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Porting A Perl/Sybase Application to Model 204 Chuck Gait CSC.

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1 Porting A Perl/Sybase Application to Model 204 Chuck Gait CSC

2 Agenda Goal of the Task Perl The Process Lessons Learned

3 Goal of the Task Move the existing Sybase database part of the application to M-204, AND Maintain the current Sybase code base, AND Change as little of the code as possible.

4 Goal, cont'd Why? Task broken up into 2 parts (short term and near long term); we're in Phase 1 Phase 2 will involve a complete rewrite (to get rid of duplicate and spaghetti code) Access Restriction: Two separate sets of users, on two separate networks need access to the same data.

5 Goal, cont'd So we need to have a single code base to be able to access both databases. But, why have two separate databases since both contain the same data? Because the security people say so, that's why.

6 Application Specs User GUI 28,000 lines of Perl code (packages and scripts) Approx. 1000 lines of Java code About 10,000 lines of shell programs About 200 lines of Sybase code ISQL Dblib Not much static HTML (100-200 lines)

7 Application Specs, cont'd Input Side About 10,000 lines of Perl Processes incoming message traffic: Scans the data, auto-correcting where it can Reformats certain text portions into formatted data Stores the messages via Sybase 200 or so lines of Sybase If we get to this prior to July, great! Or, not.

8 Perl Phil's Eclectric Rubbish Lister AKA CGI programming The workhorse behind most web processing Very Fast and Powerful Many different ways to do the same thing (we saw this all over) Can be obfuscated, uh, obtuse

9 More Perl @name means an array (context) $name is a list context for above array $name[0], $name[1],..., $name[n] %a is a hash context (i.e, an associative array) $a{b} is the b-th element in the a hash Perl is way cool

10 The Process Looked at the application Pulled out all of the Sybase code Had a meeting with the M-204 shop Tasked them with writing a SQL parser Our job was done!

11 The Process, 2 M-204 shop revolted! Had another meeting Result: Pseudo UL interface for M-204 3 Perl packages on the front end: SYBX DBX SWAPI

12 SYBX A Perl package Replaced all ISQL with Dblib calls Returned data in the agreed-upon format

13 DBX A Perl package Software switch: If server is SYBASE Send SQL request to SYBX Otherwise Send SQL request to SWAPI

14 SWAPI Steve's WRANGLER API A Perl package Translates SQL into Pseudo UL Uses regular expressions Sends PUL to M204 Retrieves output Postprocesses it, if necessary (aggregates, etc) Returns data in agreed-upon format

15 Perl and Regexp $reSelect= "select\\s+(?:(distinct)\\s+)?". "($reSelColList|\\*)". "(?:\\s+from\\s+($reIdList))". "(?:\\s+where\\s+($reComplex))?". "(?:\\s+($reGroupBy))?". "(?:\\s+($reOrderBy))?";

16 Perl & Regexp, part 2 select\s+(?:(distinct)\s+)?((?:(?:|)\s*,\s*)*(?:|)|\*)(?:\s+from\s+((:(?:\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za-z]\w*)?\s*,\s*)*\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A- Zaz]\w*)?)))(?:\s+where\s+((?:\s+(?:and|or)s+*(?:nt\s+)?(?:|(?:"(?:.*?[^\\])?"|'(?:.*?[^\\])?'|\b-?\d+}\b-?\d+(?:\.\d*)?|\b[A-Za- z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za-z]\w*)?|\*)\s+(?:not\s+)?between\s+(?:"(?:.*?[^\\])?"|'(?:.*?[^\\])?'|\b-?\d+}\b-?\d+(?:\.\d*)?|\b[A-Za- z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za -z]\w*)?|\*)\s+and\s+(?:"(?:.*?[^\\])?"|'(?:.*?[^\\])?'|\b-?\d+}\b-?\d+(?:\.\d*)?|\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za- z]\w*)?|\*)|(?:"(?:.*?[^\\])?"|'(?:.*?[^\\])?'|\b-?\d+ }\b-?\d+(?:\.\d*)?|\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za- z]\w*)?|\*)(?:\s+not\s+)?\s*(?:like|<>| =|>)\s)*(?:"(?:.*?[^\\])?"|'(?:.*?[^\\])?'|\b-?\d+}\b-?\d+(?:\.\d*) ?|\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za-z]\w*)?|\*)|(?:"(?:.*?[^\\])?"|'(?:.*?[^\\])?'|\b-?\d+ }\b-?\d+(?:\.\d*)?|\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za-z]\w*)?|\*)\s+(?:not\s+)?in\s*\(\s*(? :(?:"(?:.*?[^\\])?"|'(?:.*?[^\\])?'|\b-?\d+}\b-?\d+(?:\.\d*)?|\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\. [A-Za-z]\w*)?|\*)\s*,\s*)*(?:"(?:.*?[^\\])?"|'(?:.*?[^\\])?'|\b-?\d+}\b-?\d+(?:\.\d*)?|\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za-z]\w*)?|\*)\s*\)|(?:"(?:.*?[^\\])?"|'(?:.*?[^\\]) ?'|\b-?\d+}\b-?\d+(?:\.\d*)?|\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za-z]\w*)?|\*) \s+is\s+(?:not\ s+)?null)))?(?:\s+((?:\bgroup\s+by\s+(?:(?:\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za-z]\w*)?\s*,\s *)*\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\.[A-Za-z]\w*)?))))?(?:\s+((?:\border\s+by\s+(?:(?:\b[A-Za-z] \w*(?:\.[A-Za-z]\w*)?|\b-?\d+)(?:\s+(?:asc|desc))?\s*,\s*)*(?:\b[A-Za-z]\w*(?:\. [A-Za-z]\w*)?|\b-?\d+)(?:\s+(?:asc|desc))?)))?

17 Pseudo User Language A select turns intoGET An update turns into RPL A delete turns into DEL

18 PUL select fld1,fld2 from tbl1 where fld1=10 becomes GET~TBL1~FLD1|FLD2~FLD1=10~ select * from tbl1,tbl2 where fld1=10 and tbl1.x=tbl2.x Becomes XREF~TBL1|TBL2~FLD1|FLD2~FLD1=10~x~

19 The Returned Data Data coming back from both databases had to be identical That's why we converted all ISQL calls to Dblib Some code changes required.

20 The Result No change for the user Application looks identical for both databases Great for the user since no retraining is needed.

21 Lessons Learned Was a lot more difficult than originally estimated. Missed some SQL that was generated on the fly Should have just bit the bullet and did the complete rewrite.

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