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Bardac drives.

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1 Bardac drives

2 Who is Bardac?

3 Bardac is a supplier for Advanced AC/DC Drives, Motors, and Controls

4 Full Range of Drives AC Flux Vector to 500 HP AC Open Loop to 1500 HP
DC Fractional to 2500 HP

5 Intelligent Drives Designed for Systems Applications
Customizable Drive Programming Vysta -- System Development & Configuration drive.web -- Distributed Control Network, accessible over the Internet

6 Foundation Established in 1992 Based in Baltimore, MD area
High Tech DC background Specialize in High Performance Applications

7 Excellent Customer Support
Toll Free Phone Number Website with documentation & software Network of Regional Representatives, Distributors, Systems Integrators, and Service Centers Worldwide Support

8 DC Drive Product Family
PL & PLX Series DC Drive Product Family from

9 DC Introduction The PL/PLX DC drive family Totally digital
State-of-the-art design Outstanding range of standard features

10 DC Introduction The PL/PLX DC drive family
Outstanding dynamic performance Wide power range 2 or 4 quadrant operation Clear display with finger friendly keypad Compact size The benchmark for DC Drives

11 Operator Interface Multifunction LCD Display. 4 Button Keypad
40 Character 2 Line. Backlit when active. Very clear to read. English language parameters. Multi language options (T.B.A.) 4 Button Keypad Easy to learn and use Finger Friendly keys

12 Performance and Diagnostics
Steady State Accuracy 0.01% with Encoder + Digital Ref 0.1% with Tachometer feedback 2.0% with AVF 0.0% with internal register control Diagnostic Monitoring All analog input voltages All digital input states All analog output voltages All digital output states Tachometer volts Motor armature current Motor field current Motor armature volts Output power (KW) AC supply volts

13 Field Regulator Feature
Field Modes Constant current Constant voltage Automatic weakening Economy mode Delayed quench after stop command Supply independent of stack supply

14 Application Blocks Function Block Programming
The following function blocks are included as standard: 2 PID’s 2 Filters 2 Summers or Adders Current Profiling Batch Counter Latch Linear or S ramp Jog / Crawl Functions Center Winding Macros Motorized Pot Field Weakening Dual Motor Swap Zero Speed Position Lock Delay Timer Draw Control Auto Self-tune Current Loop

15 Digital I/O Configurability
17 Digital Inputs 7 Digital Outputs All Digital I/O is over-voltage and short circuit protected

16 Analog I/O Features Analog inputs Analog outputs
8 Independent inputs of up to 5 mV resolution Digital threshold function with dual action Analog outputs 4 Outputs, 1 dedicated to Output current 3 fully programmable, 12-bit resolution All Analog I/O is over-voltage and short circuit protected

17 Out-of-Box Features Five feedback transducer options
Non volatile trip alarm memory Real language parameter description eliminates need for look up tables Motor parameters entered via keys - no soldering of calibration resistors Motorized pot simulator with power off memory

18 Commissioning Features
Built in “Oscilloscope” output for full parameter monitoring during commissioning Unique “Configuration checker” detects shorting of user programmed block diagram outputs Unique electronic regenerative stopping facility on most 2 Quadrant models Built in system application blocks with descriptive connection points

19 Other Features Comprehensive system alarms and in-depth fault monitoring Serial communications to allow off site programming and remote diagnostics In-depth diagnostic facility available from on-board display and built-in meter Easy to use product manual with display graphics and block diagrams

20 Frame Sizes All drives through 400 HP share the same 8.5 inches width -- height varies from 12 to 20 inches Drives are in stock to 400 HP 500 HP and above, drives are built up PowerStack by Darrah Electric, Ohio

21 powerDrive power option includes: • high-speed input power fuses
• Armature & field fuses • Control fuses • Main contactor • Line noise snubber (100+hp) To 75hp hp

22 High HP powerDrive HP powerDrive (700 hp pictured)

23 500 HP powerDrive to Koffler Electric installed on a lathe in Napa, CA
High HP powerDrive 500 HP powerDrive to Koffler Electric installed on a lathe in Napa, CA

24 High HP Partial User List
Conquip / Logic Systems Craig Nelson-Pres Fractional to 400 HP Ampere electric Chris Black 700 HP DC Regen Active Power (by Darrah Electric) P&H Mining Tim Lockhart (by Darrah Electric)

25 Bardac -- not just another pretty drive…

26 Advancing Technology in…
Communication Distributed Control Networking Control & Monitoring All this through…

27 drive.web Online Systems Builder
Ethernet Network drive.web savvy Online Systems Builder drives and motor Internet-accessible distributed control technology over Ethernet for drives, PLCs, operator stations and SCADA systems

28 drive.web drive.web brings web access to your machine
drive.web enables fast drive networking via a TCP/IP connection and Ethernet drive.web provides drive co-ordination and machine control drive.web supports worldwide enterprise integration

29 drive.web drive.web makes networking your line fast and easy
Connect your Bardac drive to your Ethernet network by adding drive.web interface cards Install and launch the free drive.web software on your Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computer. Your drive is now online. You'll be able to monitor and control it from anywhere on your network - and even over the Internet!

30 drive.web drive.web savvy software is simple & intuitive:
Real-time control connection Tune drive through drag & drop screens Customize your own display page Switch between pages with a simple menu clicks Set a password to control access to a drive

31 drive.web drive.web gives you complete control:
Integrate with the system via Modbus/TCP Integrate with the enterprise via the Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) drive.web provides the architecture and facilities to build your line today and enhance it tomorrow

32 drive.web drive.web is more than just networking. It provides greater support in commissioning and troubleshooting. Engineers from anywhere in the world can assist you with an Internet connection. If you do not have access to a TCP/IP connection, there are dial-up modems available using a simple telephone connection.

33 We’re not the biggest players in the game but we have the best team!
Bardac drives PL/PLX Series -- the only manufacturer that has the latest design in DC motor control, not just old technology with a minor tune-up. Unsurpassed technical support We’re not the biggest players in the game but we have the best team!

34 Thank You!

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