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Project proponent: Korund Ltd Kondopoga, the Republic of Karelia 2009 г.

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2 Project proponent: Korund Ltd Kondopoga, the Republic of Karelia 2009 г.

3 1. Strategy of social solidarity became a discussion topic in one of working groups in the 4 th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum; the idea is that the population should feel its involvement into solving anti-recessionary tasks. 2. The similar idea was voiced by the vice prime- minister Alexandr Zhukov in conclusions of brainstorming. He said: The whole country can not be a stadium watching what the Government is going to do in the crisis. We can overcome the crisis, if everyone, if we together undertake drastic measures. 01.06.20142


5 1. Basalt goods endurance is 15 times higher than of steel ones; 2. Density and, consequently, weight is 4 times less; 3. Warranty on pipes, fitting and other basalt goods is 50 years and more, as they do not rust; and vagabond electron currents do not take place in them; 4. They are nonreactive to acid and alkaline conditions 5. They do not deposit crust and fall-out in pipes and boilers; 6. They can breath, so they soak temperature from -200 up to +200 0 C; 7. Basalt casting soaks t =1000 0 C ; 8. Basalt barrel stands instead of 600 shots up to 6500 shots; 9. Advantages of basalt and its products by its characteristics over many other materials are endless! 01.06.20144

6 Magmatic rock basalt, diabase, gabbro, etc. Magmatic rock basalt, diabase, gabbro, etc. Quarry Extraction and processing Quarry Extraction and processing Crushed stone Raw material for foundry casting work Sand Monocrystal casting Staple fibre (wool) Scales Gas-basalt Continuous fibre (roving) PRODUCTS MADE OF BASALT, GABBRO AND OTHER MAGMATIC ROCKS 01.06.20145

7 Fields of application of basalt products Aircraft industry Motor industry Cryogenic technology and equipment Road construction Agriculture and agricultural products processing Oil and gas industry Engineering Metallurgy Industrial and civil construction Electric ingineering and communication Energetics Human environment protection Coal, mining and concentrating industry Chemical, petrochemical, cox-chemical, pulp and paper industries Shipbuilding Defense industry 01.06.20146

8 Composite, constructive materials, structures working in conditions of elevated vibration, fluctuating load, heat insulation of thermal equipment. 01.06.20147 Engineering

9 Composite and heat-insulating material for producing automobile deafeners, facia, space fillers, plastics, reinforcing material for brake blocks and clutch plates production, non-inflammable composite materials, cord for auto decks. Materials for producing fuel tanks, receivers for LPG and compressed natural gas. Corrosion preventing, bumping proof and enduring coatings for automobiles bottom sides. 01.06.20148 Motor industry

10 Composite materials resistant to sea water, heat-insulation of marine installations, ship hulls, bulkheads: steam-waterpipes, inlet, filling and fuel tankers, corrosion preventing paint coatings of ship hulls. Small ship building – structures of ship hulls, deck erections. 01.06.20149 Shipbuilding

11 Composite constructive materials and goods, heat-insulation of coaches, non-inflammable composite materials, electric- insulating materials, resistant paint coatings. 01.06.201410 Railway coach manufacturing

12 Composite materials, heat-insulation of thermal equipment of steam boilers, turbines, heat pipelines, high-voltage insulating materials, power transmission line support, core of high-voltage power lines. 01.06.201411 Energetics

13 Non-inflammable heat-insulating and constructive materials, fire-protective doors, cast pipes and containers, cable passages, materials for radiative protection, radiative substances storage containers. 01.06.201412 Atomic energy

14 Reinforcing material for boards production, electric-insulating materials, constructive materials for electronics bodies. 01.06.201413 Electronics industry

15 Chemically and enduring protective coatings of containers, pipelines, oil pipelines. Non-inflammable coatings and composite materials. Fire-resistant composite materials, etc 01.06.201414 Petrochemical industry

16 Geonets of bituminous concrete surface of roads, airstrips of airdromes. Water engineering– reinforcing materials for construction of dams, materials for irrigation. Construction of port buildings, sea platforms - basalt-plastic reinforcing and constructive materials. 01.06.201415 Roadway surfacing

17 01.06.201416 а – for fluids with reinforcing components х – for chemically aggressive media п – for cold drinking water г – for hot water of household water supply с – for other media Fields of application of pipes

18 01.06.201417

19 Basalt wool Heat-insulating boads Insulating shell Mats Heat-resistant cardboard Corrugated sheeting Raw materials for spinning Fibre Soundproof boards With binding additives Foil-coated mats Broached mats PRODUCTS MADE OF BASALT WOOL 01.06.201418

20 Basic advantages of insulants made of rocks: Good heat and sound insulation; Organic security; Elastivity; Long life; Fire resistance; Do not absorb moisture; Keeping size and physical characteristics within all service life.

21 01.06.201420 Sustained working temperature regime -260 +960 C 0 Exploitation life without worsening of technical characteristics 50 – 100 years Acoustic absorption coefficient 0.9-0.992% High endurance in comparison to metal, density and weight is lower in 4 times Water absorption0.3% High chemical resistance to acid and alkaline conditions High resistance to mold, microorganisms and corrosion Protection from electromagnetic and radiative emanation and information readout Basalt composites can replace steel and all other types of reinforcing fibreglass (1 kg of BC/ 1 kg of steel) 1kg/8.6 kg

22 1. Satisfaction of constantly growing demand for high quality ecologically friendly insulant; 2. Development and support of hi-tech productions in the region; 3. Creating new jobs; 4. Import substitution. The goal of the project:

23 Set of Russian production of heat-insulating materials by types of materials, in % of the total production output


25 IndicatorRURUSD Discount rate% 18.008.00 Payback period, months. 43 Discounted payback period, months5046 Average rate of return, % 44.04 Net present value610,418,09751,593,882 Internal rate of return, % 34.37 Project efficiency

26 Kolsky peninsula (Murmansk region and Karelia), Urals (Bashkiriya, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Sverdlovsk and Perm regions), Western Siberia (Novosibirsk region, Kuzbas and Altai, Tomsk region), Eastern Siberia (Krasnoyarsk Territory, Hakasiya, Yakutiya, Buryatiya), Far East (Habarovsk Territory, Sahalin island). 01.06.201425

27 Project advantages 1.Proximity of raw materials bases. 2. Availability of own power facilities Р = 5.3 MW. 3. Technical possibility to connect to gas supply and use gas as a fuel. 4. Own water intake.

28 01.06.201427 5. Availability of own railway approaching lines. 6. Location in proximity to Moscow – Murmansk and Saint-Petersburg – Murmansk automobile roads and railways. 7. Possibility to set up production and shipment of other building materials, including fill materials. 8. Proximity to constituent entities of the North- West Federal District, which have no such production facilities.

29 KORUND LTD The Republic of Karelia, Kondopoga, Zavodskaya St., 2 а

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