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The evolution of FREJA Win.

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1 The evolution of FREJA Win

2 FREJA Win 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.. 3.0


4 Sync instrument

5 Current instrument

6 General, Harmonics

7 General, No. of states

8 PSB (Power Swing Blocking)


10 Transducer

11 Demo examples

12 Batch report

13 General, GPS sync

14 General Graphical results

15 Distance, RIO interface

16 Distance Zt, Automatic reference graph

17 Distance Zt, Border test

18 Current, Log-log scale

19 FREJA Win 4.0

20 3.1 Release notes What's new in this version 3.1 (compared to 3.0)
AUTO 300           This is a new instrument. With this you can create automatic test sequences without any programming.  Distance  ·         RX-Point. This is a new page in the Distance instrument that speeds up the reach test very much. ·         Whirlwind. This is also a new page in the Distance instrument. Current ·         Binary output list can now be used in “Time test”.   General           Phase rotation, Now it is possible to select between “0, 240, 120” or “0, 120, 240”. ·         Ramp, different types of ramps are added ·         Jump between the different states using PgUp/PgDn on the keyboard. ·         Test all, a new function to run all stored settings from the log. ·         Add test function to prepare a test off-line. ·         Pass fail function in sequence ·         1 more decimal on 100V and above.  Sync           Larger range for frequency settings. ·         Lead time test, generate more than 1 turn. Some relays require 1 turn to stabilise.  Transducer           Higher resolution on the measurement values. ·         U-ref can be used as power supply for AC transducers ·         Possible to set primary values with decimal point  Control center           Possible to set phase names·         Possible to select default frequency ·         Possible to select default phase rotations for General (0, 240, 120 or 0, 120, 240) ·         New browser  Reference graph           Possible to import a current vs. time reference graph from a textfile (txt). 

21 FREJA Win

22 4.0 release notes What's new in this version 4.0 (compared to 3.1)
Auto21 ·         This is a new instrument. The AUTO21 instrument converts and run “old” FREJA DOS testplans in the FREJA Win environment. Transient ·         This is a new instrument. The Transient instrument can generate files from a disturbance recorder. ·         This is a successor to FREJA SIM DOS. AUTO 300 ·         “Add info” with external path Distance ·         RX-point now also measure trip time ·         Bug fix (tolerance lines, Ke and Kphi, Re/Rl and Xe/Xl, Imp Z correction factor) Control center ·         On line indicator Reference graph ·         New Inverse curves (ANSI C and IEEE US C ).

23 FREJA Win 5.1

24 5.0 release notes What's new in this version 5.0 (compared to 4.0)
Voltage ·         This is a new instrument. The Voltage instrument is designed to test voltage relays. ·         This instrument works with the FREJA Win standard SW-key. Frequency ·         This is a new instrument. The Frequency instrument is designed to test frequency relays. Autoreclose ·         This is a new instrument. The Autoreclose instrument is designed to test the autoreclose function. ·         This instrument works with the FREJA Win standard SW-key General ·         Possible to select “Multiple frequency”, this means you can generate different frequency on each generator in Sequence mode. ·         Time measurement in ccs (cycles) Distance ·         Graphical report in PSB, Power Swing Blocking Report templates ·         All report templates will be set (font and character set) according to your system the first restart after install.

25 FREJA Win

26 5.1 release notes Over-Current reference curves
We have added over-current curves for 94 relays. (Same functionality exists in SVERKER Win 2.1.) Pass/Fail limits in the General Ramp module With Pass/Fail limits added to the general module we are now able to use the General instrument in automatic test schemes. When ramping we can specify a minimum and a maximum value. After the test, FREJA WIN will report the result as Pass or Fail, referring to the set acceptance values. New RIO format import In the Distance instrument you can now import RIO files made in the new RIO format (2.1). Voltage  Ramping “backwards” is now possible. Under Voltage Relays are now supported by ramping down into pick up.  Distance It is now possible to use Reference Voltage (Uref). This is useful for testing Distance relays that utilize Sync Check Reference graph editor More decimal digits in the fields. Windows XP installation and French language General relations

27 History of the FREJA PC software
FREJA Win history… History of the FREJA PC software Date PC SW version FREJA local version Dec 1997 DOS 2.22 Feb 1998 DOS R01G Feb 1999 Win 1.0 ( ) R02A Jun 1999 Win 2.0 R03F Maj 200 Win 3.0 R03N Jun 2001 Win 3.1 R04L Feb 2002 Win 4.0 R04P Jul 2002 Win 5.0 R04R Nov 2003 Win 5.1 R04T

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