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(Property Owners Association) GENERAL MEETING Feb 20, 2014

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1 (Property Owners Association) GENERAL MEETING Feb 20, 2014

2 Lake Howell Community

3 Board of Directors Pete Barr (2/15)Lake Howell Lane Mark Clark (2/14)Sausalito Shores Joe Lung (2/15)Lake Howell Lane Bob Musser (2/15)Lakehurst Jim Travis (2/15)Lago Vista Chris Wilson (2/16) Lake Howell Lane Claire Wynters (2/16) Marbeya (Denotes date of term completion)

4 Advisory Panel Gloria Eby Seminole County Water Quality Dean Barber Seminole County Consultant Alicia Knecht Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation (FWC)

5 Seminole County Lake Management Program Resources Water Quality & Bio-assessment Update

6 City of Casselberry Water Quality Projects Treating Runoff into Lake Howell

7 Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Permitting Aquatic Herbicides (Individual & Whole Lake) Grass Carp

8 Accomplishments 2013 Monitored vegetation growth in lake Chemically treated 34 acres of hydrilla Added 400 grass carp – 1 per surface acre Grass carp barrier cleaned, significant repairs Mini-barriers constructed & installed Shoreline spray program for invasive plants Aquatic revegetation – 5 sites 2 No Wake buoys installed (4 total)

9 Accomplishments 2013 Verified outfall elevation complies with SJRWMD 9 th Annual Christmas boat parade with prizes Maintained Friends of Lake Howell website Property Values Maintained Lake Howell remains PRIVATE.

10 Lake Howell Vegetation Prior to 2011- No significant vegetation Nov 2011- Eelgrass emerging Feb 2012 - Southern naiad emerging July 2012 - Hydrilla emerging Sept 2012 - Eelgrass dominant species May 2013 - Southern naiad dominant species Grass carp have reached end of life!

11 Hydrilla Map Oct 2013

12 Barrier Repaired

13 Bank Repaired

14 Mini-Barriers

15 Recommended Management Options for Lake Howell IssueRecommendation Treatment of Storm water Inputs a.Construct proposed Alum Treatment system along Howell Creek b.Construct proposed Seminole County treatment systems for Cassel Creek and Deer Run Rear Yard Berms and Swales a.Construct berms and swales along all developed shoreline areas of Lake Howell Vegetated Shorelinesa.Require establishment of natural shoreline vegetation in all non-exempt (by permit) shoreline areas within 3-5 years Ground water Seepage Inputs a.Conduct aquatic plantings in hot spot areas for seepage Phosphate loadings Public Educationa.Establish a comprehensive public education program to inform residents of link between watershed activities and water quality Boatinga.Restrict boating activities to areas > 10 feet in depth; idle speed in all other areas

16 Shoreline Revegetation Sponsored by Seminole County Hosted by Friends of Lake Howell Restore shoreline vegetation Remove invasive species and plant beneficial native species

17 Shoreline Revegetation Seminole County recruited approximately 100 volunteers and provided over 4000 plants.

18 Shoreline Revegetation FOLH identified sites for restoration and provided lunch for the volunteers. Sausalito Shores provided their clubhouse and facilities.

19 No Wake Buoys Goal : To improve water quality with minimum impact to recreational usage. Problem : Propeller wash mixes bottom sediments into the water column degrading quality. Solution : Restrict boat speed in shallow waters.

20 No Wake Buoys Authority: Seminole County Ordinance and Florida Statutes establish a no wake zone in all waters to 150 ft from shoreline Implementation: Locate buoys 150 ft offshore at high usage areas (boat ramps and beaches)

21 No Wake Buoys

22 Boat Parade Thank you to our Sponsors Waterways Car Wash Orlando Mobile Marine West Marine Sams Club Gators Dockside Bar & Grill New York Nails Beauty Plus Carpet Care Colorado Fondue Tijuana Flats Sports Clips Stonewood Restaurant

23 Boat Parade Thank you to our Sponsors Mr. Lake Howell Realtor – Monarch Jewelry Wing Stop Kellys Auto/Boat Detailing Mechanics Plus Walgreens Publix Sheer Magic Pet Grooming Hand & Stone Massage Jersey Mikes Subs Sports Clips Mens Haircuts

24 Financial Summary 2013 Jan 99 to Date Balance12/31/2012118,998.52 Contributions8,016.32 Interest73.49 Refunds (income)0.00 Expenses41,796.64 Balance12/31/201385,291.69 YTD Net-33,706.83 Balance1/25/19990.00 Contributions390,287.78 Interest6,405.20 Refunds (income)1,634.24 Expenses313,035.53 Balance12/31/201385,291.69

25 Expenses

26 Annual Program Cost whole lake treatment

27 2014 Projects Monitor invasive vegetation and treat Add grass carp per FWC Water Quality Projects Aquatic revegetation 4-6 sites No Wake Buoys (2) Red Bug Outfall Project – prevent public access Monitor development – Mayflower & San Pedro Community Newsletter Increase fundraising

28 2014 Projects Host a Community Cookout Work with lake communities to acquire permits and establish shoreline management plans Support external organization cleanup efforts Clean and maintain Fish Barriers Monitor Cassel Creek and Howell Creek

29 Budget 2014 Hydrilla Chemical Treatment $40,000 Grass Carp Addition$3,000 Shoreline Maintenance – Invasive Aquatic Vegetation$2,000 No Wake Buoys$1,500 Aquatic revegetation w/ Seminole County$500 Barrier Cleaning $3,000 Barrier Repair$1,500 Administration$1,000 Contingency $5,000 FOLH Corporation$2,000 Corp Fee, Insurance, CPA, Taxes Total $59,500

30 Funding Request

31 Elect Directors Mark Clark (2/16)Sausalito Shores Ken Terrell (2/16)Sausalito Shores Chris Wilson (2/16)Lake Howell Lake Claire Wynters (2/16)Marbeya Volunteers?

32 Friends of Lake Howell Board of Directors Meetings 3 rd Thursday of Month @ 6:30 pm Lake Howell Arms Clubhouse All Residents with deeded access to Lake Howell Send contributions to: Friends of Lake Howell, Inc. 5415 Lake Howell Road #300 Winter Park, FL 32792

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