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SBC Corporate Office & Integrated Technologies Division - Chandler, AZ.

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1 SBC Corporate Office & Integrated Technologies Division - Chandler, AZ.

2 Presentation Menu Contacting South Bay Circuits Integrated Technologies Division Process Capabilities PCB Manufacturing Division Design Guidelines for Manufacturability and AssemblyDesign Guidelines for Manufacturability and Assembly Click on a Link to view a specific area of interest, otherwise the presentation will continue in the order above shortly.

3 How To Contact SBC South Bay Circuits – Chandler, Arizona Phone (480) 940-3125 Fax (480) 940-4270 South Bay Circuits – San Jose, California Phone (408) 978-8992 Fax (408) 723-0916 FTP (file transfer protocol) Call: John Lundin - 480-940-3125 ext: 150 Web page:

4 People To Know At South Bay Circuits Chandler, Arizona Facility Roland Satterlee – President/CEO 480-940-3125 ext. 124 Randy Langston – Director of Sales 480-940-3125 ext. 191 Dan Farrell – VP of Manufacturing 480-940-3125 ext. 176 Mike Malles – Director of Operations 480-940-3125 ext. 107 Amy Kryzak – Customer Service 480-940-3125 ext. 106 Kristi Wiley – Western Regional Sales Mgr. 408-579-8225 Eddie Rocha – Director of Technology 408-579-8282 Return to MenuNext Section

5 South Bay Circuits, Inc. Established 1981 Multiple Manufacturing Facilities - 220,000 Total Square Feet All facilities ISO-9002 Registered by Underwriters Laboratories since 1996 PCBs, Assemblies & Backplanes Time Critical Requirements in 24 Hours Pre-Production & Production Volumes in 72 Hours

6 Integrated Technology Division Assembly Pre-Production Engineering Design Rules Check and Capabilities Review Process Route Generation Machine Programming Assembly Tooling Design Stencil Design New Process Development

7 Integrated Technology Division Assembly Materials Storage Secured Material Storage Separate Consigned Materials Area Full ESD and Moisture Sensitivity Precautions

8 Integrated Technology Division Assembly Test Capabilities Level II, III and IV Available ICT or Flying Probe Burn-in and Environmental Stress Screening

9 Integrate Technology Capabilities SMT Wave Soldering IPC Certified Hand Soldering Custom Component Installation Hardware Installation Card Cage and Chassis Assembly Electro Mechanical Assembly Cable and Harness Assembly Backpanel Press-Fit Assembly ICT, Functional, ESS Testing

10 Integrated Technologies Division

11 Integrated Technologies Division MPM AP-36 Screen Printer * Fully Automatic with Vision * 28 x 28 Printable Area *Fine Pitch Capable Your Logo Here

12 Integrated Technologies Division Fuji SMT Line Your Logo Here

13 Integrated Technologies Division Fuji SMT Line Your Logo Here

14 Integrated Technologies Division MyData MY12 SMT Placement *Prototype and/or Large Board Capability Your Logo Here

15 Integrated Technologies Division Conceptronic Convection Oven Your Logo Here

16 Integrated Technologies Division * Box Build Assembly and Staging Area

17 Integrated Technologies Division * Back Panel Assembly * Press Fit Connectors & Component Assembly Your Logo Here

18 Integrated Technologies Division * Bare Board Assembly * Complete Box Build Integration Your Logo Here

19 Integrated Technologies Division Your Logo Here

20 Integrated Technologies Division *Soltec-Wave Solder *3 Zone bottom heat *Pulse top heat *Lambda and Chip Wave Your Logo Here

21 Integrated Technologies Division *GPD Aqueous Wash *Complete DI Water System - Closed Loop Your Logo Here

22 Integrated Technologies Division *Teradyne Z1860VP ICT Tester *Multi-Scan Package *2048 Points Your Logo Here

23 Integrated Technologies Division *Press Fit Assembly Your Logo Here

24 Integrated Technologies Division * QC / Inspection Your Logo Here Return to Menu Next Section

25 PCB Manufacturing Capabilities High Temperature FR4 > 170 Tg Getek / FR408 / Polyimide Rogers 3000 & 4000 Series Copper Foil - HTE 1/8 oz. - 4 oz. Multilayers Down to 0.015 thick 0.230 thick PCBs 18x24, 19x25, 21x24 Panel Sizes Buried / Blind Vias Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Hard Gold Soft Bondable Gold Entek 106A Hot Air Solder Leveling (SMOBC) Solder Reflow

26 PCB Manufacturing Capabilities White Tin Immersion Resistive Inks Electrical Testing Edge Plating 10:1 Aspect Ratio Soldermask Registration to 0.002 Soldermask Dams between SMT features with 0.007 space Soldermask Colors - Green, Blue, Red, Black and Clear Impedance - Single-Ended & Differential +/- 10% Thru holes with pad 0.008 over drill Prototype Line Capability - Internal (0.003) - External (0.004) 0.010 Pitch SMT (TAB) / BGAs 0.010 Thru Hole Drill / 0.008 Blind Via Drill Micro-Vias Return to menu Next Section

27 Cam / Programming * Valor ODB++ Software * Sun Sparc Ultra 7 & 10 Workstations * Customer Data Reviewed & Prepared for Fab Your Logo Here

28 Inner Layer Material Prep/Clean Line *ISS Mechanical Pumice Scrubber Your Logo Here

29 Inner Layer Dryfilm Coat * Dupont Automated Cut Sheet Laminator Your Logo Here

30 Inner Layer Imaging * Colight Exposure Units Your Logo Here

31 Conveyorized D.E.S. Line * Develop ---> Etch ---> Strip ---> Durabond Your Logo Here

32 White Oxide Line for I/Ls *Durabond Your Logo Here

33 Post Etch Tooling Punch * Automatic Optical Alignment to Post-Etch Targets Your Logo Here

34 Inner Layer Optical Inspection * New Camtech AOI Machines Capable of Comparing Scanned Image to Supplied Gerber (AOI – Automated Optical Inspection ) Your Logo Here

35 Inner Layer Lamination *Internal Layers are Stacked and Dielectric Material (Pre-Preg) Added Between Layers for Bonding Your Logo Here

36 TMP Hydraulic / Vacuum Assist Lamination Presses * Computer Controlled / Pre-Set Lamination Cycles Your Logo Here

37 Primary Drilling - Excellon Century 2001 *Six Spindles with Auto Bit Exchange *Capable of Drilling Oversized Panels Your Logo Here

38 Pluritec Inspecta X-ray Vision System *Confirms Internal Registration Prior to Drilling *Drills New Tooling Holes as Required Your Logo Here

39 PENC Electroless Copper Plating Line * Computer Controlled - Increased Productivity * Agitation - Vibrator for High Aspect Ratio PCBs * Bumper - for Copper Process Only Your Logo Here

40 In Process Cross Section Lab * X-sections are Reviewed for Process Controls *400x Micro-scope for Viewing X-Sections Your Logo Here

41 Outer Layer Imaging * Colight Exposure Units Your Logo Here

42 Automated PAL Plating Line *11 Acid Copper Plating Stations *Twin Rectifier Units Per Station * Automated Twin Hoist / High Repeatability Your Logo Here

43 Strip - Etch - Strip Line - Outer Layers * Fully Conveyorized Three Station Line * Strip Plating Resist ---> Etch Copper ---> Strip Tin Your Logo Here

44 Solder Mask * DP-10 & DP-100 Auto-Screeners * Tack Dry * UV Expose Your Logo Here

45 Micro - Plate Line * Hard Gold & Nickel Plating of Edge Connectors Your Logo Here

46 Fabrication * Routing of Individual PCBs - Single up or Array Format * Edge Beveling & Scoring *Secondary Drilling as Required Your Logo Here

47 Electrical Test Programming & Fixture Assembly Your Logo Here

48 Electrical Test Department * All orders are 100% Netlist tested * Everett Charles 9090 - Dual Access Tester Your Logo Here

49 A Winning Combination Commitment to On-Time Deliveries Technical Expertise and Support Vertical Integration Team Selling and Engineering Commitment to Quality

50 Document Links Please click on document link to access the following documents SBC Design Guidelines for Manufacturability SBC Design Guidelines for PCB Assembly Return to menu Exit Presentation Printable Version Manufacturability Guidelines for PCBs

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