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Winning the Wealth Creation War for Wales Role of its Universities Engineering Professors Conference April 2004.

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1 Winning the Wealth Creation War for Wales Role of its Universities Engineering Professors Conference April 2004

2 Wales has traditionally depended upon sunset industries, inward investment and grant aid for its economic well-being. Is it possible to move away from this dependency culture by a greater reliance on indigenous talent?

3 …………..and if so what should the role be of the Universities?

4 The Challenge GDP is 75% of EU average 23 listed Welsh Companies (0.8% of UK) (5% of Population) 2500 new Companies needed per year to reach UK average (VAT Registrations)

5 Objective One £2.4 Billion Over the period 2001 to 2007

6 Universities as a Resource 80,000 Students 4000 Staff Diverse expertise Specialist Technical Services £80M annual Research income Capacity for Training and Consultancy

7 What can they Contribute? Support Graduates Training Consultancy Projects Collab. R&D Enabling Grants Deal Flow Alumni Entrepreneurs Intellectual Property Spin-Out Companies

8 Alumni Entrepreneurs

9 Alumni Companies Osprey Metals LtdCDR Ltd The CAD Centre (UK) Ltd Rockfield Software Ltd TeleDermatology (TDS) LtdSwansea Tribology Services ImagitechComputeraid Ltd Earth Resources Ltd CJ Controls Ltd Opinion Research Services SLS Ltd Newbridge NetworksA&A Electronics Eidawn Materials ResearchEidawn Software Race Electronics Ltd

10 Some more Fastlane Starvision SpaceBridge Beam SceneDouble Coastform Seden Ind & Tech Serv. Pty Ltd Palang Sophon Breconridge Crosskeys Mitel LTX Corporation Bridgewater Systems Cambrian Elantec Castleton Newport Networks Enfis Ltd Acorn/Arm

11 Alumni Entrepreneurs Some 30 to 40 out of Swansea alone Aggregate value, some $6Bn Mkt. Cap. 10s of thousands of jobs created All Over the world No direct use of University IP No Women! More than 20 listed Companies!! Often not with the best degrees One in several hundred students

12 Intellectual Property

13 Some Views about Patenting Expensive to maintain VCs often insist on a strong IP portfolio Rarely make large amounts of money Often used defensively (Blocks of IP traded or cross-licensed) Best Protection of IP is to continue to innovate

14 Make your own products obsolete before your Competitors do


16 University IP Licensing – Can be lucrative for Licensee and University – Not generally a huge potential for Job Creation – Doesnt address the low number of listed companies

17 Spin Out Companies

18 How they are Conceived Brilliant Research Profitable Business Market Analysis Profitable Business

19 How Businesses Start (Silicon Valley Experience) Transistor Integrated Circuit MicroProcessor Silicon Compiler Neural Networks Quantum Computing?

20 Carver Mead The best Innovative ideas come from a coalescence of what is possible and what the market requires. The process can inform and enrich University Research

21 Structure Preferred Option: Bring together the following and form University-linked spin-out companies: Entrepreneurs Alumni, Staff, Incomers University IP (Assigned to Company in selected Sector) Finance (VCs Bus.Angelss and Grant Aid) Premises: Technium Centres

22 Support through Partnership (TECHNIUM) Start- Up BroadBand R&D IP Premises Grants Venture Capital Staff Business Planning Sale IPO Fail Life- Style

23 Statistics Year00/0101/0202/0303/0404/0505/0606/07 Tot Start 5142227313745 Fail1235667 Left4121922253138 XX Actual XX Projected

24 Technium Programme Cap. Cost £M UnitsStart Date Technium 1 3.215April 02 Technium 2 6.220April 04 Digital 10.820Jan 04 Optic 1024Nov 03 Sust. Techs 9.120April 05 Auto 8.58~April 05 TOTALS 47.8107

25 Technium 1 Over 18 Months: 17 Companies 75% Graduates 72% R&D Turnover (5M to 7.5M) 300% Increase in Staff

26 Breakdown of 38 companies in 2007 Life Style/Ongoing 29 Trade Sale 3 IPO 4

27 All Wales Breakdown of 96 companies in 2007 Life Style/Ongoing 76 Trade Sale 8 IPO 12

28 Conclusions To meet the Challenge, Universities need to Raise awareness for future Entrepreneurs to start their companies locally Show a greater understanding of the role of their Intellectual Property Form Public/Private Partnerships to provide support networks Recognise Entrepreneurial Success

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