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Introduces Proudly USA Built & Serviced CE / EU Safety Certification.

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1 Introduces Proudly USA Built & Serviced CE / EU Safety Certification

2 Company Profile The company was founded by George A. Sturdevant who was the man who revolutionized the bolting tool industry. Sturdevant is one of the primary individuals responsible for designing and manufacturing the first and original hydraulic torque wrench (1972) and a key contributor to the encyclopedia of the industry: Handbook of Bolts and Bolted Joints FASTORQ designs, manufactures, tests and calibrates precision crafted tools that are easy to use and maintain. FASTORQ’s highly skilled team of engineers and bolting application experts give timely resolutions to job-site challengers of all sizes on both land and sea.

3 Industry Support FASTORQ supports the industries they serve. FASTORQ and its team members are proud members of the following industry organizations: American Society of Mechanical Engineers Marine Technology Society Society of Petroleum Engineers American National Standards Institute Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association ASTM International American Nuclear Society

4 Advanced Technology Wrench
The patented technology of the SpinTORQ wrench provides a 360-degree continuous rotation to create speed and accuracy with little effort. SpinTORQ • 36 times faster than standard technology ratcheting wrenches • Fully reversible, full power in both directions • Operates in tight spaces • Manual or robotic control • Durable stainless steel body • Torque Range 200 – 7,000 ft-lbs • Five motor sizes, ten wrench sizes • Stack Sockets & Inserts

5 SpinTORQ Patented Technology
All hydraulic wrenches offered by competitors today are referred to as a Ratcheting design. A Ratcheting design means that a hydraulic cylinder indexes the tool head in short strokes which turns the nuts only 1 or 2 flats. The tools hydraulic cylinder must then retract and repeat the process. This is a very time consuming methodology to tighten bolts. The SpinTORQ wrenches are a constant rotation design, which is far superior in terms of both speed and accuracy. When tightening bolts, one of the biggest issues that need to be understood is thread friction. There are two types of friction that nuts and bolts are subjected to; Break Away friction and Sliding friction. Break Away friction is the friction required to get the nut rotating. Sliding friction is the force required to keep it sliding. Break Away friction produces considerably higher stress on the bolting materials than Sliding Friction.

6 SpinTORQ Patented Technology
Every small incremental stroke of a standard ratcheting tool must first overcome Break Away friction and these continuously repeated high frictions can adversely effect the bolting materials and many times give erroneous and incorrect readings to the tools instrumentation. With the SpinTORQ technology, the nuts and bolts experience the Break Away friction only once and deal with sliding friction up until the required load is achieved. With multiple units installed on alternating bolts, the entire flange or heat exchanger can be simultaneously tightened to full load in two simple passes and a fraction of the time of the old ratcheting designs. This produces far better accuracy and significantly less frictional stress on the nuts and bolts. Additionally, the sealing element will be accurately loaded across its entire sealing surface at one time and not in opposing incremental steps. The equipment is back in service in significantly less time with a greatly reduced possibility of flange distortion, flange rotation and/or sealing element damage

7 SpinTORQ Patented Technology
Another issue with the ratcheting design tools is, if you want to back off a nut or loosen a bolt, you must completely remove the hydraulic wrench, then flip it upside down and reinstall it. Ratcheting wrenches are heavy and the maintenance people are many times working in somewhat precarious areas or positions which make lifting and flipping over heavy wrenches with hydraulic hoses attached to them a potentially dangerous situation. The SpinTORQ design is reversible, with a simple flip of a switch, the wrench reverses automatically. This saves a significant amount of time and is far safer for the service people. Once customers are introduced to SpinTORQ technology, all other bolting methods seem “Old School” by comparison.

8 Torque Wrenches ThinLINE Series Fits easily in tight spaces. Thinner than the nut height. Light weight, “best power to weight ratio in the industry.” Interchangeable wrench heads and reaction units available for any nut size. Torque range up to 138,250 ft. lbs. / 187,440 Nm. Custom designs available. Stack Sockets & Inserts.

9 ThinLINE Series Wrenches
APPLICATIONS Wellheads Blowout Preventers Heat Exchanger Channel Heads Piped Flanges Restricted Places Durable Simple, strong in-line precision-cast stainless steel components for maximum durability. Unique Provides torque in both “push” and “pull” modes. Versatile Interchangeable wrench heads. Practical Fits easily in tight spaces with obstructions above nuts, wrench is thinner than the nut height Fast and Efficient Delivers 60 deg. Turn of the nut before resetting.

10 Torque Wrenches Auto TORQ Ratchet Wrenches Model IU–XL In-Line Drive Standard fractional head sizes from ¾” nuts across the flats. Metric and special sizes available. Requires Minimum Clearance. Breakthrough design that fits almost any application. Ratcheting capacities from 100 to 50,000 ft/lb / 135 to 67,791 Nm torque.

11 In-Line Ratchet Wrench
Auto TORQ Model IU–XL In-Line Drive 360° Swivel Fittings – Patented fittings allow hose movement without hose binding. Stainless steel with fewer moving parts - a great improvement over competitors’ delicate design. Slotted Piston Rod – Maintains 90o relationship between piston rod and nut. Increases accuracy. Reduces number of moving parts. Coated – All exposed parts to resist corrosion. Light/Ergonomic – Reduces operator fatigue. Calibrated – Every tool is tested and calibrated to +/- .03 accuracy, traceable to N.I.S.T. Warranty – IU -XL Series wrenches come with a 3 Year - 2 Tier Warranty, which is the best warranty on the market today. IU-XL Require min. clearance Breakthrough design Fits almost every application Ratcheting capacities 100 to 50,000 ft/lb torque

12 Torque Wrenches Auto TORQ Ratchet Wrenches Model SU–XL Square Drive Patented, time-tested, proven design. Cost-effective. No pinch points, lighter weight. Wide range of applications. Ratcheting capacities from 100 to 60,000 ft/lb / 135 to 81,349 Nm torque.

13 Torque Wrenches Auto TORQ Model SU–XL Square Drive
Square Drive - For use with all standard size square drive impact sockets. Easily shifts from makeup to break-out without disassembly. T L T-6 - XL Series bodies made of durable, high strength, lightweight aircraft alloy. 360° Swivel Fittings – Patented fittings allow hose movement without hose binding, stainless steel, fewer moving parts - a great improvement over competitors design. Coated - All exposed parts to resist corrosion. Calibrated - Every tool is tested and calibrated to +/- .03 accuracy, traceable to N.I.S.T. Light/Ergonomic - Reduces operator fatigue. Anti-Reverse Pawl - Holds rotational wind-up to maintain required torque. Warranty - SU -XL Series wrenches come with a 3 Year - 2 Tier Warranty, that is the best standard warranty on the market today.

14 Stud Tensioners Simultaneously tensions multiple bolts
Fixed Model Stud Tensioners Simultaneously tensions multiple bolts Over stroke indicator Features a captive nut rotator Eliminates costly time-consuming work Provides reliable, low-friction Gives accurate bolt tension Available in inch and metric sizes Custom designs available Variable Model

15 Stud Tensioners ZipTENSIONER Wind Turbine
Foundation Stud Tensioners Quick, safe and accurate tool with capacities from 10 to 36mm. Simultaneous loading of multiple threaded studs and bolts. Long working stroke (.625” / 16mm) standard. Captive nut rotator, two hydraulic ports, over-stroke indicator. Models to provide maximum tension from 86,800 pounds at 10,000 PSI to 134,573 pounds at 9,600 PSI hydraulic pressure.

16 Sub-Sea Stud Tensioners
ZipTENSIONER Subsea Stud Tensioner For Sub-Sea, Nuclear, Wind and other specialty applications. Simultaneously tensions multiple fasteners. Half the time required by conventional tensioners. One piece installation, compact and light weight. Ideal for wind turbine, sub-sea and nuclear. Available in fixed and variable styles. ZipTENSIONER Subsea Stud Tensioner Available with Zip technology and operating temperature from -400 to +500º F, -240 to +260º C

17 Sub-Sea Stud Tensioners
Advanced Technology Reaction Nuts FASTOR Q® Reaction Nuts with ZipNut® Double Zip® action is a direct fit replacement part and can be retro-fitted to existing tensioners with minimal modifications. Directly replaces the thread-on puller bars of multi-stud tensioner systems built for steam generator manways. Reduces maintenance crew time and fatigue is avoided when overhead installation of tensioners is required. ”Push on, pull off” technology zips on rusty or damaged threads, tensions the stud and zips off. Simple and fast, no twisting or turning. ZipNut The push on threaded nut is ASTM A194 Grade 2H equiv. and measures one wrench size larger across the flats than standard heavy hex nuts. Eliminates tedious turning, turning and turning. Eliminates cross threading. Fits standard bolts - available in sizes 1/2” - 1”. Replaces heavy hex nuts.

18 Nut Splitters AutoSPLITTER Out performs and outlasts the competition!
FASTORQ AutoSPLITER has a LIFE TIME Guarantee. Cut through the largest frozen nuts in just seconds, with virtually no risk of injury or accident, It’s that easy. Simply slip the AutoSPLITTER head over the nut and apply hydraulic pressure. One cut frees even the most corroded nut so it can be turned. Or make two cuts, 180 degrees apart, to cleanly cut the nut away without damaging the stud. Available in single cut, double cut and angle head models.

19 AutoSPLITTER – 3 Models Available
Nut Splitters AutoSPLITTER – 3 Models Available

20 Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench
AutoTORQ Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench Tightens and loosens tubular threaded joints Utilizes rig hydraulics Fully portable Delivers controlled torque. Has wide range of tubular sizes PW – 408 Working Pipe Diameters: 1” to 4-1/2” O.D. PW – 500 Working Pipe Diameters: 2-1/8” to 5” O.D. PW – 804 Working Pipe Diameters: 3-3/4” to 8-1/4” O.D. PW – 1012 Working Pipe Diameters: 4-3/4” to 10-3/4” O.D. PW – 1400 Working Pipe Diameters: 8-1/8” to 14” O.D.

21 Hydraulic Bundle Extractor
Tube Bundle Extractor HydraPULL Hydraulic Bundle Extractor HydraPULL Model MK-1085 Operation by as few as two workers Designed for maximum flexibility Economical solution for removing tube bundles from heat exchangers Does not require plant air or source of electric power Completely self-contained, requires no out-side rigging or gantries Pump Options: Model 205A Air/Hydraulic, Model 215E Electric/Hydraulic (both units include hoses & fittings)

22 Stud Extractor / Installer
AutoGRIPPER Stud Extractor / Installer Save critical time, especially important in hazardous conditions Reduces maintenance and turnaround man-hours Easy to use – requires minimal training and set-up Designed with a square drive for pneumatic wrench. Minimal damage to the stud being removed

23 ZipNut Technology FASTORQ is the exclusive manufacturer of ZipNut® technology for the energy and exploration industries. Originally developed for NASA’s space shuttle missions, ZipNut technology is now applied on terra firma in a wide variety of industries and in applications where speed, accuracy, and reliability are not only vital, but often life-saving. Threads have their benefits: they are stronger, more reliable, and allow for minute measurement changes. However, threaded connections have drawbacks. They can be cumbersome, unreliable, and may lead to repetitive motion injury. ZipNut is a revolutionary approach to threaded connections — offering all the benefits but none of the shortfalls and the added enhancement of speed. ZipNuts, or connections that use ZipNut technology, are built with thread segments that are separate from each other. These segments are encased and located on a ramp that force the segments into the threads of the partner connector, whether it be the male or female, i.e. nut or bolt. The tighter you pull, the harder it grips

24 ZipNut Technology at a glance
Fast: simply push on and pull off, no twisting and turning. Efficient: self-aligning design eliminates cross threading, time and labor costs are reduced. Safe: robotic adaptability eliminates the need for human exposure to hazardous environments. Durable: all parts are stainless steel, nickel-plated or coated for corrosion protection.

25 ZipCONNECTOR New Load Connector Concept with Advanced Technology
Available only at Fastorq

26 Flange Spreaders AutoSPREADER Flange Spreader Both Manual and Hydraulic models available Universal - one size fits all 10,000 lbs. force at tips Lightweight - just 12 lbs, one person operation 3″ travel in one pass and jaws open parallel. Jaws have serrated surface; it stays where you place it and can be remotely operated

27 Power Units – Electric 115E, 215E – electric
110/220 volts A/C and 115 volt A/C. Maximum pressure to 10,000 psi. Dump and 4-way valve models. Motor sizes from 1/2 to 1.5 hp. 215E

28 Power Units – Air More speed, power and durability.
Versatile units, power a wide variety of wrenches and tools. Every unit thoroughly tested by FASTORQ technicians. Every unit comes complete with hoses, controllers and quick disconnects. ST-CU HTP-2000

29 Let Hydro Technology Systems and FASTORQ together be your preferred global provider of precision bolt installation and removal solutions. Invest in the Betterment of your Maintenance Personnel and allow your maintenance professionals to do the best job they can, in the shortest period of time, with the highest degree of competency, unparallel accuracy and also with the highest degree of safety for themselves and your plant. Proudly USA Built & Serviced CE / EU Safety Certification

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