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Product Presentation. What makes GOTRACK so different from other tracking providers? At GOTRACK, we understand the need to be different. What's more,

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1 Product Presentation

2 What makes GOTRACK so different from other tracking providers? At GOTRACK, we understand the need to be different. What's more, we understand your tracking needs will vary across your fleet. Some vehicles will only need limited information to be fed back, whilst others require a full and in depth analysis of their activity. With this in mind, we feel it only fair that you pay for what you need, where you need it. With more and more requirement for tracking solutions, our platform is designed to accommodate new solutions as they become available. This means that should your requirements change in the future, GoTrack can cope. Our customer friendly packages put you in control, ensuring that your investment is targeted to meet your specific needs. This radical thinking optimises your fleet's needs, delivering an exceptional return on investment. Key Features Secure data Web based browser In vehicle option Turn by turn vehicle tracking option Accident reconstruction Portable tracking option (GPS phones) API interface Multi language Multi user Fully inclusive packages Live and historic data with full reporting

3 GOTRACK my fleet is a feature rich GPS vehicle tracking and management system with a range of options tailored to suit individual requirements. GOTRACK my fleet is fully scalable and can generally be upgraded on- line. Fully Inclusive GOTRACK my fleet offers a fully inclusive package which includes: Unlimited data* Unlimited users Unlimited poll-on-demand 3 minute auto updates Track turn by turn option Comprehensive reports with auto scheduling Battery back up Measurement of PTO devices such as HIAB's, door's, tail lifts and more Customisable user levels Multi-language display option Integration with existing GIS systems Mhub 828 - In Vehicle Unit The GOTRACK MHub 828 is a Fleet Telematics unit, primarily suited to sophisticated power users of Fleet Management solutions. The device boasts a wide array of functionalities including distribution management, vehicle maintenance and operation (real time fuel consumption, brake usage, remote vehicle fault diagnostics), comprehensive accident reconstruction, integration with back office platforms (routing & scheduling, WMS, ERP) and POD systems.

4 GOTRACK MZone is a comprehensive, powerful Mobile Resource Management platform designed for logistics companies and fleet operators. The platform encompasses management tools to reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase mobile resource utilisation, efficiently plan and schedule delivery and service assignments and overall enhance mobile resource safety. MZone is browser-based, presenting the operator with user friendly access to complex activities such as planning and scheduling. The platform boasts incorporation of the latest technology tools, providing a robust, versatile and sophisticated application. Reports can be exported to many formats, and scheduled to be generated and emailed automatically to designated users on a user defined periodical basis. MZone has been successfully deployed in fleets across many industries including utilities, logistics, pharmaceuticals, emergency response and has consistently proved to be an invaluable and dynamic management tool.

5 Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) The entry level module providing on-line location as well as a suite of reports including: trip information, driver performance, refrigeration monitoring and vehicle maintenance management tools. Utilisation A suite of reports designated to provide mobile asset utilisation against a user defined utilisation profile. The reports facilitate the identification of assets with low utilisation as well as trends analysis, which can be used in optimising the number of resources required. Fuel Management Management of the vehicle's fuel consumption analysed against the vehicle's activities as well as trends analysis. The fuel source data can be derived from a variety of sources including electronic fuelling cards, in vehicle network or manual entries. Places of Interest (POI) Monitoring of the mobile resource activities within user defined geographical areas (POI). The POI can be categorised by the operators to any user defined category (i.e. customer locations, fuelling stations, depots, etc.). The POI related mobile resource activity is analysed and presented to the user in a variety of reports

6 Turn-by-Turn (TBT) Our TBT option provides tracking on a turn by turn basis. Each point is data and time stamped. The route can be replayed on its own or compared to older routes. Input Monitoring The GoTrack My Fleet system can monitor up to six digital imputs. This can include any PTO device such as a bin lift or HIAB or even a simple door open / door closed records. These can be shown as standard or within a customer site.

7 MZone Features Dispatcher Allows for the dispatch optimisation of the closest available mobile resource to a required destination. Planning and Scheduling At the heart of mobile resource management are the planning and scheduling tools. The MZone MRM module provides a powerful planning platform which incorporates job allocation (i.e. delivery, service calls, etc.) to a suitable mobile resource, job sequences, and associated times (time of arrival, job performance and exit). The planning engine utilises proprietary intelligent auto-learn algorithms, which keep refining the optimisation of the mobile asset group based on statistical performance data. The planned routes/jobs can be synchronised with the mobile handheld or in-cab screens, allowing the driver to view the assigned jobs/routes and provide real time feedback. A real time view of actual vs. plan provides the operator with the ability to view execution status, identify and dynamically respond to execution problems. The module is complemented with a suite of performance reports designed to analyse the mobile resource performance, identify problems relating to the supply chain, analyse trends, etc.

8 GO TRACK my mobile is a java based platform that turns many Java enabled mobile phones into a Mobile Resource Management tool. The objective of the application is to track and manage the activities of the companys mobile resources in the field. As the application is java based, it is compatible with most Nokia Java handsets currently available on the market. A handset with a built in GPS is recommended, however, any handset with an external GPS device will be sufficient and communication between the devices can take place via Bluetooth. GOTRACK my mobile provides live and historic location date. Each event is date and time stamped. Reports can also be produced in a number of formats including: XML, CSV, TIFF, PDF Web Archive or Excel. As with all reports, this can be scheduled to be automatically produced and delivered to any number of email addresses.

9 The success of any transport and logistics solution is reliant on its ability to create visibility throughout the supply chain and provide access to business processes, applications and information to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The GOTRACK MProfiler is a bespoke middleware solution designed to provide a robust, reliable communication and data distribution platform between the mobile and back office environments, creating a seamless integration in the supply chain management. Enterprise Enabling Mobile-originated data can be distributed to any number of users within an organisation using any user-specified device, providing online data, anywhere. Maximised Efficiency & Productivity A subscription-based structure enables data distribution to all subscribers using any application, resulting in visibility of critical information such as estimated time of delivery throughout the supply chain. The result: minimised distribution costs, improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. Content-Based Subscription Users define content type as part of their Active Subscription Profile (ASUP). In accordance with these requirements, MProfiler processes inbound data and analyses content prior to distribution to subscribers. Content-based subscription permits users to filter information relevant to their needs, resulting in improved time management and increased productivity. Prioritised Messaging The system caters for priority content delivery based on business requirements. Utilising the MProfiler Intelligent Message Queuing (IMQ) system, content is seamlessly prioritised thus expediting transfer of high priority data to designated subscribers. Seamless Communication Integration. Multiple communication gateways including SMS, Satellite, email and GPRS, ensure seamless data transportation between the various environments. The result is a highly reliable and robust data transfer combined with a lower total cost of ownership.

10 How GoTrack Works The GoTrack system comprises of several elements: GoTrack Unit Mobile Network MProfiler Mzone or Clients GIS System Internet/Intranet Data is sent from the GoTrack unit or mobile application to the MProfiler via the mobile phone network. The MProfiler makes sense of this data and delivers it to either a clients own GIS system or our MZone system where information is displayed in a logical and readable format. The MZone has a powerful range of range of features and options delivering information via a browser to any PC or MAC anywhere in the world.

11 Product and service costs


13 Installation GOTRACK has a national network of mobile installers providing a fast and reliable installation service. In order to minimise down time, we also offer an on-site installation service at no extra charge* Covert Installations Sometimes there is a need to install our systems covertly. Right from the start our discretion is assured, dealing only with named contacts within your organisation. Installation can be carried out off-site and scheduled with you to coincide with other vehicle activity such as servicing. Changing Vehicles Our service continues on well after the initial installation. As time goes on and vehicles are replaced, we are on hand to remove the unit from the old vehicle and reinstall again into the new vehicle. Training Following installation, our National Training Coordinator will make contact to provide training on the system. *Mobile Installation is based on installation in Metro areas. Additional charges may apply outside of a Metro area.

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