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Page:Date: 26.2.2010Code: P021/30A1 Clarity Chromatography Software Clarity 3.0 – New features.

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1 page:Date: Code: P021/30A1 Clarity Chromatography Software Clarity 3.0 – New features

2 page:Date: Code: P021/30A2 More than 100 new features in version 3.0 Calibration Import/Export Chromatogram Event table User Interface Reports Sequence

3 page:Date: Code: P021/30A3 Opening the Clarity Instrument Select your Project during the logon Option to select project in Login Dialog Auto Lock - option to lock Instrument after predefined period

4 page:Date: Code: P021/30A4 Improvements in user interface User Options - new tab Directories to set paths for PDF reports, exports and imports Tables - function Fill series (Sequence, Calibration, Gradient)

5 page:Date: Code: P021/30A5 Calibration Bracketing, Standard Addition, Normalization Improved Identification Windows Forced Compound Identification New Calibration curves, Linearization of Calibration Graph Axes Calculation by Response of Another Compound Response factor as Amount/Response or Response/Amount Response Correction Factor

6 page:Date: Code: P021/30A6 Calibration Options Calibration curve check Failure displayed in the Peak Type column in Result Table New Calculation types NORM STDADD

7 page:Date: Code: P021/30A7 Linearization of axes in Calibration Select appropriate function to linearize the values on X, Y axes Show linearized values in Graph Properties

8 page:Date: Code: P021/30A8 New Curve Fit Types in Calibration Select a new curve: ln log10 exp pow10 Hyperbola Half Sigmoid

9 page:Date: Code: P021/30A9 Chromatogram User columns – compound name in special values Mathematical operations – invert function to reverse polarity Advanced peak tags File open dialog – option to change overlay mode Result table – peak type indicates more info Support for electronic signatures in PDF reports

10 page:Date: Code: P021/30A10 Enhanced Peak Type info Peak Type in Result Table indicates used calibration options Ordnr/Ref/ISTD/RISTD/GRP peak type Error value could not be calculated Error (Curve Check) calibration curve does not met preset criteria

11 page:Date: Code: P021/30A11 Overlay mode Change to Overlay mode in Open Chromatogram dialog

12 page:Date: Code: P021/30A12 Electronic signatures in PDF reports

13 page:Date: Code: P021/30A13 Force Peak Identification Select Peak to Force Select new Peak Identification Name peaks without calibration file Override identification by calibration Name peaks without calibration file Override identification by calibration

14 page:Date: Code: P021/30A14 Relative Retention Times Force Peak Identification Calculated RRT Setup User Column using the Special Values, Compound option

15 page:Date: Code: P021/30A15 Customizable order of Report Sections Right click the tab and adjust its position

16 page:Date: Code: P021/30A16 Export of graphs Export of graphs from PDA view Export Calibration curve as picture

17 page:Date: Code: P021/30A17 Export of data in Excel (.xls) format

18 page:Date: Code: P021/30A18 Import Chromatogram Data Store your preferences for future use (user specific) Import of multiple signal chromatogram data aranged in columns Preview the imported data file Apply same settings to multiple files opened simultaneously

19 page:Date: Code: P021/30A19 Event table Events could be performed outside run New input conditions New output actions Resizable dialog and columns width New set of event for running/idle state of Instrument New set of commands in Output

20 page:Date: Code: P021/30A20 Valve control Set custom position for Valve at Close Instrument Input/Output names instead of numbers Set custom position for Valve at Close Instrument

21 page:Date: Code: P021/30A21 Sequence Bypass to perform run without injection for startup and shutdown methods New file name variables %P – Project %s – Sequence %J – Method New columns: Include in SST – perform SST test when injection is finished Stored Calib. – chromatogram will be opened with stored calibration Close All – close all currently opened chromatograms in overlay to prepare for next summary report

22 page:Date: Code: P021/30A22 Bracketing and Standard Addition Calibration and Sequence Usage Clone calibration at each Sequence start Standard Addition Bracketing This calibration will be used with Calibration used as specified by user Copy of the Example Calibration will be created according to Sequence options, Calibration and Sequence Usage

23 page:Date: Code: P021/30A23 Extension and Control Modules PDA – option Add All Identified Peaks to Spectrum library FC GP – new option Collect all Flow rate units options extended to L/min, mL/min, µL/min

24 page:Date: Code: P021/30A24 Control Modules in development Agilent 7890 GC Agilent 1200 HPLC DAD (G1315D) Sedere ELSD detector 80LT and 85LT PG Instruments LC-200 HPLC

25 page:Date: Code: P021/30A25 For more information please visit our website: Whats new ( menu: Products – Clarity – Next steps – What is new) Whats new Preliminary Demo version ( menu: Downloads – Preliminary versions) Preliminary Demo version Preliminary version ( menu: Downloads – Preliminary versions) Preliminary version

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