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Welcome to Shriji Chemicals

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1 Welcome to Shriji Chemicals

2 Shriji Chemicals Started by Mr. Ramesh Modi and Mrs. Manisha Chaudhary in 1982 with an intention to serve electroforming industry in India. Since then; Shriji Chemicals has emerged to be the pioneer in electroforming technology and India's leading and largest manufacturer of nickel sulphamate solution. Caters to more than 110 electroformers all over India with nickel sulphamate solution and electroforming chemicals. State-of-the-art manufacturing set-up in India with excellent testing capabilities and an R&D department, Shriji Chemicals is capable of developing products of international standards from scratch to finish.

3 Capabilities Installed production capacity of 30 mt. electroplating chemicals per month. Complete Technical Support to provide end to end solution to the industry, we also provide technical demonstration and assistance to our customers. Have successfully set up Sim Making Plant, Rotary Plant and Textile Screen making plant We provide technically reliable information to expand the product applications. Test certificates are issued for every batch and consignment. Minimum turn around time for delivery of the product. Associate concerns accept turn key projects, supply plants, machineries and project designs to the industry.

4 Our Products Nickel Sulphamate Sulphate Reducer Nickel Carbonate
Nickel Chloride Metal purifier Hardner 99

5 Black Sulphamate Solution Quality
Our Products Different grades of Nickel Sulphamate NSU Quality NSCM Quality Black Sulphamate Solution Quality NSUR & NSCMR Quality

6 Our Product Advantages
Sulphamate solution Quality of international standards. Free from Organic and Inorganic impurities. Nickel Sulphamate Smooth ductile and semi bright forming High purity and made from virgin nickel metal. No Further purification required. Low stress deposits without the use of additional aids or artificial reduction. Direct addition in working bath.

7 Shriji follows Systems and procedures set to adhere high quality standards. Close monitoring at every stage. Chemicals are made under controlled conditions. Precision instruments are used for testing at every stage. Continuous research and development of new products and its industrial applications.

8 Industrial Applications
Industry application: Aerospace, Automotive, Textile Printing, Copying Machine, Batteries etc. Tools: Moulds, Dies, Press Tools, Foundry Patterns, Diamond Cutting Bands, Abrasive Wheels. Moulds for auto arm rests, taillight reflectors, Dashboard. Also they have been used to make ball pen cavities, plastic caps, switch plates, plastic dolls, ice pops, polycarbonate discs, etc Mess Products: Sugar Screens, Juicer Sieve, Textile Rotary Screen, Cigarette Machine are some of the examples where Nickel Electroformed Products have found it’s use. Other products: Mirrors, Nickel Foil, Hologram, Space Mirrors, Optical Parts, Radar Wave Guides, Components of Rocket Thrust Chambers, Nozzles, Motor Cases etc.

9 Our Clients Hindustan Aeuronautics Ltd. Vacmet Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
Garware Polyesters Ltd. Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Pvt. Ltd. Everest Holovisions Holostick India Ltd. Gem Diamond Products Atul Electroformers Pvt. Ltd. United Services Ltd. Nyform Techni Chrome Shrinivas Industries Printer’s Den Packaing Vacmet Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Kumbhat Holographics Shriram Automotive Laser Securities Metlon (I) Pvt. Ltd. Flex (I) Pvt. Ltd. Currency Note Press of Government of India Vishal Holosoluions Pvt. Ltd. Varad Tools C-DIT Holotech (I) Pvt. Ltd. Shrinathji Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

10 People Behind Shriji Chemicals
Mr. Ramesh Modi Managing partner in Shriji Chemicals Over 30 years experience in shop floor (technical) industry Key person behind the technical aspect of electroforming industry Providing turnkey solutions to clients. Provides training and development of new products and applications for the electroforming industry Mrs. Manisha Chaudhary Managing partner in Shriji Chemicals Over 20 years experience in electroforming industry Key person for setting the quality standards at par with international level and marketing it. Provides technical guidance to clients

11 e mail:
Thank You Office: 3, Krishna Kunj, Dahanu Road, Dist. Thane Maharashtra. India. Telefax: , e mail:

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