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Technical Associates Ltd.

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1 Technical Associates Ltd.
An ISO 9001:2008 Company Energising India since 1969…

2 About Us Manufacturers of
Power and Distribution Transformers upto 220 kV Turnkey Transmission & Distribution EPC Projects We offer solutions spanning the full length of Transmission & Distribution Opportunities

3 Aggressive Targets, Confidence to grow
About Us Currently manufacturing transformers from 5 KVA, 11 kV up to 200 MVA 220 kV class Planned production of Power Transformers upto 765 kV at new plant in India Manufacturing Capacity: approx. 18,000 MVA p.a. Turnkey Projects for building electrical substations, transmission & distribution lines upto 400 kV Aggressive Targets, Confidence to grow

4 About Us: Milestones 1967: Technical Associates Ltd. is founded
1969: TA gets it’s first order for manufacturing 5 kVA, 11KV Distribution Transformers 1973: Present manufacturing location at Lucknow established 1979: TA sets up first Transformer unit in Punjab at Sangrur 1985: Indian Transformer Manufacturers’ Association (ITMA) set up with TAL as a founder member 1991: TA gets ISO 9000 certification for complete transformer manufacturing process 2001: TA becomes regular manufacturer of 40.0 MVA, 132 kV Power Transformers 2006: Manufacturing activities certified by BSI, UK as complying to ISO 9001:2000 standards 2006: Turnkey Power Projects division set up for executing Transmission & Distribution EPC projects. 2007: Work commences on setting up a state of the art manufacturing plant in Sitarganj, Uttarakhand for manufacture of Extra High Voltage Power transformers up to 400 kV class. 2008: State of the art plant commissioned at Sitarganj (Uttarakhand). It will enlarge TAL’s transformer product portfolio to include EHV Transformers up to 400 kV; a quantum leap in manufacturing and technology. 2009: Second Transformer production unit at Sitarganj gets commissioned. 2009: TAL commissions Vapour Phase Drying Plants and Impulse Generators (HAEFELY, Switzerland). 2010: Both plants of TAL certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standard. 2011: TAL delivers it's first 100 MVA 220/132 kV Auto Transformer to APTRANSCO. 2011: TAL executes it's first export order for Power Transformers for ZESCO, Zambia. 2011: TAL successfully type tested for 160 MVA, 220/132 kV voltage class Power Transformer by ERDA Vadodra. 2012: TAL executes export order for Power Transformers for Tokai Power Products Ltd., Bangladesh and Distribution Transformation for ABERME, Republic of Benin, West Africa. 2012: TAL installed UP's first 2 MWp Solar Photovoltaic Power plant in District Barabanki Inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. 2013: TAL executes export order for Power & Distribution Transformers for Energie du Mali, Africa. 2013: TAL received an approval from RDSO for manufacturing and supply of Traction Power Transformers upto 30MVA, 220 KV Voltage class. 2013: TAL received an approval from Power Grid corporation of India Ltd. for supply of 1 Ph. & 3 Ph. Transformers upto 66 KV Class.

5 Pan India Presence Transformer sales Project Execution Sales Network

6 Products Portfolio

7 Power Transformers S. No Rating Voltage Class
100 MVA, 220/132/11 kV Power Transformer S. No Rating Voltage Class 33 kV Power Transformer 1 3.15 MVA 33/11 kV 2 5 MVA 3 6.3 MVA 4 7.5 MVA 33/11.5 kV 5 8.0 MVA 6 10 MVA 7 20 MVA 33/ kV 66 kV Power Transformer 12.5 MVA 66/11 kV 12.5/ 16 MVA 16/ 20 MVA 25/ 31.5MVA 132 kV Power Transformer 10/16 MVA 132/11 kV 20/25 MVA 132/33 kV 31.5 MVA 40 MVA 220 kV Power Transformer 60 MVA 220/132/11 kV 100 MVA 160 MVA 220/132 kV 12.5 MVA, 66/11 kV Power Transformer 40 MVA, 132/33 kV Power Transformer

8 Distribution transformers – Three phase
S. No Rating Voltage Class 1 10 kVA 11/0.433 kV 2 15 kVA 3 16 kVA 4 25 kVA 5 40 kVA 6 63 kVA 7 100 kVA 8 200 kVA 9 250 kVA 10 33/0.4 kV 11 300 kVA 12 315 kVA 13 400 kVA 14 6/0.42 kV 15 11/0.42 kV 16 500 kVA 17 630 kVA 18 750 kVA 19 1000 kVA 20 1500 kVA 21 2000 kVA 8 MVA, 33/11 kV Distribution Transformer All the above rating can also be manufactured for 33 kV or 22 kV voltage range Transformers upto 300 kVA, 11/0.433 kV are generally manufactured with aluminum winding, though copper wound transformers can be manufactured if required Transformers of 315 kVA and higher ratings are with copper winding Distribution Transformers (11 kV) Distribution Transformers (33 kV)

9 Distribution transformers – Single phase wound core
S. No Rating Voltage Class 1 5 kVA 6.3/0.240 kV 2 25/0.240 kV 3 11/√3 kV/240 kV 4 10 kVA 5 6 11/0.250 kV 7 16 kVA 8 25 kVA 9 50 kVA Transformer of 10 kVA are copper / aluminum wound Transformer of 16 kVA and higher rating can be made either with copper or aluminum or composite windings Transformer with primary voltage of 11 kV and intermediate ratings are also manufactured

10 Manufacturing Facilities

11 Manufacturing process
Core Conductor Insulation Tank fabrication Aluminum / Copper rod Press Board, Insulating paper, Permawood Crgo coil Ready cut core Bare Strip / Wire to size Slit paper, blocks, spacers, supports, strips Fabricated Tank Slitting and cutting Paper covering for Strip / Wire Annealing Coil winding LV & HV Tanking End frame fabrication Core assembly Coil pre heating & pressing Oil filling Core coil assembly Filtration Ratio check Testing Main assembly connections Inspection Ratio Check Dispatch Vacuum Drying/ Vapour Phase Drying

12 Manufacturing facilities – Ismailganj, Lucknow
Spread out over 8 acre area with ~ 6,000 sq. meters of covered sheds Shops are of adequate height with liberal floor area and are equipped with E.O.T cranes and other material handling facilities Separate facilities have been earmarked for assembly of Distribution and Power Transformers TAL has invested heavily in backward integration and does in-house production of major raw materials Core processing (Slitting, Cutting and Annealing) Conductor manufacturing (Drawing, Annealing and Paper covering) Transformer oil processing Tank fabrications Winding Assembly and tanking Manufacturing capacity of ~ 4,000 MVA per annum of mixed transformer ratings Paper Covering facility for conductor Power Transformer Bay Distribution Transformer Bay Power Transformer Test Station

13 Lucknow plant Winding Machines for handling heavy weight coil winding at variable speeds upto 10.0 MT capacity Core Cradles designed especially for high quality large Core Assembly

14 Complete facilities for Insulation cutting/ processing
Lucknow plant Complete facilities for Insulation cutting/ processing

15 Lucknow plant Complete facilities for Drawing of Round/ Rectangular Copper/ Aluminium conductor for use in Transformer windings Multi Layer Paper strip covering machines for Winding conductor

16 Cranes of 5, 10, 25, 35, 150 MT lifting capacity
Lucknow plant Cranes of 5, 10, 25, 35, 150 MT lifting capacity

17 Power Transformer Assembly
Lucknow plant Power Transformer Assembly Sheds with adequate space and roof heights for fast processing Power Transformer Assembly

18 New manufacturing facility at Sitarganj
T8: Fabrication T9: 220/ 400 kV Assembly T2: 33 kV transformer assembly T9: Impulse Test Area T7: Core Slitting, cutting, annealing T1: 11 kV transformer assembly T6: 66/ 132 kV Assembly & Testing EHV Test Area T5: 66/ 132/ 220/ 400 kV Winding T4: Insulation Processing T3: Central Store New Plant in Uttarakhand, North India

19 Manufacturing facilities – Sitarganj
Spread out over 12.5-acre area and is fully equipped to manufacture EHV power transformers upto 765 kV voltage class The manufacturing sheds occupy a total covered area of ~ 23,000 sq.m. ranging from 4 m to 24 m in height, and spans of 12 m to 24 m The plant has been designed for optimal material and work flow, and integrated manufacturing operations with separate bays planned for: Single phase and Three phase 11 kV distributions transformer Three phase 33 kV distribution transformer Three phase 66 & 132 kV power transformer Single phase and three phase 220 to 765 kV power transformer Coil winding Insulation processing Mild steel fabrication Impulse testing set-up Manufacturing capacity of 14,000 MVA per annum of mixed transformer ratings. Would be able to manufacture and deliver one 132 kV transformer per day Distribution Transformer Bay Material Handling Facility up to 300MT (2 X 150) Power Transformer Bay Power Transformer Test Station

20 New manufacturing facility at Sitarganj

21 New manufacturing facility at Sitarganj

22 New manufacturing facility at Sitarganj

23 New manufacturing facility at Sitarganj

24 66/132 kV Winding Area

25 66/132 kV Winding Area

26 66/132 kV Winding Area

27 66/132 kV Winding Area

28 66/ 132 kV - Assembly

29 66/ 132 kV - Assembly

30 100 MVA 220/132/11 kV Auto Transformer CCA

31 Autoclave with Vacuum capability upto 1.0 Torr

32 132 kV transformers under test

33 132 kV transformers under test

34 66/132 kV test station

35 220/ 400 kV assembly with 2x150 MT EOT cranes

36 Impulse Test area: 1600 kVP, 160 KJ Impulse Generator

37 Design & engineering and R&D
EXPERT DESIGN & ENGINEERING TEAM STRONG R&D TAL’s GM and senior consultant are both Ex GMs of BHEL The director of the design & engineering has been working with TAL for last 41 years TAL has strong R&D team having capabilities of developing new products in house All the products manufactured by the company have been developed in-house including the 220 kV & 132 kV transformers The company has a fully computerized design office and all transformer designs are done on the basis of in-house developed software For mechanical design, Computer Aided Design tools like AutoCad & Solidworks are used extensively Large number of TAL transformers have successfully cleared Impulse Voltage Withstand Capability tests at 3rd party, Government accredited Laboratories like CPRI (Central Power Research Institute) TAL also has some of the largest no. of transformers that have cleared 3rd party short circuit tests, amongst companies of TAL’s size S.No Designation Qualification Years of Experience 1 GM (Technical) M.E. (Elect) 38 2 Sr. Consultant B.Sc. (Elect. Eng.) 45 3 Director B.E. (Elect. Eng.) 42 4 Plant Head B.E. (Elect.) 39 5 General Manager B.E. (Mechanical) 37 6 Deputy General Manager BE (Electrical Engg.) 14 7 Diploma in Electrical 15 8 B.Tech (Electrical) 18 9 Manager B.Tech (Mechanical) 20 10 Sr. Engineer B.Tech (Elect) 11 B.Tech (Elect)+Pursuing M.Tech 3.6 12 Sr. Draftsman B.A.+ ITI 13 Engineer BE(Power Electronics) B. Tech (Electrical & E.) 16 Diploma in Mechanical 17 Trainee Engineer B.Tech (Mech)+Pursuing MBA B. Tech (Mech.) 19 M.E. (High Voltage) 0.1 21 Draftsman ITI & Diploma (Mech) TAL has a very strong, highly experienced design & engineering and R&D team capable of taking new challenges

38 Testing facilities OVERVIEW
Independent testing facilities for distribution and power transformers at both Lucknow and Sitarganj plant. Fully automated, computerized test benches & advanced testing software for all routine tests and temperature rise tests as per international standards like IS and IEC In-house facilities created for ALL routine tests, Type tests such as Temperature Rise & Impulse test, and specialised tests such as FRA, Noise & Vibration measurement, etc. Short circuit tests are subjected to third party testing at CPRI (India’s leading, independent test centers). Impulse voltage withstand ability tests are carried out through two impulse generators (1600 kVp, 160 kJ and 900 kVp, 45 kJ) from Haefely, Switzerland with expandable capacity to test transformers of 765 kV voltage class. Impulse Testing Facility Testing with Yokogawa Power Analyzer

39 Our Quality Policy Q We, at Technical Associates, are committed to achieve total satisfaction of our customers by: Effectively implementing and continually improving the Quality System. Delivering on time, products conforming to agreed specifications at competitive prices. Collectively and individually striving to do things right – the first time and every time - both in personal life as well as at the workplace. Continuous up-gradation of technology and active involvement of all employees and associates in productivity improvement.

40 Critical Quality check points
Core Tanking Grade of Material Electrical Clearances in Oil & Air Laminations Burr Level Core & Coil Assembly Locking at Tank Base & Tank Cover Pocket Height & Tolerance Core Earthing Clamp Plate / Tie Road Dimensions & Material All Routine Tests as per IS:2026/IEC:60076 Windings Additional tests on Customer requirements Transposition RSG Test at Low Voltage- To Ensure Insulation Requirement at Different Points Concentricity of Blocks - Axially & Radially Proper Ducts for Cooling & Voltage Withstand SFRA Test to ensure Healthiness of Core, Coil & Assembly- At our Works & At Site Measurement of Winding Resistance Tank Temperature Rise Test & Impulse Voltage withstand Tests - at least on one unit of each design Pressure & Vacuum Tests Dye Penetration Test on Lifting Components (optional) Measurement of Surface Temperature by Non Contact Type Electronic Gun Core- Coil & Terminal Gear Assembly DGA Test before & After Heat Run Test Radial & Axial Gap Measurements - as per Core-Coil Drg. S/C Test as per IS:2026/IEC:60076 – on Customer request Checking of Cable, Flats Dimensions & Paper Insulation Thickness Tests before Dispatch Route of Cables, Flats & their Gaps w.r.t End Fames, Tank, Coils, OLTC, Earth Points etc. Over Excitation of Transformer at 125% Rated Measurement of Magnetizing Current at Low Voltage Measurement of Ratio, Winding Resistance, Magnetizing Current, Vector Group, %Z & Load Loss, Core-Isolation Magnetic Balance Test Measurement of Polarization Index All Taps Resistance Measurement to ensure joints Healthiness Processing At 100°C ± 5°C & upto 1.0 torr Vacuum Meggar & PI Values Measurements after Core & Coil Assembly Processing

41 Turnkey Projects

42 Turnkey Projects TAL Engineering Projects Division (EPD) was established in 2006 to enhance and capitalize Technical Associates’ strong presence in the power T&D sector It undertakes complete execution of turnkey electrification projects from conceptualization , design, engineering, procurement, erection and commissioning The tasks taken up by TAL EPD include Rural Electrification Works, Distribution & Transmission lines from LT (440 V) to 220 kV, and electrical Substations from 11 kV to 220 kV Scope of works undertaken include: Complete design, engineering & planning Procurement & project management Erection / construction / commissioning / testing Handing over to customer / training Works undertaken include: Planning, erection and commissioning of HVDS network Rural electrification planning and commissioning Setting up of LT lines for urban / Rural networks Setting up of 11 kV distribution substations and lines Setting up 33/66/132/220 kV switch-yards and lines Energy auditing Planning, erection and commissioning of intelligent rural load management systems Main strengths : Experienced engineers, technicians & support staff from the field of project tendering, engineering, execution, erection, commissioning and testing High level of quality control 66 kV Sub-station with TAL transformer 132 kV Sub-station under construction 66 kV Sub-station at Mohra, Haryana

43 Organisation Profile

44 Organization structure
CMD Director GM (Sales-Marketing) GM (Finance) GM (Technical) Quality Head Plant Head (Sitarganj) GM (Production) GM HR Head- Material Management Head- IT CEO (Projects)

45 TAL Engineers & Managers at the Lucknow Corporate Office
People: The TA edge TAL Engineers & Managers at the Lucknow Corporate Office

46 Customers Key customer segments catered by TAL include:
State (regional) electricity utilities Overseas electricity boards. Government & private power companies Government and private power equipment manufacturing companies Infrastructure companies Other manufacturing companies State electricity boards account for more than 90% of the total turnover of the company

47 Our Strengths Transformer of 40 MVA, 132/33 KV has already been Designed, Manufactured & Tested successfully for all Routine & Type (including Temperature Rise & Impulse Voltage) Tests. 25/20 MVA, 132/33 KV Transformer for RRVPNL; 20 MVA, 132/11 KV Transformer for PSEB & 31.5/25 MVA, 66/11 KV Transformer for HVPNL have been tested successfully for all Routine, Type & Special Tests; including Short Circuit Test. 100 MVA, 220/132/11 KV transformer for APTRANSCO under manufacturing at Sitarganj. TAL approved for supply of transformers upto 200 MVA, 220 kV by MSETCL Lucknow facility approved for repair of Power Transformers upto 160 MVA, 132 kV by UPPTCL. 70 nos. of 66 KV & 132 KV Power Transformers successfully cleared Lighting Impulse Voltage test in 1st Attempt. 20 nos. of 66 KV & 132 KV Power Transformer s successfully cleared Short Circuit Test in 1st Attempt. Winding failure at site is zero (Total 800 Nos. of Power Transformers supplied to various customers so far). We are established manufacturers of 132 KV & 66 KV Power Transformers since 1997. Regularly achieving polarization index > 2.0 (600/60 sec) indicating proper dryness of the winding. We are using Wall Shunts/ Yoke Shunts, wherever required, for reduction of Stray Losses Boltless Core – Low No Load & Low Magnetizing Current. TAL successfully type tested for 160 MVA, 220/132 kV voltage class Power Transformer by ERDA Vadodra. TAL approved for supply of supply of manufacturing and supply of Traction Power Transformers upto 30MVA, 220 KV Voltage class by RDSO. TAL approved for supply of supply of 1 Ph. & 3 Ph. Transformers upto 66 KV Class by Power Grid corporation of India Ltd. (PGCIL)

48 Partnering with us - the advanTAge
A proven track record Historically proven capabilities in engineering / design State-of-the-art infrastructure 40 year old credibility Close proximity Your Partner in Progress

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