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AD-1 Auto Scanner Configuration Software Diagnose FAQ Features.

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1 AD-1 Auto Scanner Configuration Software Diagnose FAQ Features

2 Features 1.Universal 2.Wireless 3.Remote diagnosing Home

3 Features 4.Platform: Operates on either XP or Vista operating systems. 5. Interface: USB "plug-and-play" technology and high baud transceiver for faster data transfer. 6. Report: Results can be saved and printed for later reference. 7. Upgrading: Software can be upgraded anywhere via internet. 8. Hardware: Anti-shock rubber guards for stronger, more durable usage. Home

4 Configuration AD-1 Multiplexer Transceiver Main Cable USB Line
Battery Clips Ignition Lighter Cable Adaptor Storage Case Home

5 Software Download AD-1 Client Software AD-1 USB Driver
Download Page: Home

6 Software Setup Install the AD-1 client software. Home

7 Main Interface If use the software at first time, please click the SETTING button and set COM port.. Home

8 Check COM Port Check the CP210XUSB COM port from Device Manager.
And then set the same com port in the AD-1 software as above. Home

9 Wireless Connection Wireless communication can reach from 20 to 50 meters. Home

10 Connection with wire You may operate the device based on any laptop or desktop. The diagnostic connectors would be different due to the vary vehicle. Home

11 Diagnose Select the model of the car you want to diagnose

12 Diagnose Select Connector type [ OBDII-16A ] Home

13 Diagnose Select the system ( ENGINE ) Home

14 Diagnose DIAGNOSE ITEM: Diagnostic Trouble Codes Information; Data Stream List; Active Test. Home

15 Diagnose Test result: No fault code Home

16 Diagnose Data stream list (Simulation Testing result ) Home

17 Diagnose Read ECU Memory (Audi/VW Testing result ) Home

18 FAQ What can we do if the system still in wait state? Home

19 FAQ Click RESET back to initial state. Home

20 FAQ It is due to the software com port setting failed. Go back to the software main page, click button “ SETTING”, and then select the correct com port. ( You may refer to the USB driver installation in this manual). If still same problem, re-plug the USB line and try it again. Home

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