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MicroDot Softwares Welcome to the Presentation of MicroDot Deckle Planner.

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1 MicroDot Softwares Welcome to the Presentation of MicroDot Deckle Planner

2 Present Problems of Paper Mills 1)No Suitable Software available for Deckle Matching. 2)Manual Method (by Human) of Calculation for Matching Deckle. 3)Major Trim Loss in Production due to Human Calculation Error. 4)Too Much Time consumption in Manual Calculations. 5)Human Limitations in Calculating various Combinations. 6)Delay in Production due to Manual Planning. 7)Last stage Planning is not possible. 8)Problems in adjustment of BF and GSM. 9)Problems due to changes in Deckle Size or Number of Cuts. 10) Slow Production due to Frequent Loading/Unloading. 11) Customer complains of Delay in Delivery. 12) Problems in Maintaining Production Schedule. 13) Require more Human Hours for Planning / Production. 14) Manual method of passing data between departments. 15) No synchronization between various departments. 16) Limited Monthly Production Capacity of Company. 17) Problems in Manufacturing during Special Scenarios.

3 Advantages of MicroDot Deckle Planner 1)Computerized Deckle Matching leads to Faster Planning. 2)Remove Human Errors and Limitations. 3)Scientific Methods of Permutations & Combinations. 4)Use of Artificial Intelligence for showing best combinations. 5)Less Trim wastage saves production cost. 6)Easy decision making possible with various available combinations. 7)Lesser steps saves time and energy with high production. 8)Synchronization between various departments possible. 9)Less human power and time require to achieve the goal. 10) Planning possible at last stage or for special / urgent orders. 11) BF and GSM adjustments is possible. 12) Possible of calculation with changes in deckle size or cuts. 13) Customer satisfactions leads to more orders and profit. 14) Data flow between various departments is possible. 15) Production Schedule can be maintained more easily. 16) Remarkable Increase in company production capacity. 17) Calculations in Special Scenarios are possible.

4 Features of MicroDot Deckle Planner 1)Scientific Methods of Permutations and Combinations. 2)Best Results with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 3)Multiple Combinations for same set of orders. 4)Selection of order items in different calculations. 5)Auto Grouping of Items based on BF and GSM. 6)Quality / Type bifurcations between items. 7)Additional Grouping for Special Calculations. 8)Adjustable Deckle Size and Number of Cuts. 9)Adjustment of BF, GSM and Type. 10) Multiple Collections for parameterized calculations. 11) Multiple Result Sets based on selected parameters. 12) Various Filter parameters for Result Sets. 13) Color code assignment for each item. 14) Graphical presentation of Result and Data. 15) Detailed Description of each combination. 16) Various Report Generation based on entered data. 17) MIS (Management Information System) Reporting.

5 Calculation Parameters in MicroDot Deckle Planner 1)Minimum and Maximum Deckle Size. 2)Minimum and Maximum Number of Cuts. 3)Minimum Quantity for making combination. 4)Skip Quantity to consider completion of order item. 5)Maximum Wastage allowed in combinations. 6)Looping Level for making combinations. 7)Top Most Results with best combinations. 8)Balance Type to control the number of balance items. 9)Item Type for Standard and Special sizes. 10) Half Type to consider Half size of original size. 11) BF, GSM and Type adjustment for each item. 12) Skip Item to exclude items in calculations. 13) Selection of Measuring Unit of items.

6 Additional In-built Features of MicroDot Softwares 1)Multiple Back-End Support including Access and SQL. 2)Multi User support in networking. 3)Multi Form Environment with Tab System. 4)Multi Company Creation and Data Bifurcation. 5)Software Customization for Future Advancements. 6)Advanced User Interface for fast and easy data entry. 7)High level security with user authorization system. 8)Backup / Restore for safety and transfer of data. 9)Advanced Reporting with Word, Excel, Pdf, Html and Image output. 10) Import and Export of Data with Excel. 11) User Defined Reporting Tools for easy and fast report creation. 12) Graphical Reporting Tool with Advanced customization features. 13) Manual / Auto / Bulk Mailing System to send Emails. 14) Manual / Auto / Bulk SMS sending system. 15) Internet Connectivity of Data is possible. 16) Advance functions including Alerts, Reminders etc. 17) Easy supporting features like scripting, patch, diagnostics etc.

7 Return of Investment with MicroDot Deckle Planner Considering Factors involved in calculation: 1)Single Deckle Machine in plant. 2)Deckle Machine with daily production of 40 Tons. 3)Monthly production of 1,200 Tons. 4)Value of Paper is average Rs. 14,000 per Ton. Result of Saving based on Above Factors: 1)1% saving = 12 Tons / Month = Rs. 1,68,000 / Month. 2)1% saving = 144 Tons / Year = Rs. 20,16,000 / Year. 3)0.75% saving = 9 Tons / Month = Rs. 1,26,000 / Month. 4)0.75% saving = 108 Tons / Year = Rs. 15,12,000 / Year. 5)0.5% saving = 6 Tons / Month = Rs. 84,000 / Month. 6)0.5% saving = 72 Tons / Year = Rs. 10,08,000 / Year. 7)0.25% saving = 3 Tons / Month = Rs. 42,000 / Month. 8)0.25% saving = 36 Tons / Year = Rs. 5,04,000 / Year.

8 Example of Combination Calculation in Software

9 Thank You for giving your precious time to view The Presentation of MicroDot Deckle Planner! For further information & queries, contact us on: MicroDot Softwares P-6, Heena Garden, Pipeline Road, Khadakpada, Kalyan (W), Thane – 421301. Mobile: +91-9819792287 (Mitesh Mota) Email:

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