on NetAlter is like your own website that is stored in your computer and published on NetAlter. Domain Name registration and server hosting NOT required.

36 Personal / Social Networking
contact Rohit Verma’s Personal Network Facility : Yes No Chat / Messaging : Yes No File Sharing : Yes No Data Sharing : Yes No P2P Voice/Video Comm: Yes No Next Users can form their own personal / Social network and invite their friends, relatives and colleagues to download NetAlter and get connected

37 NetAlter – Grid Resources
NetAlter Grid Sharing Share Idle Resources : Yes No Processing Power : % CPU Cycles Shared Memory : % MB Online Gaming : Yes No NetAlter Grid Applications: Yes No Next Users who have selected to join the NetAlter Grid can select various options as shown above

38 User Interface and Utilities Overview
Legal Software Secured File/Data Sharing Voice/Video over Net Collaboration NetAlter will allow users to share and access resources and information.

39 NetAlter Software Limited
NetAlter Search – Features Unique algorithm to search within NetAlter network. Locates information directly from a cluster. Presents highly accurate and relevant information. Saves search results to local database. Common search for all kind of devices. Utilizes Grid technology to locate information faster. Works even when the internet connection is unavailable. Search local information and database, shared information & databases made available by computers in peer to peer network Offers indexed Deep, Database, Wide and Cluster Search. NetAlter Software Limited

40 NetAlter Software Limited
NetAlter Search - Features Distributed (p2p) available for all peers in the network. Semantic Search resulting in very high search relevancy. Availability of Meta data and Background Search. Searches via Multi AI Agents; Local Information, subscriber, developer and service provider database. Faster search utilizing Multi Tasking and Grid Computing Technology Plug-In Search from within applications. Post Search Process for sorting, ranking, comparing, tracking, filtering, follow-up, and auto-match making. Tabbed Browser Interface to display results from Multiple Search Keywords and Search Paging. NetAlter Software Limited

41 NetAlter Software Limited
Business Potential NetAlter Software Limited

42 NetAlter Economics NetAlter offers your business the economics of an global, internet wide network by enabling thin/rich/smart and artificial intelligent technologies at a cost that delivers faster return on your investment… Expanding your business as your business grows, connecting branches, new markets does not require you to stretch your capital on acquiring additional infrastructure thus increasing your profitability. Gain in customer goodwill appreciates your business standing in the market. Reliable payment methods ensures turnaround value of your products and services. Trusted communication and infrastructure offers both clients and service providers an opportunity to concentrate on the commercial aspects.

43 The Profit Making Grid SOA based NetAlter Service Browser
Expand your Business vertically as well as horizontally at least cost Dynamic Discovery of Information Save time and money on advertising Always Connected P2P Network Reduced Downtime increases productivity and enhances market reach Secured Financial Online Transaction Incentive to instant Revenue Generation Trusted Communication and Information Sharing Protects Intellectual Property and facilitates Research

44 NetAlter Search – Business Model
Targeted Advertising broadcasted only on user specific preferences. Advertising cost to publishers based on actual sale. Search Engine result positioning based on relevancy of information. Advertisement also displayed in offline mode. Maximum targeted exposure at least cost. Search Engine Integrated with Browser, thus cornering maximum market share in the network.

45 Business – User Specific Targeted Advertising
Advertising cost to advertisers based on actual sale not eyeballs or clicks

46 Business Partners You can We Offer
Collaborate with our Development efforts by becoming a NetAlter Developer Become a Service Provider in offering services and content Join us as a Business Associate in marketing NetAlter Products & Services We Offer Technology, Expertise and Consultancy License to develop applications / service modules Direct Marketing and Revenue Sharing Platform Ready Infrastructure to develop and market your products / services

47 Registered Office NetAlter Software Limited 813 & 814, Nirmal Corporate Center, Nirmal Life Style, L.B.S Marg, Mulund [West], Mumbai – Maharashtra, India. Phone : (91-022) Fax : (91-022) Web : Thank You ! Corporate & Office NetAlter Software Limited 622 & 623, Nirmal Corporate Center,   Nirmal Life Style, L.B.S Marg, Mulund [West], Mumbai – Maharashtra, India. Phone :(91-022) (91-022)

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